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Manhattan police station.jpg
Matt and Nathan go to work.

MAN is an abbreviation of "Matt and Nathan", describing the awesome relationship between Matt Parkman and Nathan Petrelli.


How to Stop an Exploding Man

While Matt is injured after being shot by Sylar, Nathan flies down onto Kirby Plaza, grabs Peter and drags him into the atmosphere, allowing him to explode without harming anyone.


Nathan and Matt meet each other in a police station, and Nathan recognises Matt from somewhere. Matt tells Nathan that they met in Odessa, Texas, while he was bailing out his brother. Matt apologises about Peter's fate, when there is a blackout. Both Nathan and Matt rush to Angela's room, but Matt finds it locked. Entering a cell next door, Matt grabs a chair, and smashes it through the window. They enter the cell, and Nathan comforts his mother, while Matt finds another death threat.

The Kindness of Strangers

After questionning Angela, Nathan asks Matt why he would want to question his mother in the hospital. Matt states that he knows Angela is innocent, reveals to him that he can read minds, and knows that Nathan can fly. Nathan realises that Matt is reading his mind right there and then, and Matt apologises. Matt refuses to back down in his case, and shows Nathan the drawing Molly crafted - with the symbol on them. Nathan tells Matt that he recognises the picture on the death threat, and leaves for five minutes to talk to Angela. However, Matt and Detective Fuller enter the room moments after, and Angela is taken away.

In Peter's apartment, Nathan and Matt search through multiple photographs, as Matt looks at pictures of Peter. Matt finds a picture of Nathan and his two sons, and asks him about them. Nathan refuses to divulge, and Matt talks about his wife and son, saying that the father of the child was another man. Nathan does not care, and finds the photograph, showing it to Matt. Nathan points out Angela, his father, Kaito, Linderman, Charles, and Bob. Matt realises that his father is also on the picture.

Fight or Flight

Nathan goes to the police station, and questions Matt over his insistance to interrogate Angela. Matt explains that he knows Angela is innocent, and that he is now going to Philadelphia to asks his father about the ordeal. Nathan requests to join him, and Matt states that it could be dangerous, talking about Molly's nightmare-induced coma. Nathan realises that it is not an official police visit, and insists to join him. Matt relents, and then tells Nathan that they will get there quicker if they fly. Nathan is offended, but Matt does not care.

Outside Maury Parkman's apartment, Matt prepares to enter, and tells Nathan that his father walked out on him when he was 13. Nathan continually tells Matt to get out his gun, which he eventually does. Matt hesistates, and Nathan knocks on the door for him, sarcastically saying "you're welcome". Matt shouts to Maury that they are the police, and shoulder barges the door, breaking into the apartment. Maury aims a shotgun at the two - Nathan hides around the corner, while Matt aims his gun at Maury. Nathan reveals Matt's name to Maury, and Matt disarms him. Nathan steals the shotgun, and reloads it multiple times to make sure he is completely armed. Matt pins his father against the wall and handcuffs him. Nathan tells Matt to read Maury's mind, and Maury and Matt have a telepathic battle - Maury comes out as the victor. As Nathan relaxes, Matt uncuffs Maury.

Nathan and Matt continue questionning Maury about his connection with the group of twelve, yet he avoids answering inquiries about "saving the world" by talking about his power and how it grew, and talking about Matt and how proud he is. Nathan sits with his newly-acquired shotgun in hand, while Matt and Maury enter a back room. Suddenly, the door slams shut, and Nathan realises that something is wrong. Matt appears in a cell, with a guard pestering him, while Nathan breaks through the door and arrives on the Deveaux rooftop - moments after the explosion.

Nathan finds his burnt alter-ego, while Matt sees Janice and their baby in related illusions. Suddenly, Nathan starts fighting his alter-ego, while Matt battles with the guard. Nathan and Matt are actually fighting with each other, unaware of who their opponent is, until Matt gets a grip and uses his telepathy to break free from Maury's control. Matt tries stopping Nathan, who still thinks he is fighting his alter-ego, and sends a thought into Nathan's head. Both realise that they have been tricked.

Finding Maury gone, Nathan and Matt look around the apartment for additional clues. Matt complains, saying that he suspected that Maury was not telling the truth and that it was all a con. Nathan focuses on the matter at hand, and finds a death threat with Bob's face on it. Matt tells Nathan that Bob runs the Company. Nathan says that he won't for long, and they decide to try stop Matt's father.

Out of Time

Bob makes everybody within the Company's hospital evacuate immediately due to the arrival of Matt and Nathan. They warn Bob that he is going to die.

