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Santiago Montez
Portrayed by Roberto Urbina
First appearance After The Fall
In-story stats
Known ability Accelerated Probability
Age 24
Home Lima, Peru
Significant other Elisa Douglas
Parents Iris Montez,
Edward Montez

Santiago Montez is a man from Peru who has the ability to see the different paths of a situation and accelerate himself along that path. He is now a target of the government after he saved his girlfriend, Elisa.

Character History

After The Fall

Elisa tries to fight off a group of government agents on her own but is quickly surrounded. Just as she is about to be shot, Santiago speeds to her and knocks out all the guards. Elisa is shocked that he found her and he lifts her into his arms, saying that he will always find her. The two of them then speed away.

Side Story: Teardrop Part 1

Two months ago, Santiago speeds around Peru, desperately trying to find Elisa. He finally stops in Lima to catch his breath. As he is resting, he begins to wonder aloud if he will ever find her. A woman behind him asks if he would like some water and Santiago stands, smiling. He turns to see Elisa and the two of them run to each other and embrace. Santiago tells her that he loves her and she says that she loves him too. Later, Santiago throws a party for Elisa to celebrate her return. He finds her talking to his mother and takes her for a dance.

Side Story: Teardrop Part 2

Santiago goes to see Esteban in the hopes that he knows where Elisa or his mother are. Esteban tells Santiago that he alerted the government about his "mermaid" girlfriend and that he should be happy that he has saved his life. Santiago is furious and demands to know if he has told anyone else. Esteban says that he hasn't and Santiago speeds away. He stops somewhere in America to call his father, but receives no answer. He then receives a message from someone called Rebel, instructing him to run. Government agents arrive and surround Santiago but he is able to use his ability to escape.

He speeds to Elisa and arrives just in time to save her from a group of government agents. The two of them speed away to an abandoned building and Elisa tells Santiago that she could not find his mother. They prepare to leave but Rebel sends Santiago another message, instructing both him and Elisa to "find HARRY".

Side Story: Love Story Part 1

Santiago rummages through some boxes in a warehouse in Miami. He mumbles to himself as Elisa approaches. She tells him that the agents are coming and Santiago is surprised when he finally finds what he is looking for. He holds the box with a hammer and four stars on it and looks at Elisa, who smiles at him. They prepare to leave and a gunshot is fired. Santiago turns to see the bullet and quickly runs away with Elisa. He however, is shot in the shoulder and becomes unable to use his ability. Elisa then uses her ability to attack the guards and safely get herself and Santiago out of the warehouse.

Outside, both Santiago and Elisa rematerialize and Elisa states Santiago needs a hospital. He declines the suggestion, stating that the hospitals will be watched. He tells Elisa to bandage the wound and, after finding a safe house, she does so. Elisa tells Santiago baout her past and the two share a kiss, leaving Elisa to tell Santiago that she cannot lose him. Santiago smiles at her and tells her that will never happen.

Side Story: Love Story Part 2

Santiago notices Elisa losing control over her ability in a shopping center and rushes over to her to calm her down. He reveals that Rebel sent them bus tickets. On the bus, Santiago hold Elisa's watery hand and asks her what is wrong. She tells him that nothing is wrong with her and Santiago becomes angry, stating she keeps to many secrets. Both are surprised when a phone next to them receives a message from Rebel. Santiago picks the phone up and hands it to Elisa, who reads the message in shock. Santiago asks her what is wrong and Elisa replies that everyone is in danger. Santiago then speeds off with Elisa.

Evolved Human Abilities

Santiago is able to view the different options of a situation and then accelerate himself along whichever path he chooses. While accessing his ability, time slows down for Santiago, giving him time to see every outcome.

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