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Hi, I'm a user.

I have an idea.

This idea is based on Ashoka's secret society of 9, where each member kept a book of knowledge of which the subjects were (summarised into single words):

  • Alchemy
  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Communication
  • Light
  • Physiology
  • Cosmology
  • Biology
  • Gravitation

There were nine heroes present at the moment of... "truth" (?)... at Kirby Plaza: Peter, Sylar, Matt, Micah, Molly, Niki, DL, Claire & Nathan. Hiro warped out early so I don't think he could be counted, and I'm not sure about Sylar given the events during Six Months Ago (ie. Chandra found nothing special about him, but did find him in the first place). I can only guess that each of them may have represented each of the books. Apart from Molly, I could almost believe this list to be plausible:

  • Sylar: Alchemy
  • Peter: Sociology
  • Matt: Psychology
  • Micah: Communication
  • Molly: Light
  • Niki: Physiology
  • DL: Cosmology
  • Claire: Biology
  • Nathan: Gravitation

You could probably question each of these and say such-and-such isn't a blah ability as it does blah-blah, but it's just a theory of mine that explains to me why they had to save the cheerleader, as well as a possible way to classify a heroes "area of expertise".

In addition, I guess this would be my current list of possible categorisations:

Class Power Hero
  Bliss and horror Guillame
  Mental manipulation Haitian
  Persuasion Sarah Ellis
  Dream manipulation Sanjog Iyer
  Telepathy Matt Parkman
Enhanced strength Niki Sanders
  Enhanced hearing Dale Smither
  Super speed Agent
  Enhanced memory Charlie Andrews
  Healing Linderman
  Plant growth Au Co
  Rapid cell regeneration Claire Bennet
(maybe)Bliss and horror Guillame
  Melting Zane Taylor
  Induced radioactivity Ted Sprague
  Pyrokinesis Meredith Gordon
  Freezing James Walker
  Intuitive aptitude Gabriel Gray
  Dehydration Rollo Fusor's accomplice
  Deoxygenation Crane boy
  Technopathy Micah Sanders
  Digital communication Hana Gitelman
  Persuasion Sarah Ellis
(maybe)Dream manipulation Sanjog Iyer
(maybe)Mental manipulation Haitian
  Flight Nathan Petrelli
(maybe)Telekinesis Brian Davis
  Precognition Isaac Mendez
  Space-time manipulation Hiro Nakamura
  Phasing DL Hawkins
  Telekinesis Brian Davis
(maybe)Freezing James Walker
(maybe)Pyrokinesis Meredith Gordon
  Illusion Candice Willmer
  Invisibility Claude Rains
  Electric manipulation Agent
  Clairvoyance Molly Walker
(maybe)Induced radioactivity Ted Sprague
(maybe)Pyrokinesis Meredith Gordon
(maybe)Freezing James Walker
  Empathic mimicry Peter Petrelli

Do with this information what you will, but I reckon they're working up to this sort of thing.