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This page is a list of fan fiction summaries.


Caitlin's Revenge

Written By: Tanderix
Caitlin's Revenge is a series about Caitlin Richards and her struggles against the shanti virus.
Latest Episode: Countdown
Latest Webisode: Ice King, Part 1



Written By: Joshuakorolenko and AgentJordan
Chronicles is a series about the tales of several Company agents.
Latest Episode: Train 192
Latest Side Story: Love Story, Part 3


Cockney Heroes

Written By: Gabriel Bishop, Irony, Danko, Catalyst, Laughingdevilboy, Altes, Radicell, Leckie, AgentJordan, and Joshuakorolenko
Cockney Heroes is a series about a team of evolved humans and their struggle to keep their kind safe and free to be out in the open.
Latest Episode: The Die Is Cast
Latest Origin: Karl Hall, Part 2


Written By: Adamhiro and Sylar12
Latest Episode: From the Past
Latest Graphic Novel: Graphic Novel:Three Sisters, Part 1
Contest is a series about Season 5 of Heroes.


The Gulp-Ninja Series

Written By: Iheartheroes
The Gulp-Ninja Series is a series about Gulp-Ninja and his struggles against learning his ability and dealing with drama.
Latest Story: A Family's Past
Latest Vignette: The Break Out


Heroes Legends

Written By: Catalyst
Heroes Legends is a series about a group of individuals struggling with the things they face with their abilities. The story revolves around the main character, John Dolan, and his problems with his amnesia and with his "friend", Mr. Bennet.
Latest Episode: Acquaintances
Latest Graphic Novel: Burning Bright, Part 3


Heroes: The Color Spectrum

Written By: Kyle Stevens
Heroes: The Color Spectrum is a series about a new version of Volume Four, from Kyle Stevens point of view.
Latest Episode: Traitor
Latest Side Story: Silent Rebellions and Dark Enemies


Heroes: The Company

Written By: Jenx222 and Mc hammark
Heroes: The Company is a series about The Company and its founders.
Latest Issue: Parting Ways


The Hunted

Written By: Skullman1392
The Hunted is a series that follows the stories of a group of teenagers that share something in common and are hunted by the government.
Latest Episode: The Best Laid Plans


Noh's Apprentice

For years Lord Noh has been the most powerful in a world full of those powerful. But what does he do when he reaches the final years of his life? How does this relate to the final moments of Chandler's life? Noh's Apprentice is the series that shows how.
Latest Chapter: Reflection

The Other Side.png

The Other Side

Written By: Jenx222
The Other Side is a spin-off fan fiction series following the trials and tribulations of the Pegasus group, a group of people determined to stop the dreaded future that was foretold in a prophecy created by a "special". The group aims to discover and crack cases relating to "specials" in the hope of avoiding the dark future predicted.
Latest Episode: TBR


Sons of Adam

Written By: Vampirate68
Sons of Adam is a series about Adam Monroe's sons, Adam Monroe Jr. and Luke Monroe, and their struggles against their father's sins.
Latest Episode: Introductions


Untold Tales

Written By: Mc hammark
Untold Tales is a series about an evolved human, Mark.
Latest Issue: Primatech


Visions of Earth

Written by: Leckie and Danko
Visions of Earth is a series about a group of people, who have special abilities.
Latest Issue: At All Costs

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