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Sylar's victims
Sylar jackie events.jpg
Sylar stands over a mistaken victim, Jackie Wilcox.

First occurrence: Don't Look Back

As Sylar travels across the continent, he leaves a growing number of victims.


Sylar has used several methods to attack his victims:

List of Brain Removal Victims

Name Description Reference Date Power Taken Location
Brian Davis Sylar's first victim (while still known as Gabriel Gray/Gabriel Sylar) was (manually) hit from behind with a large crystal. After Brian's murder, Sylar acquired his power of telekinesis. Six Months Ago April 2006 Telekinesis New York, NY
David Sylar kills a white male, potentially named David. Turning Point July 2006 Unknown Chicago, IL
James Walker On October 2, 2006 James Walker Molly Walker's father is found dead, frozen, in their home. Don't Look Back None Unknown Los Angeles, CA
Charlie Andrews The waitress is killed in the back of the Burnt Toast Diner. Seven Minutes to Midnight October 9 2006 Enhanced memory Midland, TX
Jackie Wilcox Mistaking her for Claire Bennet, Sylar kills the cheerleader at Union Wells High School. This fulfills the painting by Isaac and Peter. Homecoming None None Odessa, TX
Zane Taylor Sylar remembers the man's name from Chandra's map, and impersonates Mohinder Suresh to meet him. Sylar then steals his identity and power. Run! None Liquefaction Virginia Beach, VA
Dale Smither Sylar gets overly excited when learning of her power. That night, he kills her. Unexpected None Enhanced hearing Bozeman, MT
Isaac Mendez After his encounter with Peter in Mohinder's apartment, Sylar kills Isaac by telekinetically impaling his wrists and ankles with paint brushes. Don't Look Back, .07% None Precognition New York, NY
Theodore Sprague On November 7, 2006 Sylar uses telekinesis to crash and flip a FBI truck holding Ted, then takes Ted's ability while he is dangling upside-down and still handcuffed. Landslide November 2006 Induced radioactivity New York, NY
Candice Willmer Sylar smashes a coffee cup over her head, and uses a shard to gain access to the brain. Kindred None None Mexico City, Mexico
Alejandro Herrera In a fight over Maya, Alejandro is fatally stabbed with a knife. Truth & Consequences March 19, 2007 None Unknown, VA
Claire Bennet At the Bennet's home in Costa Verde Sylar and Claire fight. This fight ends with Sylar cutting open Claire's skull and duplicating her ability. A Second Coming Unknown Regeneration Costa Verde, CA

List of Mistaken/Other Victims

Name Description Reference Date Location
Chandra Suresh In a dream, Mohinder sees his father killed in a cab by an unseen figure wearing Sylar's watch, presumably Sylar himself. Seven Minutes to Midnight September 28, 2006 New York, NY
Unknown victim from Barstow Audrey mentions a victim from Barstow, CA, who was killed in a manner similar to Sylar's other victims, but who survived long enough to say Sylar's name. Don't Look Back Unknown Barstow, CA
Uniformed police officer Sylar freezes a cop guarding Molly. One Giant Leap (unaired scene) Unknown Los Angeles, CA
An FBI agent Sylar impales the agent who was guarding Molly at FBI Headquarters. One Giant Leap Unknown Los Angeles, CA
Mrs. Walker Molly Walker's mother is found dead, impaled to the wall, in their home. Don't Look Back Unknown Los Angeles, CA
Robert Fresco Dr. Fresco's body was burnt to a crisp apparently matching another victim of Sylar. Nothing to Hide October 2006#October 8, 2006 Los Angeles, CA
Eden McCain The Company agent is attacked by Sylar through his holding cell's glass, but shoots herself before he can take her power. Fallout Unknown Odessa, TX
Hank The Company medical professional is found at least unconscious and probably dead in Sylar's cell after Sylar fakes his own death. The Fix Unknown Odessa, TX
Northeast Brewing Company trucker Sylar kills the man who helped him; he telekinetically jams broken beer bottles into his body. Road Kill Unknown Odessa, TX
Virginia Gray Sylar accidentally kills his mother when she attacks him with scissors. The Hard Part Unknown Queens, NY
Derek Sylar kills Derek with a brick in the back of a Mexican shop. The Kindness of Strangers Prior to March 19, 2007 Mexico

Memorable Quotes

"We've pieced a trail across a dozen states. All people impaled by household objects. Bones broken. All without any traceable sign of physical contact. But only some of them involve any mutilation of the head or neck, so they don't see the connections."

- Audrey Hanson (One Giant Leap)


  • In an interview with writers Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite, they said that three months ago (July) is both when Audrey took the Sylar case, and when Sylar's murders attracted major attention.
  • Audrey Hanson mistakenly attributes the death of Dr. Robert Fresco to Sylar. (Nothing to Hide)
  • Audrey Hanson states that eight murders are linked to Sylar, which would exclude murders done after the killing of the unnamed FBI agent. (Nothing to Hide)
  • Mohinder tells the FBI that six people on the list have been killed, including Charlie Andrews and James Walker. (Fallout)