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Harry Chow
Portrayed by Sung Kang
First appearance Side Story:The Partner Part 1
In-story stats
Known ability Electric Manipulation
Age 22
Home Seoul, South Korea
Occupation Company Agent
Former Criminal
Parent Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Father
Sibling Unnamed Sister

Harry Chow was Dennis Lockman's student but became a Company Agent after meeting Alan Carter. Harry became a fugitive after the government started rounding up fugitives. He is an evolved human with the ability to discharge electricity.

Character History

Side Story:The Partner Part 1

In Seoul, Harry and Dennis race across a highway. Harry is overjoyed at their latest victory but Dennis claims that he needs to improve. Harry threatens Dennis by saying that he doesn't need his help and Dennis reminds him who taught him how to use his ability. Harry becomes silent and they continue to drive. Later, at his apartment, Harry questions Dennis about why he is in charge when he doesn't have a power. Dennis explains that if he doesn't listen to him, he will kill Harry's sister, father and mother. Harry leaves, claiming that he is going to check out the next bank they will be hitting.

Side Story:The Partner Part 2

Harry wonders where Dennis is and decides to enter the bank on his own. Harry enters the bank and reaches for what looks like a gun. Everyone panics and a guard shoots at Harry, narrowly missing. Harry in turn shoots a blast of electricity at the guard, killing him. Harry then tells the hostages that no one will get hurt if they obey him. Some time passes and Harry notices company agents Alan Carter and Dylan Tyler aiding the police. Harry calls for Alan to enter alone and he does so. He asks Alan if he possesses any power but Alan tells Harry that he only wants to help him kill Dylan.

3 months ago, after the discovery of his ability, Harry attempted to kill himself but was saved by Dennis. Dennis tutored Harry in controlling his new electrical abilities and soon, the two teamed up and began to rob banks together.

Side Story:The Partner Part 3

Harry and Alan circle each other, discussing why Harry chooses to remain a criminal. Harry shoots a blast of electricity at Alan, but the agent manages to avoid it. Harry warns everyone else in the bank not to move. Alan shoots at Harry, but Harry manages to melt the bullets with some electricity. He then unleashes a stream of lightning that burns right through the table that Alan is hiding behind. Alan jumps up and aims at Harry but Harry aims at a young girl. Alan reveals that he knows all about Harry's family problems and comments that maybe he just has a few anger issues.

Alan then escorts Harry out of the bank, having promised that The Company can provide top notch care for his mother. Harry meets Dylan Tyler and comments that Alan was right in saynig that Dylan also has anger issues. Harry is then sent to the Company's Hong Kong facility.

Hunt, Catch, Crash

Harry is listed as a prisoner on board Flight 195.

Train 192

Harry volunteers to help stop the train. Together with Tina Bui and Andrew Gavin, Harry goes to the control space. Once there, Tina learns that she cannot stop the train. Harry tells her and Andrew to hold on to something and then sends an electrical current through the control board, destroying the train's systems. Train 192 comes to an abrupt stop and Harry celebrates with the others. The celebrations are cut short when Emile Danko arrives and shoots at the group.

Side Story:Love Story, Part 3

Harry is running from some agents. He turns and fires some electricity at the agents but misses and hits a tree. Harry becomes surrounded and watches as the agents begin to rapidly overhydrate as water pours from their mouths. As the agents die Harry turns to see Elisa Douglas, who is happy that she found him. Together, the two travel back to the train wreck site and Elisa proposes that she and Harry take the agents out. Harry is disgusted by the thought of killing so many and reminds Elisa that even though the government started the war, he just wants to be normal. Harry then leaves Elisa.

Evolved Human Abilities

Harry possesses the ability to discharge electricity. Harry has shown that he is able to shoot concentrated lightning blasts as well as huge bursts of electricity. According to Dylan Tyler, Harry is capable of unleashing 1000 volts of electricity in a single burst.

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