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This page is about the Top Ten Moments of season 1 Take a look and see if your favourite moment made the top ten.

Number 1

Explosion apex.jpg
Peter explodes high above New York. (How to Stop an Exploding Man)

Number 2

Five years gone.jpg
The episode Five Years Gone showed what would happen if someone exploded.

Number 3

Claire burnt.JPG]
Claire leaves the Bennet house, while healing, after Ted nearly explodes. (Company Man)

Number 4

Painting realized peter dead.jpg
Peter foils Sylars plan when he saves the cheerleader. (Homecoming)

Number 5

Yatta! is shouted by Hiro on several occasions.

Number 6

Primatech frontdistant.jpg
The Company used the cover of Primatech Paper Co., it was a formidable force in season 1.

Number 7

Claude Rains helped Peter gain some control over his abilities.

Number 8

Eyes choke 2.jpg
Peter and Sylar fight at Kirby Plaza while the other heroes watch. (How to Stop an Exploding Man)

Number 9

Sword linderman archive.jpg
The Kensei sword is what Hiro believed would bring back his powers.

Number 10

Future hiro peter.jpg
When A Hiro Meets A Hero. (Collision) and (Hiros)


Hope you enjoyed my Top Ten Heroes Moments of season 1! If you think you have better ideas talk to me on either this talk page or my account's talk page. :)

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