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The Partner Part 3
Anger Issues
Episode number: 303
First aired: 29/8/2009
Written by: Joshua Korolenko
Previous episode: The Partner Part 2
Next episode: Teardrop Part 1


This page is a fan creation and should not be considered canon.


  • Alan squares off with Harry in a battle that threatens to expose special people.
  • Dylan tries to cover up the devastating battle.
  • Alan meets his new partner.


Harry circles Alan and asks him to repeat what he said. Alan repeats that his partner is focused on killing him and that he will stop at nothing. Harry asks why Alan is telling him this and Alan explains that their “Class 1” mission is basically a hit. He claims that he is not a murderer. Harry smiles and says that he is. He shoots a blast of electricity at Alan, forcing the agent to dive behind a table for cover. People scream and Harry yells that they are not to move.

Outside the bank, Dylan speaks with Detective Ro. Ro asks Dylan what Harry is armed with and Dylan explains that he believes Harry is carrying an experimental modification of a tazer. He says that Harry’s weapon is capable of unleashing 1000 volts of electricity in a single burst and that it is highly unstable. Ro asks how dangerous it could be to the public and Dylan looks around, asking how quickly Ro can evacuate the immediate area.

Alan pulls out a gun from his jacket pocket and shoots towards Harry. Harry uses his electricity to melt the bullets and then unleashes a continuous stream of lightning that completely burns through the table. Alan jumps up and Harry aims at a young girl. He threatens to electrocute her and Alan surrenders. Before Harry can kill him, Alan asks him how he can live with being a murderer. Harry states that he has nothing to live for and Alan reveals that he knows his mother has cancer and that he has been stealing money because Dennis promised he knew an expensive cure. Harry discharges a blast of electricity, which Alan narrowly avoids.

Outside, Dylan pulls Ro away from the doors. Ro yells that Harry is some kind of freak and Dylan looks around. The other police are all preoccupied, focused on moving the civilians as far away from the bank as possible. Ro demands to know how Harry became a monster and Dylan becomes angry. He says that they are not monsters and warns Ro not to say it again. Ro repeats the insult and Dylan, unable to control his anger, places a hand on the detective’s head. Ro’s insides begin to burn and he screams in agony. Dylan removes his hand and takes a deep breath, muttering that he is not a monster.

Inside, Harry yells that Alan has no idea the doors that Dennis opened for him. Alan guesses a few, saying that Harry was suddenly in touch with the “major players” of the city and that he knew all of the best doctors. Harry stops walking and Alan asks him how he could let Dennis manipulate him like that. Harry says that he was doing it to protect his family but now he has no idea why he wants to hurt people. Alan guesses that Harry has some anger issues and Harry asks him what he knows about anger issues. Smiling, Alan asks, “have you met my partner?” Outside, Dylan has pinned Ro to a wall and is threatening to burn him if he calls people like him monsters once more. Ro, crying, screams that he is sorry and Dylan tells him to run. Ro runs away and Dylan straightens his jacket. He takes a megaphone from a police car and yells out to Alan, ordering him to hurry up. Alan leaves the bank with Harry, and says that he has a new recruit for the Company. Dylan looks furious as Alan walks up but Alan reminds him that Dennis already trained him and it is simply a matter of shifting his targets to dangerous people. Dylan, still visibly outraged, takes a deep breath. Harry is surprised and says that Alan was right about Dylan having anger problems.

3 days later, Dylan and Alan leave their hotel. Dylan tells Alan that the Company has organized for Harry to be transferred to their facility in Hong Kong and that he will be trained. Alan is grateful and the partners get to their car. Before Dylan opens the door, he comments that he is happy he did not have to kill Harry, as he seemed like a nice kid. Alan gets into the car and as Dylan starts to open the door, a hooded figure runs up to him and drives a knife into his back. Alan gets out and screams for the man to stop, eventually pulling out his gun and shooting him. Ro falls to the floor, dead. Shocked, Alan holds his dying partner. Dylan chuckles as he dies, stating that he thought he would die of old age.

One year later…

Alan stands outside of some doors. He reads a report out loud, and it is revealed that the Company has pulled him back from Hong Kong to work with a new recruit. Alan opens the door and enters the room. He walks up to Angela Petrelli, and she introduces him to Joshua Lincoln.

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