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Kevin Haile
Portrayed by David Tennant
First appearance Side Story:Love Story Part 1
In-story stats
Formal name Dimensional Hopping
Age 34
Occupation Member of Rictor's squad

Kevin Haile is an evolved human with the ability to travel through dimensions. He is a member of Rictor Trundall's team.

Character History

Side Story:Love Story, Part 1

Kevin approaches Catherine Noble at a park and starts up a conversation about her. Cathy wonders how she knows him and Kevin says that she doesn't, but he knows her. He touches her shoulder and teleports her to a warehouse. He smiles as Cathy shakingly introduces herself. Later, Kevin approaches Cathy, who is sitting alone, separate from the team. Kevin asks her why she is upset and then tells her that they actually escaped Building 26 together and that he has wanted to speak with her for a while. Cathy begins to cry and Kevin looks around before teleporting her home to London. He tells her to spend the day with her family and that he will get her when she is done. He warns her that if she tries to run, Rictor will kill her. Cathy hugs him and runs home.

Side Story:Love Story, Part 2

Kevin travels to London in order to return Cathy to Washington. Cathy refuses to leave and Kevin apologises, saying that she now belongs to Rictor. He touches her shoulder and creates another portal that the two of them leave through. The two of them arrive in the middle of nowhere and Cathy abuses Kevin and comments on his inability to navigate his teleportation. Kevin, confused, says that he does not teleport but instead creates dimensional wormholes. Cathy shakes her head in frustration and the two of them hear some noises coming from the bushes around them. Cathy looks around and Kevin stands beside her. Government agents then swarm the place and Cathy asks Kevin to get them out of there. Kevin says that it is too risky and Cathy warns him to close his eyes. When he opens them, he finds that the entire area, including the agents, have been terraformed.

Kevin takes the two of them back to Rictor's warehouse. While Cathy speaks with Rictor, Kevin socializes with the other team members.

Side Story:Love Story, Part 3

Kevin watches sadly as Rictor walks by with several other team members who are carrying Martha Landett's body. Rictor approaches Kevin and demands that he finds the agent who murdered Martha.

Kevin then goes to Cathy while she is on her mission. He tells her that she needs to come back with him so they both enter the portal together. At the base, Kevin looks at a photo of himself, Martha, Rictor and Edward and places it on Martha's shrine. He goes over to Cathy and notices that she is looking upset. He asks her if she would like to visit home again but she tells him that she doesn't.

Evolved Human Abilities

Kevin has the ability to create dimensional wormholes. When Kevin uses his power, he creates a sort of rip in the fabric of space.

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