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Teardrop Part 2
Episode number: 402
First aired: 6/10/2009
Written by: Joshua Korolenko
Agent Jordan
Previous episode: Teardrop Part 1
Next episode: Love Story Part 1


This page is a fan creation and should not be considered canon.


  • Esteban pays for his mistake.
  • Santiago searches for his missing family.
  • Rebel contacts both Santiago and Elisa, giving them a very important task.


Esteban is at the park, practicing for the next big game. Santiago speeds up behind him and taps him on the shoulder. Esteban jumps but is relieved to see that it is only Santiago. Santiago asks if he has seen Elisa or Iris around. Esteban tells him that his "mermaid" was taken away and tells him that he should be happy he saved him. Santiago is furious and punches Esteban, demanding to know whether or not he told anyone else about Elisa. Esteban says no and Santiago super speeds away.

He arrives in America and tries calling his father. He only gets his voicemail and tells his father that something horrible is happening and that he needs help. Santiago suddenly receives a message from someone called REBEL. The message tells him the location of a crashed plane and Santiago is unsure of what to do. He receives another message, this one telling him to run. Several government agents bust into the room and raise their guns to Santiago. Time slows for him and he is able to determine the best way to escape. Before doing so, he steals one of the agent's phones and gun. The agents are angry that he escaped.

In Arkansas, Elisa quivers as she hears gunfire in the distance and asks herself what is happening. Three agents approach her from behind and tell her to freeze. Elisa closes her eyes as she raises her hands. She turns to face the agents, generating and shooting a blast of water out of thin air. Elisa stares at her hands in amazement as the water smashes into the agents. She starts to run but encounters an entire squad of agents, surrounding her in seconds. An agent pulls out their gun and aims at Elisa. A streak of gold passes by, disarming all of the agents. Santiago stops running and grabs Elisa. They smile at each other before dashing off again.

The two of them stop at an abandoned factory and Elisa kisses Santiago. She then remembers that Iris was on the plane and suggests that they go back to find her. Santiago receives another text message and he reads it: MUST FIND HARRY. HE HOLDS KEY. GOOD LUCK. REBEL.

Character Appearances

Memorable Quotes

"Bro you should be thanking me. I mean, I totally got rid of that mermaid chick you were spending all your time with. I saved your life!"

- Esteban to Santiago

"I'm sorry Santiago. Your mother. I couldn't find her."

- Elisa to Santiago.

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