Matt relents, and decides to protect Bob. Bob disagrees with being taken into protection, and says that they must all defeat Maury, as everybody has a part to play - Nathan realises that everybody in the Group of Twelve is telling people half-truths. Matt concludes that he must battle his father himself.


Matt and Nathan confront Angela about Adam and the Group of Twelve. Matt says that Adam has killed again, this time Victoria Pratt. Nathan demands to know when they will finally be free of their generations' sins. As Angela explains her past with Adam and Linderman, Nathan and Matt learn that they must go to Primatech Paper Co. to find the Shanti virus. Nathan leaves, and Matt finds out that he may have to kill Peter.

Matt sits on Nathan's back as he flies Matt to Primatech - both agree never to talk about that again, as Nathan cracks his back into place. Matt asks if Peter is as strong as he was at Kirby Plaza, and Nathan says he will deal with Peter. Hiro stumbles across the duo, and Matt demands to know who he is.

Matt and Nathan break into Primatech, and Matt encounters Peter, ordering him to release Hiro and to go after Adam to stop him from releasing the virus. Peter disagrees, and throws Matt down the corridor - Nathan steps in to save the day, and convinces Peter to go after Adam. The three enter the vault, and Peter stops Strain 138 from hitting the floor.

Matt looks around the vault, and wonders what the items represent while he stares at a brain. Matt wants to know when he will stop having to clean up his father's mess, and Nathan agrees with him. Nathan tells Matt to coerce news reporters to listen to him when he prepares a congress, and Matt accepts this proposal.

At the Odessa Sheriff's Department, Matt arrives and tells Nathan that all the news reporters will definitely listen to him. He stands by Nathan's side while he gives his speech at the press conference, when Nathan is shot by an unknown assassin. Matt, due to his police experience, looks out into the crowd, and catches a brief glimpse of a man wearing a cap leaving the scene.

The Second Coming

Matt, without even a second thought, leaves Nathan behind, knowing that he will not die, and goes off to fight with Nathan's assassin with an army of police officers. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately for the assassin, as he would surely of been killed), Matt does not find him, but continues his detective work, finding Peter from the future. Matt is sent to Africa as a reward.

It's Coming

Matt decides that enough is enough, and he rescues Nathan's mother (again) whilst fending off Nathan's father at the same time, getting mentally stabbed and locked away in the process. Saving Nathan's mother, he soon meets up with Nathan once again, and they officially form Team M.A.N. with additional members to battle against the Pinehearst Company.


Nathan tells the President about Matt, obviously to try and get Matt into the Secret Service. The President agrees with Nathan.

A Clear and Present Danger

Matt is brought into the airplane hangar, where Nathan watches over Matt, making sure that he is completely alright in his situation. Matt goes onto the plane without asking any questions, completely trusting Nathan in his guidance and wisdom.


Matt breaks into Building 26 using his ability and figures out where his girlfriend is by using the computer. Alarms start sounding and Matt runs out into the corridor, where Nathan confronts him about his discovery. Matt stands still as the alarms go off, surprising Nathan, as Matt prepares to defend himself. Nathan tries to tell Matt that they are on the same side when the alarms start sounding once more, preventing Matt from hearing the rest of Nathan's message. Nathan captures Matt to carry on the undercover operation they secretly prepared.

Shades of Gray

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An Invisible Thread

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Memorable Quotes

"These your boys?"


"What, you don't see 'em that often?"

"Look, I don't -- I'm sorry, I don't really know you that well."

"My wife--my ex-wife cheated on me, which I could've forgiven her for, except for the fact that she was pregnant with his baby."

"Why are you telling me all this?"

"I just -- I know a bunch of stuff about you. I figure it's only fair."

"If you want to unload, go ahead."

"Six months ago, I was a cop in L.A. Married, expecting a child, and then all of a sudden this stuff started happening. It just turned everything upside down. I'm just looking for answers."

- Matt, Nathan (The Kindness of Strangers)

"We can probably get there faster, you know, because you can... (makes flying gesture)"

"I'm not a cargo jet."

"Oh, please."

- Matt, Nathan (Fight or Flight)

(Nathan picks up Maury Parkman's shotgun and reloads it a few times.)

"I'm good."

- Nathan (to Matt) (Fight or Flight)

"That's Bob. He runs the Company."

"Not for long."

- Matt, Nathan (Fight or Flight)

"Okay... We don't talk about that ever again."


- Matt, Nathan (Powerless)

"Matt, you're right... You're right."

- Nathan (to Matt) (Powerless)


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