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Mr Vahava
Mr Vahava.jpg
Portrayed by Rocky Carrol
First appearance Side Story: Sandman Part 1
In-story stats
Known ability Pyrokinesis
Age 57
Date of death 2005
Home Cairo, Egypt
Occupation CEO and Founder of Vahava Industries
Child Zara Zahir

Mr Vahava was the over protective father of Zara Zahir and had the ability to generate and manipulate fire.

Character History

Side Story: Sandman Part 1

Amid meets with Mr Vahava and tries to tell him that Zara, who was once a faithful woman, is now cheating on him. Vahava fires Amid, claiming that since he is no longer involved with his daughter, he cannot stay with his Company. After hearing about the incident in the jewellery shop, Vahava meets with Mike Morgan in Amid's hospital room while Amid sleeps. Vahava makes Mike promise to keep Zara happy in exchange for him getting rid of Amid and Mike agrees.

Later, after setting fire to the hospital and severely burning Amid, Vahava and his employees fly him to the middle of the desert. Amid screams and screams in pain but Vahava tells him that no body cares about him and no body will help him. He and his crew leave Amid in the desert and fly back to Cairo.

Side Story: Sandman Part 2

Mr Vahava enters his office and finds his daughter waiting for him. He asks her how she has been and she begins listing the things that have gone wrong in her life. She tells him that she may not be able to keep their secret much longer and Vahava informs her that he sent his team into the desert to retrieve "the body". He looks deeply at Zara and tells her that they could not find it. Shocked, Zara asks if "he" is still alive. Later, Vahava goes through some files that he has on Amid. The files show irregularities in Amid's blood and Vahava picks up his phone. He asks his assistant to put him through to Ryland, who he gives some information to.

Side Story: Sandman Part 3

Mr Vahava sits with his daughter as the body of Mike Morgan is wheeled past them. Vahava comforts his daughter as she breaks down in his arms, asking how something like that is possible. Taking his daughter home, Vahava reveals that he knows the real cause behind Mike's death. Vahava reveals to Zara that Amid is alive and that he killed Mike. Zara is appauled at this and has her father leave her home.

Deciding to leave Cairo, Vahava grabs his gun and a plane ticket to New York from his office. He stops in shock as a pile of sand seeps through his door's keyhole and materializes into Amid. Amid hurls a stream of sand at Vahava but he ducks behind his desk as the sand completely shatters his window. Vahava, rising to his feet, generates a fireball and throws it at Amid, who, dematerializes into sand and then transforms into a vicious storm. Vahava attempts to dial a number on his phone but before he can finish it he is pushed out of the window, plunging to his death.

Side Story: Sandman Part 4

Via flashback, it is revealed that Mr. Vahava spoke with Amid before attempting to kill him. He told Amid that his associates were interested in his talent but would be unable to document it. On his way out of Amid’s hospital room, Vahava ignited a gas canister, setting the hospital ablaze.

Evolved Human Abilities

Mr. Vahava possessed the ability to generate and manipulate fire. Vahava's flames were bright blue and he was able to propel his flames at a target.

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