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The following fan theories are about Mr. Muggles.

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Theory Citations Notes
Mr. Muggles's secret identity is the invincible Uluru. None + 9th Wonders! states that Uluru is invincible. Thus far, Mr. Muggles has shown the characteristic of being invincible against the attack of many varied and different deadly assailants.

+ Sylar was unable to take Mr. Muggles's brain, nor use any of his powers against him.

- Why would Sylar want to steal the brain of a dog, or attack him in any way?
+ To take his power, of course. His delicious power...

+ Ted was unable to 'nuke' Mr. Muggles.

- Ted didn't nuke Mr. Muggles because Matt told him not to.
+ Mr. Muggles used mind control on Matt to make him tell him not to.

+ West's ability of flight didn't surprise Mr. Muggles.

- This does not support the theory that Mr. Muggles is invincible or Uluru, only that is he is seemingly not surprised by the sight of flying humans.

+ Elle was unable to 'zap' Mr. Muggles.
+ Mr. Muggles ingested Claire's blood of regeneration.
- Tim Kring states that Uluru only exists in the comics. Therefore it is extremely unlikely that Mr. Muggles is really Uluru.

- Something about cannons.
Mr. Muggles's power is telepathy. None + Mr. Muggles seems to know people's intentions.
+ This is why he barks at people with negative intentions.
- He did not bark at Sylar.
+ Mr. Muggles may have known that deep down, Sylar's an alright guy.
- But up front, Sylar's a jerk.

+ Mr. Muggles can plant thoughts in other's mind.

+ Sylar did not hurt him.
+ Everyone loves him.
+ West feeds him waffles.
+ He sensed Mr. Bennet's presence before he walked in the door (Powerless).
- Many dogs know the sound of their owner's footsteps or car and will get excited before they enter the house, it doesn't make them telepathic.
- Mr. Muggles isn't your average dog.
+ It doesn't make them not telepathic either.
+ Telepathy is likely to be part of the everything power commonly used by Mr. Muggles.

+ In a deleted scene, Mr Muggles is shown using his power to stop Sylar from cutting his head open and taking his power.

It is significant that Mr. Muggles licked Claire's blood after her run-in with the garbage disposal. None

- As Mohinder has postulated, the power is in the DNA. Drinking the blood or eating the brain of an evolved human will not give anyone powers of that evolved human.

- The chemical Mohinder found in Maya's blood and its ability to give others powers completely overthrows that rule, essentially breaking the premise used in Heroes seasons 1 and 2.

+ Adam Monroe's blood healed a horribly burned Nathan almost instantly.
+ A transfusion of blood managed to resurrect a dead Noah Bennet.
+ A transfusion of blood healed Adam's wife Diane.
+ An injection of blood healed Maya.

- Digesting the blood may not have the same effects as injecting it.

- Human DNA and dog DNA are not compatible.

+ Yes they are.
- No they're not.
+ Yes they are.
+ Whether they're compatible or not isn't important. They're made of the same stuff in the same way. The cell structure is the same. The blood chemistry is close enough for it not to matter. It would work the same way on either, even if ingesting it orally might not.
+ Yes they are.
+ Humans and dogs have similar genomes.

The term 'significant' is open to interpretation. What some consider significant, others may not.

+ Licking is significant to dogs.
Mr. Muggles is Candice acting as a spy for the Company to watch for Claire's powers to manifest. None

+ The Company always seems to know what is happening in the Bennet household.
- As Mr. Muggles seems to be a "house dog", it seems unlikely that Candice would find enough time to do anything else while portraying the dog.
- Candice is dead. (Kindred)

She could have cast an illusion of her death, or had waffles do it for her.
Those sneaky little waffles.
Mr. Muggles has an ability to detect people with powers. None + He was able to detect West flying overhead.
- Many dogs bark in the presence of strangers.
+ Not many dogs bark in the presence of FLYING strangers.
- Perhaps Mr. Muggles saw West fly off.

+ The Company has an interest in detecting such people, and Bennet worked for them.
- He didn't seem to react to Parkman, Ted, Sylar, or the Haitian.

+ The Haitian may have negated Mr. Muggles' power.

- Sylar will want his brain if he showed his power.

+ Mr. Muggles would so pwn Sylar.

+ Mr. Muggles run up and barks at Elle in Elle's First Assignment.

Mr. Muggles ate Claire's toe in Lizards. None Whether or not this happened is completely irrelevant.
Oh, it's relevant.

... or Mr Muggles could have kept Claire's toe on ice and so, in the event of injury, will be able to heal himself by eating the toe.

