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Gulp Ninja.jpg
Portrayed by Iheartheroes
First appearance 90lbs
In-story stats
Known ability Water Slicing Manipulation
Formal name Sakamito Caramine
Alias Gulp-Ninja
Nickname Gulp-Ninja
Age 22 (2010)
Date of birth August 8, 1988
Place of birth Madagascar
Date of marriage None
Date of death 2016 (Age 28)
Home Lake Ontario
Residence Lake Ontario
Occupation Ninja; formerly for The UNC
Significant other formerly Denise Black
Parent Deceased from OKC Bombing
Grandparent Seasion Caramine (paternal father)
Guardian Seasion Caramine
Child None
Grandchild None
Sibling None
Other relatives None

Gulp-Ninja, or Sakamito Caramine, is a ninja who lives underwater. Unbeknownst of others like him, he fights criminals with his bare hands using Water Slicing Manipulation.

Character History

As Denise and Sakamito grew up together under the watchful eye of Seasion, a relationship bonded. When Seasion recruited him into the UNC, they grew apart. Gulp-Ninja regrets the last thing he said to her. "Why do you bother to please me, when you go off pleasing others right after?" Her house had caught on fire a little after this and all they found of her or her stuff was a crystal necklace; which he wears around his neck 24/7 under his ninja suit. Not having her in his life, this helped him become the killer he is today. Granted, he usually only kills criminals. Which made him a hero to some. But that didn't stop him from killing innocent civilians. He stays up all night and sleeps between 9 A.M. and 5 P.M. Some say this is why his eyes are so bloodshot. But he has a different story. He once told a cop he works for, "I live hundreds of feet below sea level. The only way to get there easily is to swim as fast as I can. And any true person knows to keep their eyes open in any case; no matter what." He can never be found oddly enough. They say he can climb on walls and be able to stay; like Spider-Man. But for me, I think it's the ninja kicking in. Only three people knew his true name. Seasion, Denise, and the cop I mentioned earlier. It's a shame Gulp-Ninja dropped the cop off of the Golden Gate bridge at Twilight one night; cop's head dangling on the sword, the only remaining body parts left of him. Gulp used to work for both the organization and the police, but that cop he said knew too much. That cop was his partner; now he doesn't have one. When asked about his death, Gulp said, "I don't specifically know how he died, but I'm somewhat glad. He knew too much about me and my failures. No one gets close to me and lives to tell the tale." One of the things this cop knew was that one night, there was 8 gangers in Philadelphia, the cop was injured by 3 bullets in the right arm, and chest. Each of the gangers had guns and all shot Gulp down. He now has 8 gun wounds on his chest. Which is why he always wears his bullet proof vest. In 2004, Gulp-Ninja was training new recruitees at the Underwater Organization, when a mad man under the code name of Agent 147, killed millions using guns. He went to the founders of the building into a court room. Gulp watched from a ledge on the wall above. Agent 147 killed each founder one by one. When he turned to one of them, Jamie Black (the one right before [User:Gulp-Ninja Series/Seasion Caramine|Seasion]]), Gulp jumped down and told him to stop. No matter how much water Gulp tossed, Agent 147 dodged them all. One hit Jamie on accident. Agent 147 laughed and flew out of the cave. Water gushed in and Gulp went to Seasion. Seasion bent down and just sat there. Gulp heard bombs about to explode. Also, the water was almost to his grandfather's neck. Seasion looked up and jumped. The two flew onto clouds above the Sea of Japan. They looked down and saw the organization explode.



The story opens with Gulp leaving The UNC because Carl called him in for a robbery. When Carl and Gulp meet up, they talk about life. Carl then proceeds to tell him that a 90lb semi was stollen. Gulp knees down and Carl swings onto Gulp's back as if he were riding a saddle. They fly off together to the robbery scene.

Carl and Gulp arrive at the scene and see a semi driving at 90 mph on an interstate. They see cop cars chasing after it. They are on a mountain ridge and they talk about what to do. Carl suggests blocking the road with cop cars later down the road. Gulp agrees but says that he will try to stop them before they get to the block. So they take off again, dropping Carl off at a police station and then taking off for the semi.

