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Sandman Part 1,
Episode number: 101
First aired: 25/7/2009
Written by: Joshua Korolenko
Next episode: Sandman Part 2


This Side Story is fanmade and should not be considered canon.



Cairo, Egypt 2005

On a busy street, Amid Zahir walks confidently past several begging people. One person grabs his arm by Amid shakes her away, telling her to help herself. As he prepares to cross a street, Amid spots a necklace in a jewellery shop. Its design makes him curious and he asks the clerk what it means. She tells him that it is the Japanese symbol for “Godsend” and Amid asks how much it is worth.

Some time later, Amid arrives outside of his luxurious home. He opens the door and calls out for Zara, his wife. He hears some noise coming from the back of the house and rushes to see if Zara is hurt. He opens the door and finds Zara and another man passionately kissing. Shocked and furious, Amid yells that Zara is unfaithful and attempts to fight off Mike. Mike fights back but Zara stops the men, telling Amid that they are over.

One week later, Amid meets with Zara’s father, Mr Vahava. He tells him that when he married Zara, she was a faithful woman but now she is a cheating liar. Vahava agues that his daughter is noble and that Amid is the unfaithful one. He tells him that since his relationship with his daughter is over, Amid no longer has a place within the Company. Now fired and homeless, Amid strolls down the street with a dead look on his face. He once again sees the Symbol necklace and enters the Jewellery shop to find Mike and Zara shopping for rings. Zara spots the necklace and Mike immediately buys it for her, making her happy. The two of them see Amid and Zara tells him that she never wanted to hurt him. Amid laughs and pulls out a gun. Zara screams and a security guard shoots Amid in the leg.

Later that night, as Amid lies sleeping in a hospital, Mike and Vahava stand over him. Vahava tells Mike that if he promises to make his daughter happy, he can make Amid go away. Mike agrees and leaves Vahava to do his job. As Mike leaves the hospital, he looks up to Amid’s floor and sees that the top half of the building has been ignited in flames. Shaking his head, Mike gets into his car and drives away.

In a helicopter, Vahava and his team have Amid’s severely burned body. Amid, still alive and in agony, screams in pain and Vahava tells him that he is going to a place where he cannot reach anyone. The team dumps Amid in an old trench in the middle of the desert and fly away. As Amid lies dying in the sand, he lets out a shaken breath. Then, he raises his hand and his eyes widen as he sees that he is decomposing into sand. His entire body gives way and he disappears. Then, in a burst of sand, Amid’s figure rises from the earth and clutches his fist, which is mysteriously holding the Symbol necklace.

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