It is more likely that he uses the toe after he gets some of Mohinder's blood to cure himself of the Shanti virus, with which he was infected by the Company.
Mr. Muggles may have eaten Zach. None + Zach has mysteriously disappeared from the show.
- There was nothing "mysterious" about Zach's disappearance.

- Zach is most likely still in Odessa, living a normal life.
- Zach is now fighting robots from the distant future to protect the world.

+ Those plans have been canceled.

+ Mr. Muggles seems to hate Claire's male friends.

Mr. Muggles controls the group of twelve, and is the criminal mastermind behind the whole thing. None + Mr. Muggles was noticeably absent when Ted Sprague and Matt Parkman broke into their house. (Unexpected)
- Mr. Muggles was notably there, and if not for Matt's intervention, may have been nuked by Ted. (Company Man)
+ He was there to ensure his plan was going smoothly. Mr Muggles may also possess a power related to mind control as he managed to convince Ted "not to nuke the dog". (Company Man)

+ Mr. Muggles does not bark or attempt to kill Sylar when he breaks into their home. (Distractions)
+ Mr. Muggles is not featured in the first episode until after Kaito and Angela have received their death threats in Four Months Later.... It is conceivable that he could have flown back in time for dinner.
+ Mr. Muggles is not adjusting well to his new life in Costa Verde (Four Months Later...). It could be due to his hectic flight schedule.
+ Noah Bennet was shrouded in mystery until discovering his first name. We are still yet to discover the first name of Mr. Muggles.
It would be interesting that people (the group of twelve) who have these great abilities would answer to, or be controlled by, a dog.

+ Mr. Muggles is not just any dog.
+ He's an M&S dog.
What the waffles is an "M&S dog"?
M&S is a UK shopping chain. Sells clothes and food. By being an M&S dog, Mr Muggles controls waffle supplies to the UK
Adverts for M&S proclaim that M&S products are better than just products. Thus by being an M&S dog, Mr Muggles is not just any dog. He's an M&S dog. These adverts have also lead to many many different spoofs.
Everything in Heroes is Mr. Muggles's dream. All episodes, GNs, webisodes, fan creations, and even this website. + Super powers do not seem possible.

- Dogs dreaming do not seem possible either.

+ Actually, scientists in the real world have proven that animals dream just as much as humans. On the other hand, no one has figured out the trick to time travel...

- This could not happen because the writers are not a bunch of chimpanzees.

The writers may be chimpanzees, but Mr. Muggles can cast an illusion to make them look like humans.
- The writers exist in a different world to Mr. Muggles--the world of reality.
We live in Mr. Muggles's world.
It is possible that Mr. Muggles can use one of his powers to jump from the dimension of television to the real world. It would provide an interesting twist.

+ It happened in "Dallas."

+ "St. Elsewhere" too.
+ "LOST" as well...but no one knows it yet.
Lost actually has no ending, it constantly spews out new plot lines so nobody notices that the current ones were never resolved.

- How isn't everything in Heroes Mr. Muggle's dream?

Mr. Muggles has the Shanti virus. None + Mr. Muggles has not shown his powers for a long time.
- When has Mr. Muggles ever shown his "powers"?
+ A few minutes ago.

+ It is possible that the Shanti virus spreads at a much slower rate in canines.
+ This would explain why he is hanging around Claire - to cure himself of the virus.
+ This would also explain why Mr. Muggles drank Claire's blood.
- Human viruses are not compatible with dog physiology, and Mr. Muggles would be immune anyway.

Mr. Muggles is the most adorable and cutest figure in the show. None + Sometimes when people say Mr. Muggles, they say it in a cute fashion.

+ Sandra lets Mr. Muggles lick her mouth.
+ Even Sylar loves Mr. Muggles. (Distractions)

+ In one possible future, Sylar owns Mr. Muggles and pleases him by making waffles!
- He also vaporized Mr. Muggles.
+ Not on purpose. Besides, Mr. Muggles could easily survive a nuclear explosion.

+ Ted didn't want to hurt Mr. Muggles. (Company Man)

- Ted did want to hurt Mr. Muggles, Matt stopped him.
+ Ted said he wasn't going to nuke the dog.

Perhaps, but Claire and Daphne aren't too far behind.

Don't forget Elle.
Unfortunately, Elle is deceased.
As is Daphne. :(
+ All part of Mr. Muggles' master plan.
- Mr. Muggles is benevolent and would never have harmed Daphne.
Mr. Muggles is an illusion created by waffles. None Waffles may have stolen Candice's brain after Sylar could not use it.
- Mr. Muggles was around before Candice died.
+ Time traveling may have been involved.