As Gulp sits and waits on that ledge on the mountain, he looks up at the stars. He remembers that night when him and Denise shared their first kiss. He thought of how it was on a tree branch looking up at the stars and how he felt the magic spark when he kissed her. Just the other day he had found out that she was cheating on him. Thinking about this kiss, a tear rolled down his face. He sits up and hears the squeals of the truck below him making a curve. He jumps down and lands on the semi with a thud. He saw two people in the semi and one got out and was shooting at Gulp. Gulp dodged them and shot him with his water, making him unconcious. The semi swerved around a corner, knocking Gulp off the semi and free falling at least 30 yards until he hit the ground and started rolling down; he was unconcious.

Carl got Gulp and woke him up. They went back to the crash and saw the cops there. They asked the cops what was in the back of the semi, and the cop replied with escaped prisoners. They looked puzzled, but accepted it and flew back to Lake Ontario. They said goodbye and parted their seperate ways.

The Mirror

Seasion goes to Gulp's room and tells him that they are going to shut down the organization and let nothing in or out. Gulp tries to get his grandfather to let him escape before the door closes, but his grandfather says that these people are too dangerous. Seasion leaves to shut the doors and make an announcement.

Seasion leaves and Gulp grabbes two pairs of clothes and heads out the door. A female ninja is there waiting for him outside his door. Her name is Lilly Ninja. She has a crush on Gulp and she tells him that if he doesn't make it out before his grandpa closes the gates, she can get him out.

Gulp makes it out the door before it closes and he swims to the surface. He looks around and see people running and screaming. He stops someone and asks her whats going on. She replies and says that America has been bombed and that they're headed for North Korea now! Gulp jumps into the air and zooms off to America.

Gulp sees this little fight between Carl and Robert Booth and flies down in front of Robert. Gulp asks them what they're doing. Robert replies with preparing to bomb America, then North Korea, then Japan, and then finally, Canada. Gulp tells him that he won't let it happen. One of the crew members' eyes get wide and she starts to back off. She gets ten feet away and starts to run. Gulp looks over and sees her. He shoots the runaway member and she falls to the ground. Robert says to him "Nice little power you've got there. But mines a Level 3." Robert fires at Gulp and he dodges it. A masked figure jumps up and karate kicks Robert's face and knocks him to the ground. She punches the other three crew members and they feint. She takes off her mask and walks over to Gulp. She says to him "I thought you would need help!" It is Lilly Ninja.

Lilly, Gulp, and Carl all talk while watching the cops put the crew members in their cars. The cars drive off, splitting up. They see the car with Robert and the second crew member flip upside down and the two figures jump out making a landing on top of a building. Robert motions that the crew member needs to go away. He runs into an alley. Carl says that he will go after the crew member. Lilly and Gulp prepare for a fight.

Gulp and Booth have a huge fight with their abilities while Lilly creeps behind him only to kick the back of his head, making him unconcious and blood runs out of his nose as his head hits the concrete ground face down. Cops return and they drug Robert making him unconcious for a while. Carl comes back and says that he couldn't find the crew member. That he escaped for good.

Lilly recieves a text from someone at the UNC saying that the doors are opened once again. Gulp and Lilly say farewell to Carl and they part ways.


Sakamito walks in behind Denise. He sits down beside her and tells her that he loves her. She tells him she loves him too and they kiss. He then looks at her and tells her that he has to go to a new school. He tells her that his grandpa is making him join this stupid organization and that he is hardly ever going to be home. She starts to cry. Seasion budges is and takes him. She tries to fight back and he yells back at her that he loves her. And she yells it back too.

Seasion then takes Sakamito to training class. He introduces him to a boss at the UNC, Wind 3-P. Wind 3-P gives Sakamito the name Sakamito B. The two go to class without Seasion and Sakamito goes and sits down in a desk. A girl turns around and says "Hi, my name is Emma D! What's yours?" They converse while not paying attention to Wind. Emma and Sakamito became somewhat good friends and studied together, until Emma passed the class (because she had been in the class a year before Sakamito). They still talked but she went on to become Lilly Ninja and he was still Sakamito B.


