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Zara Zahir
Zara Mahir.jpg
Portrayed by Tia Carrere
First appearance Side Story: Sandman Part 1
In-story stats
Age 29
Date of marriage 2001
Home Cairo, Egypt
Occupation Socialite
Significant other Formerly Mike Morgan
Formerly Amid Zahir
Parent Mr Vahava (Deceased)

Zara Zahir is the ex-wife of Amid Zahir. She supposedly gave her life to protect Cairo, although her ultimate fate was left unknown.

Character History

Side Story: Sandman Part 1

Amid returns home and calls out to Zara, eager to speak with her. He hears a noise and goes to investigate it, only to discover Zara embracing her lover. Amid is outraged and fights Mike. Zara stops the men and tells Amid that she loves Mike, and that they are over.

Later, Zara and Mike are shopping for wedding rings. Zara finds the Symbol necklace and Mike buys it for her, much to Amid's anger. Desperate for revenge, Amid draws a gun and tries to shoot Zara. Amid is instead shot by a guard and Zara escapes with Mike.

Side Story: Sandman Part 2

Zara enters her father's office and begins thumbing through his files. Her father enters and the two begin discussing the recent changes in Zara's life. She tells her father that ever since Mike left her, she has been finding it harder to keep "their secret". Mr Vahava tells Zara that she may have to keep it to stay safe and explains that his team could not find a body. Shocked, Zara asks if Amid is still alive.

After returning home, Zara begins drinking. She finds a photo of Amid and herself shortly after their wedding and drops it, sliding to the floor while crying uncontrollably. Mike soon rings her and asks if they can meet. Zara hesitates but then agrees to it.

Side Story: Sandman Part 3

Zara and her father wait outside of the morgue. When a doctor wheels Mike's body out, Zara is unable to control her grief. Later, Mr Vahava accompanies her home. He tries to tell her that Amid may be behind Mike's death but Zara refuses to believe it. After Vahava leaves, she begins to drink and eventually becomes very intoxicated. She hears a knock at the door and tells whoever it is to go away. Tina smashes the door down and enters with her partner.

They explain everything to Zara and prepare to leave her, as they assume that Amid will be going after Vahava. As they prepare to leave, Zara and the others hear screams. They look outside and see an enormous sandstorm heading straight towards them.

Side Story: Sandman Part 4

Zara gets down on the floor as a sandstorm rips through her window. The storm rages through her house and Amid appears. Tina tries to stop him but Amid is able to become invulnerable to her attacks. Zara screams and Ryland distracts Amid long enough for her to escape with Tina.

The two girls flee to a diner, where they learn that the death toll has risen to the high hundreds. As Tina cries over Ryland’s death, Zara looks at the destruction outside. She feels that she is responsible but the feeling is pushed away as sand begins to rise to the air. Zara alerts Tina and when Amid attacks the diner, Tina tries to protect her at all costs. While Amid is winning the fight, Zara yells out that she never wanted to hurt him. Amid believes her and disappears, allowing Zara and Tina to escape.

The two of them decide to use Mike’s old planes to leave Cairo. Tina manages to fly one into the air but while they are leaving a sandstorm pushes them back to the desert. Seeing that the storm is once again ravaging the city, Zara calls Tina a hero and leaps from the plane. She falls to the desert floor but is caught by a massive hand that completely consumes her. Her fate is left unknown. Sometime later, the ripped photo of Amid and Zara after their wedding is pushed back together by a tuft of sand.

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