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Elisa Douglas
Portrayed by Lina Esco
First appearance Chronicles: Special
In-story stats
Known ability Water Manipulation
Age 23
Home Lima, Peru
Formerly New York, NY
Occupation Former Company Agent
Significant other Santiago Montez

Elisa Douglas was a Company Agent with the ability to turn herself into water. After The Company's fall, Elisa returned home to Peru where she attempted to live a normal life with Santiago. After being captured by the government and rescued by Santiago, the two of them have begun working with Rebel.

Character History

Season One History

Elisa accompanies The Seer and his team on their mission to bag and tag Joshua Lincoln. While she attempts to capture Joshua, he uses his ability on her, successfully duplicating her power. Elisa and her partner capture Joshua at the local park shortly after that. Elisa soon returns to assist Joshua on a mission to capture Ricardo Silva. She is knocked out by Anna's power and fails in her mission.

When Tyson learns that Jordan has been captured by Pinehearst, Elisa agrees to accompany him on a mission to rescue his partner. Together, Elisa, Tyson, Tom and Ethan rescue Jordan from Pinehearst, but they are all unable to escape the building, as their powers have been suppressed. When their powers return, the four of them (With Tom having died in Pinehearst), rush to help Joshua and Tina fight Emily Rose. During the fight, Emily is able to launch a successful attack but she is drawn back into her human form by a different aspect of Emily's power. When Emily is destroyed, Elisa and the surviving agents return to Primatech, where all of them are fired. Upon learning that Santiago is still in Peru and is looking for her, Elisa leaves America and returns home.

Season Two

Hunt, Catch, Crash

In Peru, Elisa wanders through the marketplace and absent mindedly hands a vendor some money. As she searches through the streets, she comes across a strange van. Elisa then sees the vendor talking to a woman and runs when he points her out. She runs through many streets but is quickly surrounded by a large group of armed men. She demands to know who they are and as one man tries to shoot her, she spirals outward into a wave of water. The men fall backwards and Elisa materializes, running away. She is captured when the woman from earlier threatens to shoot Iris. Later, Elisa is on board Flight 195 and watches fearfully as the plane crashes.

After The Fall

Elisa escapes the crashed plane and runs away into the bush. She is frightened by the sounds of gunfire and wonders what on earth could be happening. She looks around and is then attacked by a small squad of government agents. Elisa manifests a new aspect of her power, generating a wave of water out of thin air. The agents are knocked down and Elisa runs. She soon finds herself completely surrounded and unable to do anything. As the agents prepare to take her out, a gold blur speeds by and knocks them all out. Santiago stops moving and embraces Elisa, who calls him her hero. The two of them then super speed out of the bush.

Side Story: Teardrop Part 1

Two months earlier, Elisa returns home to Peru, much to the delight of Santiago. The two of them reunite and Santiago throws a party to celebrate Elisa's return. During her party, Elisa chooses to sit at the side rather than dance with everyone. She confides in Iris that she does not feel like a part of the family and Santiago comes over, saying that she is his family. The two of them join hands and then dance.

Later that night, Elisa stands alone by the lake. Esteban comes over and Elisa tells him to go home, as he is drunk. Esteban tries to flirt with Elisa and then asks her why she is with Santiago. Elisa thinks about it and tells him that Santiago is her hero, her family and that she loves him. Esteban is angry to hear this and tries to hit her. His bottle passes right through her and he runs, terrified.

Side Story: Teardrop Part 2

In the bush, Elisa is attacked by a group of government agents. She unlocks a new aspect of her ability and creates a wave of water that crashes into the agents. She runs but soon encounters an even larger squad. She is quickly surrounded but seconds before she is shot, Santiago speeds in and saves her. The two of them stop at an abandoned building and Elisa tells Santiago that she could not find Iris. Just as they are about to go looking for her, Santiago receives a message instructing both him and Elisa to "find HARRY".

Side Story: Love Story Part 1

Elisa helps Santiago search through numerous boxes for their package. She informs him that they need to hurry because the guards that she attacked did not like getting wet. She and Santiago finally find the package and Elisa recognizes the symbol that it is marked with. She and Santiago prepare to run and Santiago uses his ability to move Elisa out of the path of a speeding bullet. Santiago is shot and Elisa sends the guards crashing into a wall by releasing a wave of water. She then dematerializes herself and Santiago into a puddle of water and escapes out into the street. After rematerializing, she inspects Santiago's wound and tells him that he needs a hospital. Santiago refuses and insists that she has to bandage it herself.

Elisa supports Santiago as they break into a house and search for medical supplies. Elisa finds some bandages and patches Santiago up. He wonders where she learned to bandage wounds and Elisa reveals that one of her missions was a two month undercover job watching a man named Brayden Sharp. She explains that she grew attached to Brayden and that when the time came to bag him, she let him go. She tells Santiago that at the time, she needed a friend and that she still misses him. She then kisses Santiago and says that she loves him and cannot lose him.

Side Story: Love Story, Part 2

Elisa examines an apple and becomes aware that she has soaked it in water. She looks at her watery hands and tries to make them return to normal. Santiago sees her and tells her to calm down. He then informs her that they have another mission and the two of them leave, although Elisa is secretly hiding her still watery hands from Santiago.

Elisa's watery hand reaches out to Santiago.

Later, on a bus, Elisa makes her hand become watery, smiles, and then holds Santiago's hand. She remembers all the missions she went on as an agent and, when Santiago asks her what she is thinking about, she replies that it doesn't matter. Santiago demands to know why Elisa never tells him anything and says that she is keeping secrets. Elisa is about to argue back but the two of them notice a nearby man's phone ringing and Elisa sees the words "PICK UP ELISA" on the screen. Elisa reads the message from Rebel and learns that the government is putting their prisoners on a train. She tells Santiago and the two of them speed away.

Side Story: Love Story, Part 3

Elisa uses her ability to drown several government agents surrounding Harry Chow. After dealing with the agents, Elisa approaches Harry and is happy that she finally found him. She then takes Harry to the train wreck site and observes the many agents. Elisa assumes that with the combined efforts of their abilities, she will be able to kill the agents and retrieve a special package from the train. Harry is disgusted by this and tells Elisa that he wants to be normal. As Harry leaves, Elisa contemplates what to do next.

Transforming herself into water, Elisa travels into the train and retrieves a box. Upon finding it, she liquefies it and dematerializes herself.

Evolved Human Abilities

Elisa has the ability to transmutate herself into water. With this ability, she can quickly dematerialize into a puddle of water that is extremely mobile. Elisa has sufficient enough control over this ability to materialize with clothes and other objects. She is also able to expand her watery form, making herself a massive or mini wave.

In After The Fall, Elisa's ability grew and she became able to generate water out of thin air. She is able to direct concentrated beams of water as well as generate water in the bodies of others. Elisa has also shown that she is now able to turn objects into water.

Memorable Quotes

"When I left here I thought the world had ended. Mine anyway. The Company was such a nightmare. Full of hate, blood, and anger. It was hell. I did awful things just to stay alive. I became like them, a monster. This place, it's beautiful. I do not deserve it. I'm not Santiago. I'm not a hero."

- Elisa to Iris. (Teardrop Part 1)

See Also

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