At Lake Ontario, Carl and Gulp talk about a bank robbery and how Martin and Colton have it under control. They hop on a bus and ride around town. Carl asks about Seasion and Gulp says that he is ok and that he is in the pizza business. They see some ninja-outfit person jumping from a building, on to the bus, and then on to another rooftop. They look at each other and laugh. They see a woman chasing after him in a ninja outfit. Gulp stands up and says that the woman was Lilly Ninja. He uses his ability to melt a hole in the roof of the bus, he flies out of the bus puting holes in the ground. But one water drop hits the bus tire, pops it, the bus swings out of control, and crashes into a bank.

Gulp catches up with Lilly and he stops her. She says that she has to catch him, and she turns around and he's gone. They catch up and she says that she works for Homeland Security now. He says that he is still an underwater ninja. Just not for the UNC. She asks what he's based out of and he flies her away and shows her. They swim down to the cave underneath Lake Ontario and she says that it's really neat! They walk into the Information Room and he sees four signals flashing red. One labeled Carl, another Seasion, another for the town, and the last for the pizza shop. He looks at the pizza shop first and sees Robert Booth and some other guy holding the place hostage with Seasion in it. Lilly points out that the one is Robert and Gulp presses ignore on the Sesaion alarm. He looks at the Carl alarm and sees that he is being dragged into an alley by a person they both remember but the memory is faded. He looks at the city and sees the bus crashed into a bank, Colton dead, and Martin being harassed by the news. He realizes that he needs to go, but first he opens a droor and pulls out a needle and a label. He puts the label by another flasher and puts down "Lilly." He stabs her with the needle and he says "Ok! Let's go!"

They jump down in front of Martin and tell everybody to move away and that they will cover everything. They say that six people are to be caught and no one needs to get in their way. That the news needs to only have one station and question half the time they already do. They say that everything will be ok and to go home. They conclude by saying that Martin will shoot anybody who tries to get back in the safe zone that Martin will put up. He hands Martin a gun and tape line as they jump on top of a building. People are even louder now and crowding in more. Gulp motiones to Lilly and she fires a gun to the sky as Gulp shoots a person unconcious. They are all quiet and start to back up. Gulp jumps down to Martin and says that the man is ok and that he is only unconcious. He tells him to tell other cops to go after the two robbers and another ninja.

After Crew Member Two leaves with Seasion, Gulp and Lilly prepare to invade. One of the bank robbers creep up behind them. When Gulp says let's go, He jumps down and Lilly starts to before she is grabbed and bagged. Robert Booth smiles and says welcome to Gulp. He asks how he escaped prison and Robert smiles and says him. Gulp turns around sees the Lighter and gets zapped, rendering him unconcious.

When he awakes, he is in a prison cell with Carl, Lilly, Seasion, and some skeleton; hanging upside down on a wall. He looks out of the door and sees Agent 147, Robert, The Lighter, Crew Member Two, the two bank robbers, and ten other people bowing down to a man in a throne. He closes his eyes and says that a prisoner is awake. Gulp realized that the man has Mortal Detection. He says to his minions, "King Rosko orders you to kill the awake one." Seasion whispers to Gulp that they need to get out and they hear King Rosko shout, "Two up now!" Seasion looks down and squats a bit and them jumps kind of off the air, frees himself, but hits his head on the ground. He unties Gulp and they say that they need to untie the others. They quickly hurry while they see the others run to them. Everyone is freed except Carl and Agent 147 speeds up to Gulp and says good bye. They fight by Agent 147 dodging water from Gulp. Lilly grabs a pipe and starts to beat Robert with it. They fight with her reflecting the water he tosses at her and she purposly makes him move into a zap ray made by the Lighter, who was tring to hit Gulp. Seasion fights the five of the unknown people while Agent 147 finally gets hit by Gulp. Gulp jumps up behind the Lighter, who is remembering Carl while standing over him and Gulp uses all ten fingers and shoots water at the Lighter. The Lighter falls to the floor while Gulp goes to free Carl. He notices he has a headache. But he frees Carl and Carl shoots three of the unknown with his gun. Lilly is shot by the bank robber who captured her and she falls. Gulp sees this and he shoots the bank robber, killing him. He looks at his hands because blood had splurt everywhere. The other bank robber kicks him and he falls to the ground.

