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Tina Bui
Portrayed by Devon Aoki
First appearance Welcome To Primatech
In-story stats
Known ability Enhanced Strength
Age 25
Date of birth 14/12/1982
Place of birth Hong Kong, China
Home Hong Kong, China
Formerly New York, NY
Occupation Company Agent (Former)
Significant other Drake Hawke
Parent Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Father
Other relatives Cousin:
Zahn Hahn

Tina Bui was a Company Agent who was one of Angela Petrelli's right-hand agents. She helped train new recruits but was fired following Primatech's destruction. She is an evolved human with the ability to exert greater than normal strength in her physical attributes. After trying to live a quiet life in China, Tina was brought back by the American Government and is now on the run as a fugitive.


Tina was born in China, where she was shunned by her parents, who preferred to dote on her above average cousin, Zahn Hahn, who they were keeping as a ward. Never feeling fully at home, Tina was attacked during a home invasion and manifested her ability soon after that. She was considered the best of the best as a Company Agent but stepped down to train new recruits following a mission in Cairo.

Tina is a loyal person who strives to believe the best in people. Her strength, both inside and out, is matched by nearly no one and she wishes to one day return home to form a new relationship with her parents.

Character History

Season One History

Tina begins trainined new recruits Joshua Lincoln and Ethan Campbell. While training them, Tina tries to teach the guys about how dangerous it is being out in the field. When Ethan fails her test, she throws him across the room as a punishment. After two villains are spotted in Central Park, Tina and her old friend Tyson Russel lead the two new recruits on a mission to capture them. Tina searches with her old partner but is no match for Nicholas Sawe, who nearly kills her.

After Angela is palced in a coma, Tina is put in charge of Primatech and its operations. She starts her command by sending Tyson, Ethan and Elisa on a mission to rescue The Seer, who has been captured by Pinehearst. While her operatives are on this mission, Tina learns about the final mission that Angela issued, which involved Level 5 escapee Emily Rose. Tina quickly rallies some troops and tries to save Joshua from Emily's wrath, but she is unable to as Emily uses her power to kill her.

Through Joshua's coaching, Emily is able to revive Tina, who is subsequently knocked out by Tyson's tazer. When Tina awakens, she tries to kill Emily but fails, as Emily destroys herself. Tina returns to Primatech with her friends and is fired by Angela. After completing one final mission for her, Tina leaves Angela and catches up with Joshua. She advises him to return home like she is and she then drives to the airport.

Season Two

Side Story: Sandman Part 2

Agent Ryland is talking to his partner about their suspections on a man dumped in the desert being correct. Tina emerges from the other room visibly happy at this news.

Side Story: Sandman Part 3

Tina and her partner, Ryland, search through Amid's home. Tina uncovers the doorway leading to Amid's "storage room", where the rotting corpses of eight agents are found. Deducing that Zara will be his next victim, Tina and Ryland go to Zara's house and try to warn her. While Ryland explains the situation, Tina keeps an eye out for any sight of Amid.

After Ryland explains everything to Zara, Tina assumes that Mr Vahava is the next target. As they prepare to leave to rescue him, an enormous sandstorm begins to rush towards them.

Side Story: Sandman Part 4

Tina yells for everyone to hit the floor as the sandstorm rushes towards the house. The windows smash apart and Amid materializes, demanding that Zara pay for what happened to him. Tina tries to use her strength to stop him but fails as he is able to avoid being hurt by using his power. He flings Tina through a wall and Zara tries to drag her away. When Ryland dies, Tina screams in sadness and Zara is forced to drag her from the house.

The two girls go to a diner and learn that many people died because of Amid. As Tina cries about Ryland, Zara notices the sand outside rise into the air. When Amid appears, Tina tries to fight him to avenge her partner but once again she is unable to land a punch. Zara screams that she never wanted to hurt Amid, which makes him decide to leave them alone for the time being. Tina and Zara run through the city and after coming up with a plan to use Mike’s old planes, they head out of town.

Tina flies the plane high into the air and begins to head towards America. The plane is suddenly pushed back into the desert by a new sandstorm, and Tina yells for Zara to hold on. Zara refuses to listen and calls Tina a hero before she leaps from the plane, giving her life to Amid. Tina regains control of the flight and returns home. Sometime later, she resigns from a field agent and becomes a trainer instead.

Hunt, Catch, Crash

Now living in China, Tina answers the front door and bear hugs her old friend Tyson. She is thrilled to see him but becomes confused when another woman, Olivia, enters the house. Olivia comments that Tina has a nice home and Tina asks who the woman is. Tyson explains that she is his fiancee. Tina is shocked and looks a little upset but soon turns to catching up with her friend. Tyson asks for a drink and so Tina goes to the liquor cabinet. Through the reflection, she sees that Olivia is pulling out a gun, which Tyson quickly hides. Tina goes into the kitchen and then returns with a glass, which she hurls at Olivia. She tries to escape but is captured by a group of government agents.

Later, while being loaded onto Flight 195, Tina's heart rate rises to an extremely high rate and Danko's analyst notes that she is incredibly angry.

After The Fall

Tina runs from the crashed plane and into an open field. Hot on her trail are Tyson, Olivia and an entire squad of armed agents. Olivia catches up to her so Tina grabs her arm and throws her into the squad. Tyson comes closer but Tina warns him that she will do more damage to him because he hurt her. He comes closer but Tina can not bring herself to harm him, so she also throws him into his team. She runs deep into the bush, escaping from the agents. Later, Tina exits a cabin in a fresh change of clothes and with a newly stolen phone. The phone gets a message and Tina reads it. It says: VIVA LA LIBERTAD! REBEL AND BE SAVED!


