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The Company
Chandra chennai bennets glasses.jpg
Location: Odessa, TX; New York, NY; Hartsdale, NY
Purpose: Locating and tracking evolved humans
First appearance Genesis
Known leaders: Daniel Linderman (deceased),
Bob Bishop (deceased),
Angela Petrelli,
Kaito Nakamura (deceased),
Gael Cruz (deceased),
Ivan Spektor (deceased),
Thompson (deceased),
et al.
Known members: Noah Bennet,
The Haitian,
Eden McCain (deceased),
Candice Willmer (deceased),
Elle Bishop (deceased),
Sylar (formerly)
Meredith Gordon (formerly)
et al.
Affiliated sites: Primatech Paper Co., New York facility, Primatech Research, Isaac's loft, et al.
Equipment used: Guns, Pneumatic syringe, Tasers, Tracking systems, et al.

The Company, also referred to by its cover name Primatech, is a clandestine organization that has an interest in locating and tracking evolved humans.


The Company was founded in 1977 by a group of twelve individuals. It uses cover companies (e.g. Primatech Paper Co), to conceal their illicit operations, or provided support or resources for whatever reason. The standard operating protocol involves Company agents to locate and track evolved humans, letting some go but keeping the ones they deem dangerous locked away, or even killing those who are deemed too great a risk.

The Company has two main tracking systems. One division marks people with special abilities with an isotope which can be later used by a satellite to track and find them (though this satellite has now been destroyed). In certain cases, this division also trains those individuals to assist the Company. The second "system" was a girl named Molly Walker who has an innate ability to find people, but she has now left the Company. Mr. Bennet's superior, Thompson, took orders from Daniel Linderman, who, along with Angela Petrelli and others, had been planning the events surrounding the explosion for an extended period of time.

Since Linderman's death or even before, Bob Bishop has been running the operations of the Company. Due to Bob's ability, the Company is not stressed with financial concerns. Among other items, agents are known to have access to standard-issue clothing, guns, night vision goggles, tasers, and transportation. In addition, each agent receives a Company expense account to purchase other non-Company items.

Besides field agents, the Company also employs internal affairs agents, scientists and doctors. At Primatech Research, Donna Dunlap worked for a time in internal affairs. While performing an investigation, she used the services of a research library, medical examiner, chemical analyst, and ballistics.

Chain of Command


(see Founders History)

Other High-Ranking Officials

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