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The Partner Part 1
Students and Teachers
Episode number: 301
First aired: 15/9/2009
Written by: Joshua Korolenko
Previous episode: Mother Part 2
Next episode: The Partner Part 2


This article is fan made and should not be considered canon.



1 year ago

Alan Carter is sitting alone in a park. He pulls out a file on Harry Chow and begins reading. A voice asks if Alan is ready and Dylan Tyler appears. Dylan tells Alan that the first “Class 1” mission is always the hardest but that it will get easier. Alan sighs and says that he isn’t sure he believes him.

3 days later, Alan and Dylan arrive in Seoul, South Korea. As they are wandering through the city, Alan comments that it looks nice. Dylan chuckles and calls Alan naïve. Alan asks why he thinks that and Dylan explains that in a world with people who have powers, there is no “nice”.

Elsewhere in the city, two people speed along the highway. Harry, the driver, laughs wildly as his parnter, Dennis Lockman counts their money. Dennis comments that Harry’s aim was a little off and that they should work on it. Harry claims that he doesn’t need his help but Dennis gets angry and reminds him who took him in when he manifested. Harry nods and speeds up the car.

In a hotel room, Alan pulls out his phone and dials a number. Dylan walks in and asks who he is calling. Alan tells him that Thompson left some unclear instructions in the file and that he wants to clear things up. Dylan grabs the phone and tells him that there is no calling in for help. Alan asks why and Dylan tells him that as his senior partner, he makes the decisions. Elsewhere, Harry demands to know why Dennis makes the decisions. Dennis explains that he spent ten years of his life telling arrogant people what to do and that Harry is no different. He tells him that he will obey or the people he loves will suffer. Harry gets up and when Dennis asks where he is going, he replies that he is going out to check out their next hit. Dennis smiles and says that he is happy he is becoming more dedicated to the job. As Harry enters the elevator and goes down, another elevator opens to reveal Dylan and Alan.

There is a knock on Dennis’s door and Dennis yells out that it is unlocked. He expects that it is Harry and asks why he has come back so quick. He sees that it is Dylan and Alan and laughs softly. He says hi to them and Dylan looks furious. Alan asks why he is getting so worked up and Dennis says that they used to work together in the Company. Some time later, Dylan and Alan have tied Dennis to a chair. Alan is reading some of Dennis’s reports while Dylan is beating him for information. Dennis tells him that they should leave before Harry returns and Dylan tells him that they can wait. Alan says that they are planning to attack another bank and Dylan tells him that the death toll is rising with every robbery. Dennis claims that “his boy” is getting more powerful every day. Dylan gets angry and yells that he won’t let him corrupt any more people. He places a hand on Dennis’s head and closes his eyes. Alan sees this and yells no but he is too late to stop Dylan, who activates his power. Dennis screams as his insides incinerate. Alan watches in horror.

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