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Alan Carter
ChroniclesAlan Carter.jpg
Portrayed by Misha Collins
First appearance Infiltration
In-story stats
Age 32
Date of death 2007
Occupation Company Agent

Alan Carter was an agent of The Company who was partnered with Joshua Lincoln

Character History

Season One History


Alan is assigned as Joshua Lincoln's partner by Angela Petrelli. The two go to their target's apartment. Alan tells Joshua about the death of his previous partner and recklessly attacks Ricardo, who has just entered the apartment. Using his power, Ricardo forces Alan into a frenzy. Joshua uses his own power to throw Ricardo and Alan into a wall, knocking Alan out.

Alan is then apparently drugged by Ricardo and his captive and is left unconscious after Joshua pursues them.


Alan and Joshua wake up and find themselves tied to some chairs in a dark warehouse. Alan asks Joshua to free them with his powers and Joshua does so. Alan rushes to the body of a dead agent and takes the man's gun. Before he has a chance to use it, Emily Rose leaps from the shadows and pins him against the wall. She activates her ability and forcefully rips out Alan's soul, killing him.

Fallen Angel

Alan's body lies across from Joshua as he is approached by Emily. Later, while Emily contemplates killing herself, Joshua looks mournfully at Alan's body before throwing away Emily's gun.

Roads Ahead

Alan is remembered in a moment of silence as one of the agents who lost their lives while fighting Emily Rose.

Season Two

Side Story: The Partner Part 1

Alan sits alone in a park, reading a file on his next target Harry Chow. His partner Dylan Tyler approaches Alan and assures him that it is normal to be nervous on your first 1st class mission. Alan and Dylan later arrive in Seoul, South Korea in search of Harry. Alan comments on how nice Seoul is but Dylan shrugs the remark off.

Arriving at their hotel, Alan attempts to call Thomspon to clear up some details. Dylan takes the phone and tells him that he can never "call for help". Alan asks why and Dylan tells him it is because he said so. The two agents make their way to Harry Chow's apartment where they are welcomed in by his partner, Dennis Lockman. Alan and Dylan tie Dennis to a chair and Alan discovers that Dennis was Dylan's first partner in the Company. He then watches in horror as Dylan uses his ability to destroy Dennis' insides.

Side Story: The Partner Part 2

Outside of Harry Chow's bank robbery, Alan speaks with a Seoul police chief about the situation. As Dylan prepares to enter the bank, Harry surprises everyone by saying that he only wants Alan to go inside. As Alan enters, Dylan remembers the first time that they met. One month ago, Thompson and Dylan talked about Dennis Lockman and how Dylan will be needing a new partner. Thompson sent in Alan, who seemed very nervous.

In present time, Alan enters the bank and comes face to face with Harry Chow. Alan then declares that Dylan wants to kill him.

Side Story: The Partner Part 3

Alan and Harry circle each other and Alan reveals that they were sent to kill him. Harry becomes angry and shoots a blast of electricity at him. Alan takes cover behind a table and then shoots at Harry. When Harry's electricity begins to burn through the table, Alan jumps up and aims at his target. Harry cleverly aims at a little girl and threatens to kill her. Alan reveals that he knows how Harry's mother is dying of cancer and that he has been robbing banks to pay for her treatment. Angry, Harry fires electricity at him, but Alan manages to avoid it. He reveals that he knows all of Dennis's lies and that Harry just has some anger issues. He promises to help his mother and offers Harry a surprising job.

Later, Alan and Dylan head for their car. Dylan informs Alan that Harry is being trained at the Company's Hong Kong facility and that he is pleased nobody, except for Dennis, had to die. Suddenly, a hooded figure runs up to Dylan and stabs him in the bank. Alan shoots the man dead and then holds his dying partner, who laughs at the fact that he is dying from a stab wound instead of old age. One year later, Alan returns to New York and is introduced to Joshua Lincoln.


  • Alan's previous partner, Dylan Tyler, died in action during a mission in Korea.

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