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Sandman Part 2,
The Storm
Episode number: 102
First aired: 27/7/2009
Written by: Joshua Korolenko
Next episode: Sandman Part 3


This Side Story is fanmade and should not be considered canon.


  • Those responsible for Amid’s death begin to feel the consequences of their actions.
  • Mike falls victim to the desert’s revenge.
  • A new agent and a familiar hero team up to stop Amid’s rampage.


One Month Later

Zara sits down in her father’s office and begins reading some files. Mr Vahava enters and is pleasantly surprised to see his daughter. He asks her how she is doing and she tells him that life is not what it used to be. He becomes deadly serious and demands to know if she has told anyone about what happened. Zara becomes upset, stating that Mike left her and she does not know if she can handle the secret much longer. Mr Vahava tells her that her life may depend on keeping it. She asks what he means and Mr Vahava sighs. He tells her that he sent his men to find “the body” but that they could not find it. Zara, shocked, whispers “He’s still alive?”

Outside of Cairo, Mike starts up his tourist plane. A man in the back seat puts his glasses on and Mike tells him to hold on. The plane goes up and Mike begins to fly the man over the desert. He points out landmarks and recites historical information about the desert, but this does not seem to interest the man. He spots an old trench and slips Mike another hundred, telling him to land. Mike takes the money and lowers the plane.

Zara returns home and goes for a bottle of vodka. She drinks up and passes a photo of Amid. She stops, steps back, and examines the photo carefully. In it, she and Amid are smiling happily, having just been married. Zara throws the photo down and slides onto the floor, sobbing madly.

Mike’s tourist examines the trench while Mike reads through his charters. He looks around and something in the sand reflects sunlight into his eyes. Curious, he goes to see what it is. He kneels down and pulls out the Symbol necklace. Afraid, Mike tells the man that it is time to go.

In his office, Mr Vahava receives a report detailing abnormal sandstorms coming from the desert. Vahava smiles faintly and goes to his computer. He pulls up his file on Amid, which has numerous statements regarding abnormalities in his blood. He picks up his phone and asks his assistant to put him through to Ryland.

Zara’s phone rings and she answers it. Mike, on the other end, tells her that he has just dropped off a client and that he wants to meet with her. She agrees to it and Mike tells her that he will be there in an hour. Mike hangs up and starts his plane. As he is flying, the desert sands begin to move. He looks down from his window and his eyes widen in horror as the sand rushes together, forming an enormous hand that reaches up and tries to snatch the plane from the air. Mike swerves to avoid it and speeds up. The hand deforms into a massive sandstorm that chases after the plane. Mike pushes the plane to its limits, but the sandstorm gets closer with every second. When the plane is just out of reach of the storm, a massive face stretches out from it. Mike screams in terror as the face swallows the plane. Then, in a sudden burst, the entire sandstorm fades. Standing in what used to be the centre of the storm, is Amid.

The man who Mike had flown through the desert, Ryland, is talking on his phone. He agrees that the information is vital and thanks the caller for their help. He hangs up and breathes in. He says that they were right in thinking that something was going on. He says that another storm just happened and that Mike Morgan’s plane is missing. Turning around, Ryland asks if his companion is ready. Emerging from another room, Tina replies that she is.

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