- Waffles are an illusion created by Mr. Muggles.
It is possible that waffles innately have the power of illusion. This would explain why so many innocent people have been victimized, fallen for the taste of waffles.

Mr. Muggles is the leader of the Company. Some time later he faked his death so that he kept his identity secret. But now he's thirsty for blood and revenge has came back and is now planning on taking revenge on the founders. He took the form of a dog so no one can ever find him (he has the power to change form). None + That would explain who was the one who took the photograph of the co-founders.

- Or it was a timed camera.
- Or Adam Monroe.<ve />

Mr. Muggles is just a dog. He has no special abilities whatsoever apart from being abnormally cute. None + Mr. Muggles has four legs and barks. He looks strangely like a dog.
- That is what he wants us to think.

+ Mr. Muggles's name comes from the term "Muggle", is a word used in the Harry Potter series of books by J.K. Rowling to refer to a human who does not have magical abilities.

- If you were trying to hide in plain sight, would you call yourself "Mr. Mutant"?.

- The writers wouldn't have named a dog "Mister" if he did not have special abilities.

- Exactly. This character obviously has some hidden secrets as we still don't know his first name.
+ We didn't know HRG's name for forever, and he doesn't have any powers at all.

- The cuteness could be a part of the illusionary aspect of his power. Candice constantly posed as a much altered illusion of herself while having this power to enhance the way she looked.
+ The vast majority of dogs tend not to have special abilities.

- They may be hiding them very well.

+ Out of all these ridiculous theories it is the one that makes the most sense.
- Similar propaganda has been disseminated about waffles. Those responsible should take care not to incur the wrath of an angry dog.

Mr. Muggles will team up with waffles to become an unstoppable power. None + Mr. Muggles understands the importance of different foods.

- Waffles can't get around by themselves.
God help us all.

Sorry, I'm busy at the moment.
Hah! The real God would not be too busy to help us all.

- Mr. Muggles is already unstoppable.

Mr. Muggles will eat West. None + Mr. Muggles is the Sylar of the animal world, and he wants West's brain.

+ It would be a totally awesome way to remove a really annoying character from the show.
+ Mr. Muggles clearly doesn't like West, he wouldn't stop barking at him when he left Activating Evolution in Claire's driveway.
+ It is suspected that Mr. Muggles ate Zach, so eating West is not entirely out of the question. Perhaps Mr. Muggles' power is to eat Claire's male friends.
- Mr. Muggles has eaten West.
+ West is alive and working with Rebel. Mr.Muggles has spared him thus far because he realizes West's importance to the resistance.

- West isn't alive. That is just an elaborate illusion projected by Mr. Muggles.
Mr. Muggles will ultimately be defeated when both Peter and Sylar phase their hands into his body, nuke him with induced radioactivity, and then throw him into the sun for good measure. None + If Mr. Muggles were the ultimate villain, it may take a measure like that to get rid of him.

- Peter and Sylar do not get along. Mr. Muggles has seen to that.
- Only Chuck Norris can throw people into the sun.

Mr. T also has that ability.
Chuck Norris is actually Dakota Fanning in disguise.

- Mr. Muggles rules all and would easily own a Peter and Sylar double team.
- Complex, surefire solutions do not come naturally to these people. It is unlikely that Mr. Muggles will let himself be defeated in so "final" a way.

Mr. Muggles is an empathic mimic. None So far, he has met:
Claire (rapid cell regeneration)
Sylar (intuitive aptitude, telekinesis, freezing, melting, enhanced memory, induced radioactivity; in the dark future he showed powers of rapid cell regeneration, flight, and phasing).
Ted (induced radioactivity)
Matt (telepathy)
Candice (illusion)
West (flight)
Elle (lightning)
Eden (persuasion)
Alex (underwater breathing)
Eric Doyle (puppet master)

- Mr. Muggles hangs around Claire because he has the Shanti virus. This has been confirmed in an imaginary interview with Lestat (who has superpowers in real life) and Underdog.

