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Electric Manipulation
Harry shoots a blast of electricity from his hand.
Originally held by: Harry Chow
Elle Bishop (deceased)
Absorbed by: Future Joshua Lincoln (deceased)
Ability to: Generate and propel charges of electricity ranging from minor to fatel voltage.



Harry Chow

Harry has a fine degree of control over his ability and is able to alter the strength of his voltage. At first, his electricity could only escape in massive outbursts but he soon learned how to force them into concentrated streams that he could propel at will. When startled, the electricity seemed to burst from Harry's hand before he even realized it. However, afterwards, Harry maintained enough control to generate to lightning balls in his hands. (The Partner Part 2)

Elle Bishop

In the year 2011, Elle Bishop had enough control over her ability to generate mass amounts of electricity from her body. She was able to generate tiny sparks of electricity from her fingertips to generating a massive explosion of electricity that bursted out of her body. Elle's power, when released full blast was powerful enough to destroy half the city of Los Angeles.

Also, unlike her present self, Elle seemed to willingly be able to discharge a massive amount of electricity instead of accidentally releasing it. (After Apocalypse)

Joshua Lincoln

In the year 2011, Joshua Lincoln demonstrated the power to generate and propel a charge of electricity. It is unknown who he duplicated this power from or how much control he has over it. (After Apocalypse)


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