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Mike Morgan
Portrayed by Shamere Moore
First appearance Side Story: Sandman Part 1
In-story stats
Age 30
Date of death 2005
Home Cairo, Egypt
Occupation Tourist Pilot
Significant other Zara Zahir

Mike Morgan was the former fiancee of Zara Zahir and first victim of Amid Zahir.

Character History

Side Story: Sandman Part 1

Amid Zahir returns home and finds Mike and Zara passionately embracing. Amid is furious and tries to attack Mike, who retaliates voilently. Zara stops the two men and tells Amid that she now loves Mike and that they are going to get married. Later, Mike and Zara shop for wedding rings and Zara points out a necklace that she would like. Mike buys it for her, which angers Amid. Amid tries to shoot Zara but is shot instead and placed in hospital. Angry about this, Mike goes to Amid's room late at night with Zara's father, Mr Vahava. The two of them agree that Vahava can get rid of Amid while Mike stays with Zara and keeps her happy.

Side Story: Sandman Part 2

One month after helping murder Amid, Mike has dumped Zara and is leading a new life flying tourists around the desert. One day, while flying around a man, the man gets Mike to land the plane at a desert trench. While the man explores the trench, Mike finds something shiney in the sand. He picks it up and upon finding that it is the symbol necklace, he gets the man to come back with him.

Mike rings Zara and asks if he can meet with her. She agrees and he starts up his plane. While flying, a massive hand comprised of sand reaches up from the desert floor and attempts to snatch him from the sky. Mike flies to try and avoid it but the hand changes into a sandstorm that follows him. A face emerges from the storm and swallows Mike. When the storm ends, neither Mike nor his plane can be seen. Only one figure emerges from the storm, Amid.

Side Story: Sandman Part 3

Mike's body is wheeled out of the morgue and past Zara and Vahava. Zara reveals his face and breaks down, grief stricken over his death.

Side Story: Sandman Part 4

Zara suggests using one of Mike’s old planes to escape from Cairo.

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