When Seasion takes Gulp to the doctor, because he wouldn't wake up, he went to a doctor that Kaito told him about at the Company, Dr. Livitz. Dr. Livitz says that Gulp strained out his ability and made it go to a Level 3, but he will need a month to recover. Gulp stays in the hospital while Seasion goes to tell Carl and Lilly what happened.


Gulp and Denise sit on a hill talking, when Carl called him in for a mission. They have to interrogate a man, and when he's keeping quiet, Gulp goes to turn off the lights. But when he returns, someone turns them back on. Seasion, Jamie, and Maxwell enter and the man turns invisible and Gulp gets knocked out. When he wakes up, he wanders where everyone went...

The Dance of Death

Gulp starts off by thinking of the people who knew too much about him; Seasion, Lilly-Ninja, Carl. Yes, Carl! He goes to his underwater cave, grabs his mask and sword and follows Carl to San Francisco. Gulp flew to the top of the Golden Gate Bridge and found a man there. The man had an ability that could help Gulp. Gulp then took a nap. When Carl came driving to his motel room, the man blew Carl's car off of the bridge and Gulp jumped on the car and pulled Carl out. He flew Carl to the top and told him to fight back. They had a sword dual and fought about trust until Gulp sliced Carl's head off, throwing the body off the bridge. Gulp then cleaned the blood off the sword with water and walked away blood stained, seeing himself live long enough to become a villain.

Cold Rain

Gulp writes his death note. He talks about the people he has hurt and the few he hasn't hurt. He talks about his accomplishments and what he didn't accomplish. Then she kills him. After reading the note, Seasion thinks that his death is the start of an appocolypse.


After the Trio breaks out of the Cave Below, Gulp helps fight them. He paralyzes Candace and then later is seen chasing her in the streets of Tokyo. Candace swears she will kill him for what he did to her.

Time We Share

On a deserted island, Denise and Jamie talk about how Gulp wore Denise's necklace ever since her supposed death. Jamie comments that he accidentally hit her when the UNC was exploding. So she doesn't know if he is alive or not.


Seasion learns of Sakamito's future and then takes Sakamito to the Underworld and Teiresias tells Sakamito to remember this, "She will murder you in the place that you reside." Once Sakamito gets it in his brain and Teiresias lets him go, a hoplite phalanx attacks him until he suddenly appear's back on Earth, where he learns of his parents death.

Knock Out

Jordan, Gulp, and Carl sneak into a school where thugs have kidnapped kids. Using their abilities, they knock the thugs out, keeping all of the children safe. But when the cops come, Gulp says that he has to get back to the UNC.

Treachery and Innocence

Jamie, Seasion, Samuel Sullivan, and Denise come to get Sakamito, which is when Sakamito first meets Denise. Samuel takes them to a carnival, where Ken, Kaito, and John come and attack them. Ken, Kaito, and John take all five in to the Company and bag and tags them. The Haitian wipes their minds and they are placed back to where they started off.

Vignette:The Heard

Gulp meets Jordan and demonstrates his ability.

A Solitary Journey

Evergreen yells to Seasion to find a decent army for a fair match at the Grand Canyon. After he leaves, Seasion and Gulp discuss people for their army. Gulp stands up to be the left bishop and they part ways to get more people. Gulp goes to Jordan.

Evolved Human Abilities

Water Slicing Manipulation~His Ninja-Powered hands allow him to fight crime with his hands. From growing up and living underwater, water drips from his fingertips when he wants it. Combining these, he's allowed to ninja toss the water and hit his criminals in a paralyzing way.



  • He had no siblings, uncles, aunts, nor grandparents (on his mother's side). His mother was created in a human building shop.
  • He is left handed.
  • He lived in Michigan for a while, so that's where he got the idea for Lake Ontario.
  • When he uses his ability, in order for him to fly really well, he has to jump up, use his ability towards the ground, and push himself kinda off the ground. It's not sure how he does it, because the water is away from him, but it does help. However, he does make indentions in the ground where the water hits.
  • Both Hana Gitelman and Rebel has tried contact Gulp.
  • This was my entry for the second competition of Cockney Heroes. But alas, he didn't win.

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