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Portrayed by Omar Avila
First appearance Side Story:Teardrop Part 1
In-story stats
Home Lima, Peru
Occupation Soccer Player

Esteban is a friend of Santiago Montez's who accidentally discovered that Elisa was an evolved human.

Character History

Side Story: Teardrop Part 1

Esteban attends a welcome home party held in honor of Elisa. He stands in the background as he watches Santiago dance with her. Esteban later approaches Elisa at a lake. He is grossly drunk and asks Elisa on a date. She kindly refuses him but Esteban gets violent and smashes his bottle onto her head. As the glass makes contact with her it simply passes through her. Esteban is horrified by this and runs away screaming.

He later arrives at his apartment and calls the police, stating that they may need to put him through to the government.

Side Story: Teardrop Part 2

Santiago approaches Esteban and asks him if he has seen Elisa or Iris. Esteban says that thanks to him his "mermaid girlfriend" was taken away by the government. Santiago is furious at this and punches Esteban. He asks if Esteban told anyone else about Elisa and Esteban says no. He then watches as Santiago speeds away.

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