- Anything that Underdog says should be discredited because he is a liar and a wantwit.
- Mr. Muggles is in need of 'medicine'. Maybe he hasn't mastered his mimicry and, as with Peter, can only just powers when the original power holder is nearby. When Claire returns, Mr. Muggles will recover.
- He could have the Shanti virus.
Even if Mr. Muggles was vulnerable the Shanti virus (he is immune to all Terran diseases), Waffles would have cured him long ago.
Mr. Muggles has created his own ability, called holykinesis mimicry. None + Mr. Muggles has not yet shown an ability that has been recognizable.
- Mr. Muggles has never shown an ability ever.
+ The waffles may be distracting everyone from noticing his ability.
Mr. Muggles is actually Pantalaimon. None + It makes sense... in a way.

- The Golden Compass is another show/film.
- Mr. Muggles is not "tied" to anybody we know of.

Mr. Muggles is Kaito Nakamura. None + Kaito Nakamura tells Hiro that he would not like waffles.

+ We've yet to see Kaito's abilities, so they could include turning into a cute dog.

+ Or vice versa.

- Kaito Nakamura is dead.

Mr. Muggles is part of the group of twelve. None + He could have an special ability to turn into a human, or vice versa.

- He could just be a super powered dog, and is not necessarily part of the Company founders.

Mr. Muggles is of little or no importance to the plot, acting only as some comic relief, as he is merely a dog. None - That's what he wants you to think.

- As previously stated, similar propaganda has been disseminated about waffles.

Mr. Muggles is in cahoots with Sylar. Cahoots? + He could have let Sylar in the Bennet house in "The Second Coming."
+ He didn't bark at Sylar when he was following Claire in "The Second Coming."
- Sylar could have opened the door himself. Considering he has multiple superpowers and no one in Heroes seems to be able to stop him, a mere door would probably not get in his way.
As long as Mr. Muggles is alive, the future will always turn out bad. Every vision of the future so far seen has been negative. Mr. Muggles is always seen just before the vision is shown. - This might cause problems since he is actually immortal. In other words, humanity is doomed.
Mr. Muggles is really a person that got turned into a dog. His love for waffles. + Mr. Muggles only joy in life is eating his childhood food, waffles.

+ Mr. Muggles always tries to intervene with the characters, but they just think he is cute, which pisses him off. He leads them somewhere or warns them of danger, and they just don't get it. Idiots...

Future Mr. Muggles survived the explosion at Costa Verde. Before Gabriel exploded, Mr. Muggles was eating waffles. + Mr. Muggles is immortal.

+ Tim Kring will heavily hint at this possibility in a future interview.

These insane theories were all created by Mr. Muggles to distract us all from his real plan: to turn the world into a paradise populated by waffles. None + He does love waffles.
Mr. Muggles was a test animal for the Company at one point. None Although many of these comments are humorous, and the mood of Heroes dramatic and serious, the potentially power-related incidents mentioned here may be because he was an animal used in testing before the Company injected the "Sanders" triplets.

+ That's Noah Bennet's dog so it could have been used in Company testing.

Mr. Muggles has to be absent in most of the episodes at home. None + He is outside using his power. He knows that Noah Bennet knows about him.
Mr. Muggles has the ability to rearrange matter on a sub-atomic level. None + Chuck Kim said so. (Behind the Eclipse: Season 3, Week 5)
Mr. Muggles will show his power in The Eclipse, Part 1. None + The Eclipse is supposed to take powers away from people, Thus giving Mr. Muggles his, which is the ability to rearrange matter on a sub-atomic level.

- Mr Muggles already has an ability.

Mr. Muggles actually destroyed Costa Verde. None + He might have been furious that Sylar gave Noah Gray waffles instead of him and in his rage, he blew up. It doesn't sound realistic.

+ Mr. Muggles may understand that the formula is actually a ripped page from a cookbook which is about giving people synthetic abilities through pancakes.

Mr. Muggles loves peach pie, but he loves waffles more. None + Villains like Sylar like peach pie better than waffles, while heroes like waffles!

+ If Mr Muggles eats peach pie, he will kill again, therefore he eats waffles instead.

Mr. Muggles is a person disguised as a dog, either by shapeshifting or illusion. None + Mr. Muggles could be similar to Peter Pettigrew from the Harry Potter books, who disguised himself as Ron's pet rat for 12 years.
Hopefully, he won't cause Arthur Petrelli to "rise again".

+ Claire is a person of interest for the Company, they could've sent someone to look after the family, and this could be Mr. Muggles.

Mr. Muggles is just a dog. None + He has done nothing short of being an ordinary dog.
- Except for the multitude of extraordinary things he has done.

This theory has been posited thrice now.

Mr. Muggles is a stud. Mrs. Bennet regularly notes his accomplishments and occasionally in reference to breeding. + Mr. Muggles looks the part.

