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About Me

____ Hi, my name's Robert or Irony. I have watched all of Heroes, but as I live in the U.K watch some of it a bit late. I really liked volume 1. I think it was the character driven aspect of the show that got me hooked. Volume 2 was alright, but I didn't like the fact that it was ended so abruptly, I would have preffered it if they prolonged it

until next year and gave the full story line (which shows like Ugly Betty did). I really liked the start of Volume three until I realised that Niki was gone and Tracy had come, I still think that that was a bad writing decision. Otherwise, unlike the press, I still liked volume three. I would have much prefered it if the Level 5 escapees were brought on in extended arcs. I'm not one of the people who hate Sylar, I think he's great, but when he killed Elle I really hated him, but only until volume four. I think Volume 4 looks good. I didn't think Trust and Blood was that good, but it's a minor blip on the radar. Let me just finish by saying Niki and Elle were the best, Nathan should die, long live Sylar, Eric and Hiro and Hiron should get his power back, Peter should lose his.

____ It's me again, I would just like to add, on 12th March 2009, I was accepted into the Patrollers group, along with Laughingdevilboy and Tristan0709. I am really glad I'm in and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask me. Oh, and by the way my Navbar is at the bottom this has pages such as my fan powers, top and bottom five, talkpage, pages created, signature and autosig, navbar and autonav, subapages, templates and my storebox. As well as my two sandboxes.

Television Programs I Watch

This section is a stub. You can help by expanding it. In particular, this section needs Irony to finish it, when he does it will be good though, watch this space ;).

Heroes Wiki Contributions and Projects

____ Basically, since I've started the wiki, I've had trends of sections which I edited. Around my first 500 edits were devoted to Related Aricle Pages. I basically made a fair few of the pages, probably about 25% - 33% of the articles to do with that. That was phase one. Phase 2 was Memorable Quotes Pages. I loved doing this, it was just so interesting to put all of them on one page, I still need to trim a few things with this, but its mainly done. My current wiki project relates to phase one, you can see it here, but it isn't nearly finished yet.

My Heroes Wiki Friends

____ A few people have been doing this, so I am going to as well as it seems a nice gesture. So here it goes, these are my heroes wiki friends - some of these may have left the wiki since I put them on, but they were still friends -- I have obviously forgotten a load - so please don't hesitate to ask to be put on -- BoomerDay, Danko, Gabriel Bishop, Catalyst, Laughing Devil Boy, RGS, Pslover, Anthony Gooch, JoshuaKorolenko, Agent Jordan, Steelymcbeam, Radicell, Psilaq Remake, JHero, Tristan0709, Piemanmoo and Altes.

Favourite Heroes Quote

____ "I accidentally set my grandmother's house on fire when I was six. Caused a blackout in four counties in Ohio when I was eight. I spent my ninth birthday in a glass room with an IV of lithium in my arm. I've lived in this building for sixteen years, ever since the shrinks diagnosed me a sociopath with paranoid delusions. But they’re just out to get me cause I threatened to kill them. I'm twenty-four years old and I've never gone on a date. Never been on a roller-coaster. Never been swimming. And now you know everything there is to know about me. I don't have the luxury of being more interesting than that."
Elle Bishop (Four Months Ago)

Irony-Related Pages

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