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Hipster Dude

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"Hipster Dude"
Invisible man with goatee.jpg
Portrayed by Jocelin Haas
First appearance Dark Matters, Part 6
In-story stats
Known ability Invisibility
Formal name Unknown
Nickname Hipster Dude
Date of death June 13th, 2015

"Hipster Dude" is the nickname given to an evolved human who had the ability to become invisible. Most notable for his goatee and hipster style, he was a member of an underground faction helping other evolved humans before he was murdered by Joanne Collins.

Character History

Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 6

The goateed man waits for Quentin in the launderette that serves as Hero Truther's base of operations. He is reading an El Vengador comic book. He asks Quentin what the password is, and when he replies correctly, he tells him to take the door on the right and go down the stairs.

A few minutes later, when the launderette is raided by agents of Renautas, the goateed man helps Quentin escape by knocking out M. F. Harris with a fire extinguisher while invisible. He then turns visible again, and shouts at Quentin to go.

Brave New World

At the June 13th Summit the goateed man becomes visible and enjoys the sights of the summit. The goateed man manages to survive the explosion and three months later is seen running from the authorities into the woods. In order to escape his captors the goateed man covers his body in mud water to throw off the sniffer dogs and becomes invisible.

Nine months later the goateed man attends a secret meeting with several other evolved humans. After discussing the troubles they face from the government and vigilantes the goateed man stands and informs everyone that the real danger they face actually lies in the shadows and that they have to be careful. Luke Collins and his wife then murder the members of the support group and set the building on fire.

Heroes Evolutions

Brave New World

In the eBook Brave New World, Noah Bennet almost bumps into the goateed invisible hipster while at the Odessa Unity Summit. Wearing only briefs and covered in white talc, the goateed man runs for his life as two trucks with search lights pursue him through the woods of Saint-Félicien, Quebec. He is able to find a pond where he washes off the talc, and is able to turn invisible to avoid capture. The hipster attends the evo support group in Chicago, where he speaks with a french accent. Since Tommy doesn't know anybody's name, he decides to give them all nicknames. Tommy notes he is dressed like a hipster, so the nickname he gives to the accented man is "Hipster Dude".

Evolved Human Abilities

The goateed man had the ability to turn completely invisible to the naked human eye. While he could extend his ability to cover his clothes as well, it is unknown if he could extend this ability to larger objects.


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