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Teardrop Part 1
Episode number: 401
First aired: 6/10/2009
Written by: Joshua Korolenko
Agent Jordan
Previous episode: The Partner Part 3
Next episode: Teardrop Part 2


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Santiago Montez speeds around the countryside looking for someone. He stops back in his hometown of Lima to catch his breath. A voice from behind him asks if he would like some water and Santiago smiles and turns around. Elisa runs up to him and the two embrace happily.

A few days later, Elisa is at a party celebrating her return. She sits and talks with Iris Montez who is happy to see her and Santiago together again. She notices that Elisa is troubled and asks her if anything happened during her time in America. Elisa tells her that she can handle it and smiles as Santiago approaches her for a dance. On the other side of the dance floor, Esteban is watching angrily.

Later that night, Elisa is walking by the lake alone. She stops to stare out into the water but is interrupted by a drunken Esteban. He demands to know why she wastes her time with Santiago when she could be with a guy like him. Elisa lets him down gently but Esteban does not take it well and takes a swing at her with his bottle. The bottle passes right through her and Esteban runs away, screaming that she is a freak.

At his home, Esteban picks up a phone and asks to talk with the police. He tells them that they had better call the government.

Character Appearances

Memorable Quotes

"Would you like some water?"

- Elisa to Santiago

"Why are you wasting your time with a loser like Santiago when you could be going out with a dude like me?"

"Because...Santiago is my hero"

- Esteban, Elisa.

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