+ Sandra Bennet also frequently allows Mr. Muggles to lick her mouth, possibly because he tastes like waffles.

Mr. Muggles has voice mimicry and he is the narrator of every Heroes episode. None + The ending of Heroes would be similar to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or The Cat in the Hat film, In which the real narrator turned out to be a character in the film. In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, it's the Oompa Loompa; and in The Cat in the Hat film, it's Cat.
Mr. Muggles will make a spin-off show. None + This is the reason of his recent absence in the show, because he's shooting for the spin-off.

+ Masi Oka discussed this possibility in the commentary for Out of Time. This show will also include a pigeon from the future.

Mr. Muggles will foil Nathan's plan to segregate evolved humans. None + Mr. Muggles is powerful enough to pwn the government stormtroopers.

+ Mr. Muggles cannot be defeated.

Mr. Muggles killed Nathan and assumed his identity. None Mr. Muggles is posing as Nathan in furtherance of his plan to round up evolved humans.
This scenario is similar to the explosion future, with Mr. Muggles taking Sylar's place.

+ Mr. Muggles could be using his mastery of sub-atomic particles to alter his appearance.
This has since been done by Sylar, albeit not by choice or for the stated reasons.

- This would imply that Sylar was able to kill Mr. Muggles after a relatively brief struggle.
Mr. Muggles would kick Sylar's butt.
Mr. Muggles is actually drug dealer using his advanced powers of illusion. None + Drug dealer's powers are extremely advanced.
- Drug dealer only thinks he has illusion powers after he drops acid.
Mr. Muggles Is Future Hiro, sent back in time to give Peter his scar with the help of the Terminator. None + Terminator said he would be back.
- Yeah, in a totally unrelated series of movies.

- Future Hiro is dead.
+ He could be waiting for Peter to come visit Claire before making his move.

What move?

+ This would explain why he barked when Peter came to visit Sylar in the future.


+ They both love waffles.
Most probably Mr. Muggles is indeed Hiro Nakamura from future. However this has nothing about the Terminator. After transforming into Mr. Muggles, Hiro will become very powerful and invincible. He will not need help from anyone, including the Terminator.

Mr. Muggles is an animagus. Mr. Muggles is named for Muggles, the term used in the Harry Potter series to refer to non-magical people. The Heroes' powers are actually an advanced form of the "accidental magic" in the Harry Potter series. Mr Muggles is an animagus sent from either the Ministry of Magic or its American counterpart to keep an eye on one of the most interesting Heroes - Claire Bennet, who possesses the power to come back from the dead, despite the fact that resurrection is meant to be impossible in the Potterverse.

Mr. Muggles may be one of Harry Potter's sons.

- Harry's eldest son, James, is five years old at most.
+ Time travel may be involved.
Mr. Muggles will eat Alex. None + Mr. Muggles may mistake Alex for waffles.

+ It has been posited that Mr. Muggles has already eaten Zach and West.

+ Apparently, Mr. Muggles likes to eat Claire's male friends.

- Mr. Muggles may like him now because Alex gave him a sandwich.

+ Mr. Muggles may dislike Alex for giving him a sandwich instead of waffles. (Note how Mr. Muggles did not eat said sandwich.)

+ As a water-breather, Alex may taste like fish.

Mr. Muggles is Chuck Norris. None This would explain Mr. Muggles's amazing powers.
Chuck Norris could possibly just be Mr. Muggles in a costume.

- As mentioned above, Chuck Norris is Dakota Fanning in disguise.

+ Dakota Fanning is, in fact, a [living clone] of [Professor Miles Warren].
- This simply states that Chuck Norris is Dakota Fanning, a living clone of Professor Miles Warren. In disguise.

- Mr.Muggles has most likely eaten Chuck Norris as dessert, after devouring Zach, West, & Alex.

Only Mr. Muggles can detect a shape-shifted Sylar. None

+ Mr. Muggles has unearthly intuition.

- Mr. Muggles cuddled up with Sylar as Sandra cooked in the episode Distractions, apparently unaware Sylar was there for murder.
+ Mr. Muggles sensed that waffles might be able to cure Sylar's murderous tendencies.

+ If shape-shifting does not change a person's DNA and only the physical appearance, Mr. Muggles may be able to smell the person out.

- Pomeranians are not known for their noses.

+ Since Mr. Muggles is a future Sylar, he knows what his present self is doing at the moment.