Tina arrives at the home of Drake Hawke and tells him that he is in danger. Drake asks what she means and Tina goes to his window, checking for government agents. She briefly explains what is happening and when Drake tries to phone for help, Tina snatches the phone from his hand and crushes it. Tina tells Drake about the Company and the people she used to help but he still won't believe her. Suddenly, a DHS agent storms into the room and tazers Tina. When she wakes up, she sees that Drake has used his ability to kill the agent.

After dragging Drake away from the college, Tina pulls him into an alley and demands to know what he did. Drake is horrified, claiming that he does not want to be a freak like her. Tina tells him that he is on his own from now on but then receives a message from Rebel, instructing her to protect Drake.


Drake takes Tina to his parents' house and says that they can stay there for a while, as his parents are on vacation. Tina does not believe that the house is safe and tells Drake that the government will search for him. Drake shrugs it off, saying that the only way he is leaving is if she drags him. Tina later makes Drake some breakfast in an attempt to win his friendship. Drake then blows up her plate in an attempt to be funny but Tina sees it as nothing more than a childish act. As she is about to hit him, a man yells out over a megaphone that he wants Drake to come outside.

Tina and Drake leave the house and discover that an entire squad of police officers are waiting on the lawn, wanting to arrest the two "fugitives". Tina watches as Drake uses his ability to blow up their cars and create utter chaos. Then, when the police are running, Tina drags Drake back into the house and the two of them escape.


Tina pulls the car over and faces Drake. He avoids her eyes and she asks him if he is okay, saying that he blew up several things on the drive. Drake insists that he is just nervous and tells Tina that he does not understand why the government would go after them. Tina explains that organizations like the Government and the Company think that they will be protecting the public by locking them up. The two of them get out of the car and head inside the primary school to the classroom of Ryan Nowak. As they are about to take him, Ryan's sister Samantha shows up and she takes him away. Tina tries to stop her but Samantha uses her ability on Tina and Drake, knocking them out.

When Tina awakens, she wakes up Drake and tells him that they are in trouble. A group of government agents arrive and, although Tina surrenders peacefully, they shoot her with a tazer. Later, both Tina and Drake are amongst those being loaded into a train at Building 26.

Side Story: Love Story, Part 2

Rictor Trundall hands Catherine Noble a file on Tina, telling her that he wants her on his team.

Train 192

Tina's drug shunt malfunctions and she awakens. She finds herself strapped to a chair but no matter how hard she tries she cannot break the straps. She screams and struggles until her straps blow up. Tina jumps to her feat and runs to Drake. She is still traumatized and begins to cry on Drake's shoulder. Startled, he hugs her tightly.

Later, Tina has calmed down and regained her tone of leadership. She is speaking with a group of about thirty prisoners and asks if any of them have an ability that would be able to help them. Andrew Gavin and Harry Chow step forward and Tina recruits them to help her stop the speeding train. The three of them climb across the roof of the train until they reach the control room. Tina throws a member of Rictor's faction off the train and steps back to allow Harry to stop the train. When the train stops, Drake enters the room and Tina hugs him. Danko shows up and aims his gun. Shocked, the four people in the room try to escape but it is Tina who gets hit.

Drake takes Tina to a motel and helps her bandage her wound. She tells him that she doesn't feel strong anymore and wonders why everything is happening like it is. She kisses Drake and he returns it passionately.

Side Story: Love Story, Part 3

Tina is visited by Cathy Noble, who claims to have been sent by REBEL. She invites her into the motel room and explains that Drake will be back soon. Cathy tells Tina about Rictor Trundall, who Tina remembers as being one of Primatech's targets. She becomes worried for Cathy and explains that Rictor uses his ability to kill for fun and that she is in danger. Cathy is shocked and says that she came to recruit Tina but now does not know what to do. Tina advises her to leave and then, when Kevin Haile enters the room, she pretends that she is interested in joining. As Cathy leaves, Tina nods sadly.

Assignment Tracker Page

As a young girl, Tina was usually ignored as her parents' attention was focused on the young Zahn Hahn, Tina's cousin who had become their ward following her parents' death. Zahn was consistantly better at everything Tina did, pleasing Tina's parents to such an extent that Tina was seemingly forgotten. One evening, while Mr and Mrs Bui were away at a dinner, theives broke into the house to steal the valuable diamonds that Mr Bui and his company held. Tina was shot and Zahn survived without a scratch. Following that night, Tina discovered that she was much stronger than other people her age. Further testing of her power made her realise that she was stronger than everybody. She contacted a doctor, who alerted The Company. A Bag and Tag was initiated and Tina was monitored for four years before a recruitment process was ordered. Tina became an agent to the highest class and currently holds the record for the fastest completion of the training simulation. Her ability, matched with her skill in martial arts makes her one of the best agents in The Company's history. Out of all of Tina's missions, only one target has ever escaped her grasp. Nicknamed the "Sandman", a special with the ability to control sand managed to avoid Tina's capture during a mission in Cairo.

After long years of bagging and tagging, Tina put in her resignation but was instead reassigned to training new recruits, a job which she found personally rewarding.

The file also contains a psychological profile:

Tina's initial jealousy towards other women comes from her childhood problems with her cousin/"sister" Zahn Hahn. However, Tina's control over her mental state and her determination to remain kind and caring has managed to drive these jealous qualities away, at least for now.

Evolved Human Abilities


Tina possesses greater physical strength, stamina, agility and endurance than normal human beings. She has shown that she has enough strength to knock out a very large, muscular man with a single kick as well as lift a man bigger then her above her head and throw him several metres across the room.

According to her assignment tracker, Tina's biological is 97, her cerebral is 52, her elemental is 20 and her temporal/spatial is 13. Tina's control index is 82%.

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