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Whitebeard's men

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Whitebeard's men
Japanese Warriors.jpg
Location: Otsu, Japan
Purpose: Warring
First appearance How to Stop an Exploding Man
Known leader: Whitebeard
Equipment used: Bows & arrows, horses, swords

A group of Japanese warriors prepare to fight Takezo Kensei.



Kaito Nakamura tells a young Hiro the story of "Kensei and the Dragon", during which Takezo fought many Japanese warriors. Meanwhile, young Hiro plays with toy replicas of the warriors.

How to Stop an Exploding Man

Outside Kyoto, Japan in 1671, several Japanese soldiers led by Whitebeard ready their bows and arrows and prepare to battle Takezo Kensei. Several others stay ready for battle on horseback. Together, they wait for Kensei, who arrives from over a nearby hill.

Out of nowhere, Hiro Nakamura time travels to their location. Before the soldiers attack, an eclipse occurs above their heads and they lower their weapons in awe.

Four Months Later...

After the eclipse surprises the warriors, Whitebeard issues an attack. The warriors shoot arrows at Hiro and Takezo Kensei. Hiro freezes time, and escapes with Kensei.

Whitebeard and his men then raid Otsu, burning it and driving the villagers from their homes.


Eleven of Whitebeard's men attack Yaeko. She defends herself against them until Hiro, posing as Takezo Kensei, disarms them and sends them fleeing in The Battle of Twelve Swords.

Later, several of Whitebeard's men ambush Takezo Kensei, shooting him twice in the shoulder and then placing another arrow into his chest. Believing Takezo dead, they abduct Yaeko and leave. Distraught at the death of his hero, Hiro pulls the arrow from Takezo's chest and is amazed when Takezo's wound heals before his eyes.

Heroes Evolutions

Sword Saint

In Chapter 1, "The Battle of the Twelve Swords", Professor Donna Dorn reports that White Beard expects easy victories, so he marches to Otsu with only a small company of men. He is met by Takezo Kensei, who saves the people of Otsu, in what eventually became known as the Battle of Twelve Swords.

In Chapter 3, "The Trial of the Hidden Fortress", Curator Tatsuya Atsumi claims that in 1671, White Beard's army at the Hidden Fortress is numerous because it was the largest in all of Japan. Takezo Kensei fights the men for eleven days until it was only Kensei and White Beard left alive. Kensei defeats White Beard and rescued Japan. The narrator continues to comment that facing the ninety angry ronin, the Black Bear, and White Beard's army makes Kensei a god among men.


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