Provided he knows he is Sylar. He may not have memories about it, like present-day Sylar.
- This theory is clearly bunk. Future Sylar is, in fact, a giant hedgehog named Spiny Norman.
Mr. Muggles is the space cowboy. Some people call him that. + He is too amazing not to be.
Mr. Muggles is actually a redeemed Sylar from the future. “I think Sylar's new shapeshifting ability is pretty cool, but I was wondering is it limited to only humans? Could we have a little Sylar bunny hopping around? or better yet a Mr. Muggles-Sylar dude?”

How do you know that Sylar didn’t get time travel ability and go into the past as Mr. Muggles, only to torment Claire and H.R.G. by pissing on their carpets.
-- Behind The Eclipse
+ Sylar kinda loves the Bennets.

+ If Mr. Muggles is actually a Future Sylar, that might explain why he didn't stop Sylar in Distractions.

- Mr. Muggles is far more powerful than any known manifestation of Sylar.
Mr. Muggles is force-fed medication to suppress his world-destroying abilities. In Turn and Face the Strange, Lyle asks where his pills are. + This explains why Mr. Muggles has not demonstrated any abilities, despite loving waffles.

- Waffles negate the effect of the Haitian pills.
Or maybe they negate the effects of each other, so Mr. Muggles still has powers.

Mr. Muggles revived Tracy and gave her a new ability. None + Mr. Muggles has the power to revive dead.

It's either Mr. Muggles, or waffles.

Or both.
Or all three.
Mr. Muggles will revive Nathan. None + Mr. Muggles has the power to revive dead.

+ Nathan is Claire's father. Mr.Mugglrd will resurrect him to please her and stop Sylar.

- Everyone knows that Mr. Muggles is in cahoots with Sylar.
+ Calumny! Mr. Muggles is in cahoots with waffles. They have sworn to take Sylar down.
Actually, Mr. Muggles is a future Sylar.
- The Devil you say!
BTE said that Mr. Muggles is a shape shifted Sylar from the future.
Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite were under Mr. Muggles's mental control.
- Plus, with Mr. Muggles having omnipotence mimicry, he wouldn't have any need for Nathan.
You mean Mr. Muggles doesn't love Claire and would let her father remain dead and make her marry Sylar?
+ Exactly because Mr. Muggles has every known and unknown power, he will need Nathan. He is almighty, but he needs people to love and who would love him. And of course he cares that these people are happy.
- Mr. Muggles would much rather eat Nathan.
Mr. Muggles only eats Claire's friends and/or love interests.
Mr. Muggles is like the Angela of the animal world. None + Mr. Muggles teamed up with turtle and Mohinder the lizard to capture all the superpowered animals, or in this case the birds; Ishi's doves and Claude's pigeons. Just as in the human company, some of its founders ended up captured; Maury and Adam; like turtle and Mohinder the lizard, and some escape; Maury and Adam, just like Mohinder the lizard does. So far, Angela (Mr. Muggles) is the only one that has not been imprisoned.

- Mohinder the lizard is just a useless pet, just like Ishi's dove.
- Mr. Muggles is a man. A big, strong man.

What a strange concept.
Mr. Muggles was given his power when the Company was first testing out the formula. None It would explain where he got his power.
Mr. Muggles has the power of teleportation. He doesn't seem to be there when the Bennet house blows up in I Am Become Death. - Mr. Muggles could easily withstand a nuclear blast. Thus, he would have no need to evacuate.
Kaito Nakamura wouldn't like Mr. Muggles. None + He said to Hiro he wouldn't like waffles.
- Everyone likes Mr. Muggles.
- Mr. Muggles and Waffles are, despite their similarities, two separate entities. They may be working in tandem, against each other, or not care about each other. Just because one despises one does not mean that one dislikes the other.
Mr. Muggles and Waffles serve as benevolent caretakers of the universe.
Mr. Muggles is cute. None + Everyone loves Mr. Muggles.
Mr. Muggles is going to be overthrown by cats. None + Muffin Man appeared in Orientation.

+ Emma's cat appeared in Ink.
- Mr. Muggles is all powerful. He could not be overthrown by anyone (not even Waffles), much less a bunch of cats. He may, however, have sent the cats to help Hiro and Peter while he himself was taking care of various off-screen problems (perhaps he is too busy running Heroes: Survival to assist them) or he is at a dog show being so incredibly cute that, when Matt sees it, Sylar will be obliterated.
+ Iggy appeared in Boom.
- Mr. Muggles likes cats.

