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Sand Manipulation
Amid comes back to life.
Held by: Amid Zahir
Ability to: Manipulate and mimic sand

Sand Manipulation is the ability to manipulate sand and mimic it, becoming a sand form.


  • Amid Zahir is the only character to possess this power.


After giving up his life in the desert, Amid's body simply decomposed into a pile of sand. Seconds later, the sand from the desert floor rushed up and formed a human body reaching out from it. Amid, now revived, was able to move his new upper sand body with great efficiency and somehow materialized a symbol necklace into his hand. (Sandman, Part 1)

Amid has a large degree of control over the sand around him and is able to whip up deadly sandstorms which he himself can merge with. By using the sand, he is able to protect himself by disintegrating and reforming his body. His control over sand allows him to form various shapes by moving the sand around him. This includes hands and faces. (Sandman, Part 2, 4)

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