In a white wine sauce with shallots, mushrooms, and garlic.
That is an heinous lie.
Mr. Muggles will eat Gretchen. None + Mr. Muggles is the Sylar of the animal world, and he wants Gretchen's brain.
- Mr. Muggles is omnipotent, he doesn't need to eat brains.
- Gretchen has no known special abilities.
- If Mr. Muggles wanted Gretchen's brain, then why would he eat her?
- Mr. Muggles is nobody's Sylar.

+ It is suspected that Mr. Muggles ate Claire's other friends, so eating Gretchen is not entirely out of the question.

- Claire has more chemistry with Gretchen than she did with West.
- Mr. Muggles does not eat Claire's female friends.

- Mr. Muggles does not want to eat the first lesbian character to appear on Heroes. (Dale Smither doesn't count.)

- Mohinder was the first lesbian character to appear on Heroes.

+ Mr. Muggles has eaten Zach.

No one is sticking up for Zach. :(

+ Mr. Muggles has eaten West.

West was alive and well in Scenic Route.
Mr. Muggles spared eating West because of his importance in Rebel. Now that the government has stopped hunting specials, West is fair game.
He may have spared West because West gave him waffles.
- That isn't West, it's Mr. Muggles keeping his secret plot, well, a secret.
There's nothing secret about Mr. Muggles's propensity for eating Claire's male friends.

+ Mr. Muggles has eaten Alex.

Alex was alive and well in Scenic Route.
See above note re: West.
- That isn't Alex, it's Mr. Muggles keeping his secret plot, well, a secret.

- Claire will eat Gretchen.

That's *ahem* another issue entirely.
Mr. Muggles is responsible for the deaths of pretty women like Elle, Daphne and Niki. None + Mr. Muggles wants to be the cutest figure on the show.
- Mr. Muggles is already the cutest character on the show.
+ Sylar and Matt don't think so.
- Mr. Muggles cares not for the pathetic pulings of minor characters.
- If Mr. Muggles is killing off all the pretty women, why hasn't Claire died yet?
Claire is Mr. Muggles's owner, he would never hurt her.
To be strict, Claire "died" in One Giant Leap.
Sandra Bennet owns Mr. Muggles. Still, he wouldn't want to upset his mistress.
+ Compared to other women, Claire isn't that pretty...
- That is an outrageous fallacy.
- Mr. Muggles is benevolent. He would not cause the deaths of Daphne or Niki.
Nor was he responsible for Elle's death.
Mr. Muggles has the power to erase people and events from history, making it seem as if they never existed. Mr. Muggles is clearly all-powerful, but we have not seen any traces of an ability. This may be because every time he uses his ability to erase something from history, it never happened and therefore he never had to use his ability. This creates a paradox that would destroy the mind of any mortal, except for Mr. Muggles of course. The rest of us just forget it ever happened. + This would explain why only half of Season 2 was released and why the original pilot was re-written, Mr. Muggles obviously wasn't satisfied with them and eradicated them in his rage.

- It's Tim Kring's power.

+ Matt and Maury both had telepathy. West and Nathan both had flight. Therefore, Mr. Muggles and Tim Kring could share this power.
Mr. Muggles disrupts the timeline. None + Mr. Muggles is angry about having had too few appearances, and he uses his powers to screw the timeline up, removing 2008 from chronology.
Draph replicated phoenix mimicry from Mr. Muggles. None + Only Mr. Muggles can be the source of this ability. He's the only being worthy enough.
Sylar would be no match for Mr. Muggles. None. + Mr. Muggles is simply just too powerful.

- Mr. Muggles is a future Sylar.

Incorrect. Mr. Muggles ate future Sylar.
Mr. Muggles is Claire's real father; not Nathan. Everything. + The Petrelli family all have dark hair, Meredith's hair is dirty-blonde, but Mr Muggles and Claire have the same hair.

+ Claire is immortal, and Mr. Muggles is immortal.
+ Mr. Muggles is a champion breeder, probably enough so to impregnate humans.
+ Mr. Muggles disapproves of the boys that Claire brings home.

+ Claire has the instincts of a champion breeder too, which is why she brings all those boys back with her.
+ Not to mention girls.

+ Both are extremely cute.

Mr. Muggles is a Pokemon. Pokedex. + How is he not a pokemon?
- Mr. Muggles possesses the Power Cosmic on an incalculable scale; his might surpasses that of Galactus, Thanos, The Stranger, and even James Franco. No Pokemon possesses the Power Cosmic in any capacity.
Mew pwns.

- Mr. Muggles doesn't chant his name like a stupid Pokemon.

+ He may be chanting it in dog language.
Mr. Muggles will be vanquished by Heroes Wiki users. Hiro described how all the heroes gathered to stop Sylar. + Mr. Muggles's cult is weaker than ever.
- There is scant evidence of this.

- Mr. Muggles would pwn all Heroes Wiki users combined. Fortunately, he has a loving heart and would resort to other means of deterrence.

+ That's exactly why new patrollers and administrators have been recruited - to gain strength, and to stop Mr. Muggles.
- Mr. Muggles cannot be defeated by mere numbers.
+ But these numbers have powerful abilities, especially if you include Cockney Heroes, Chronicles, Heroes Legends and Gulp Ninja series.
- Mr. Muggles eats numbers for breakfast.

+ Mr. Muggles was unable to resist Markus Gaines's ability, he's weak and can be destroyed.

- That was a Mr. Muggles stand-in, Mr. Selggum.

+ Mr. Muggles' power is magnified by his followers' presence (like with Samuel), who abandon him one by one.

- Mr. Muggles is too cute to abandon.

+ A huge part of Mr. Muggles's power stems from NBC, and there's an agent from Heroes Wiki.
+ Mr. Muggles dates Miss Lovegood. A heart is everyone's weakness...

Mr. Muggles will eat Doug. None + Mr. Muggles wants Miss Lovegood all to himself.
- She will be unpleased if Mr. Muggles eats her ward.

+ It has been posited that Mr. Muggles has already eaten other people.

- Doug isn't one of Claire's friends.

- Mr. Muggles may like peanuts on his waffles.
+ Doug is annoying.

Mr. Muggles is Tim Kring. None + If one is planning to take over the world, it is helpful to have a secret identity.

+ If this is true, Mr. Muggles would be able to defeat his enemies by writing them out of the plot.

+ It is possible that Maya, Isaac, Monica, Simone, and Adam (among others) were all enemies of Mr. Muggles.
Mr. Muggles is the one that Samuel wants. None + Mr. Muggles is all powerful.

+ Claire would be a great way to get him.
Mr. Muggles is also dating Miss Lovegood and they are both all powerful.

Mr. Muggles and Miss Lovegood will have a child, and then when that child is grown up, she will fall in love with Mr. Muggles' brother, other Mr. Muggles, played by Beowulf, Lestat's brother. None + This is what happened with Nathan, Meredith, Claire and Peter.

- Like NBC, Mr. Muggles is against incest.

+ Incest is sleeping with a relative, not with your husband's brother.
+ Tell that to Claire.
- She never slept with Peter, thanks to Mr. Muggles.
+ Obviously, you haven't seen the tapes from 3 years in the future, hence why Claire said she always loved Peter.
- That future has been prevented. And you haven't seen those tapes either!
Claire is married to Nathan?
Mr. Muggles is the one behind the divorce of Sandra and Noah. None + Mr. Muggles may have easily manipulated them using his powers.
Mr. Muggles is the embodiment of evil and will eat the souls of the Heroes. None + There is no way something that cute can not be evil.

+ No one has said it couldn't happen.
- Blasphemy.....

Mr. Muggles is immune to Emma's ability. None + Dogs have a different perception of sound, so perhaps Emma's music doesn't work against them.

- She may be able to temporarily alter her ability to affect dogs and not people.

+ Unless Emma obtains animal control or omnilingualism to better understand animal emotions, she shouldn't be able to combine a proper dog emotion with her music in order to affect dogs.
- She could experiment with different frequencies to see which affect dogs and in what ways.
+ Mr. Muggles is invulnerable to all forms of damage.
Mr. Muggles is an evolved human who can turn into animals. None This has nothing to do with waffles (so please, no waffle posts -_-).

- This has nothing to do with waffles.
+ Mr. Muggles is in the form of a dog, which is an animal.
- It is widely known by all that Mr. Muggles has all abilities, known and unknown. This theory believes him to have just one ability which is just totally wrong.

Mr. Muggles is the Smoke Monster. Property master James Clark said as much [here]. - Mr. Muggles is not evil.
Mr. Muggles will be a major character in Heroes Reborn. None + How can they not include the most powerful creature in the universe?
- Executive meddling?
Mr. Muggles will team up with Waffles to resurrect Claire. None + Mr. Muggles misses Claire. He is nigh-omnipotent, so he is certainly capable of raising the dead.

- Mr. Muggles can resurrect Claire on his own without the aid of Waffles.
- Knowing Heroes, she might return on her own.

Mr. Muggles will undo the events of Heroes Reborn, including returning the dead to life. None + Someone has to.

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