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The Partner Part 2
Episode number: 302
First aired: 15/9/2009
Written by: Joshua Korolenko
Previous episode: The Partner Part 1
Next episode: The Partner Part 3


This article is fan made and should not be considered canon.


  • Harry’s latest robbery leaves him in the Company’s eye.
  • Flashbacks reveal:
  • Alan and Harry meet.


Harry sits alone in his car, wondering what is taking Dennis so long to reach him. He gets out and heads into the building. The happy people inside of the bank talk noisily and Harry watches nervously. He turns to leave but as he is walking he remembers some of the things that Dennis has done for him.

Three months ago

Harry walks alone in a park with his head down. He continues walking until he gets to a bridge. Harry climbs on top of the bridge and holds onto the railings. He closes his eyes and apologizes to his family for what he is about to do. He looks up to the sky and smiles very briefly. He steps off the bridge but before he falls, a man reaches over and grabs him. Dennis pulls him back and asks him what the hell he was doing.


Harry turns back to face the people inside the bank. He opens his jacket and pulls out what looks like a gun. The people in the bank scream and hit the floor. Harry tells them that if they stay calm, nobody will die. A security guard pulls out his own gun and shoots at Harry. The bullet misses and Harry shoots a stream of electricity at the guard. People scream as the electricity burns a hole right through the man’s stomach. Holding two balls of electricity in his hands, Harry warns everyone not to try that again.

Alan Carter speaks with the Seoul police and learns that Harry has taken hostages. While Alan continues to speak with the massive police force outside of the bank, Dylan begins working on trying to get himself inside the building. Inside, Harry sees this and smiles.

Two months ago

A beam of electricity completely obliterates a small soda can. Dennis compliments Harry on his excellent aiming and tells him that he needs to improve on his power. Harry asks Dennis how he knows all of this stuff and Dennis tells him that he and his old partner taught a lot of young people how to master their powers. Dennis shows him a picture of Dylan and himself and smiles, saying that he was happy as an agent but that it didn’t last. Harry asks if Dylan had a power and Dennis chuckles, telling him that it wouldn’t be wise to let Dylan touch him.


Harry yells that he only wants Alan to enter the bank. Surprised, Dylan yells that either he goes, or nobody comes out alive, including Harry. Alan demands to know what Dylan is doing and offers to go in alone. Dylan tells him that with his power, he can kill Harry. Alan says that it is a dangerous idea but that he has another way. Dylan asks what and Alan loads his gun, stating that it is the old fashioned one. He walks into the bank and a police officer asks Dylan if he believes his friend can handle it.

One month ago

Dylan sits with Thompson and argues that he does not need a new partner. Thompson admits that Dylan is beyond extraordinary but that the rules still apply. Dylan tells him that Dennis will one day return and want his life back but Thompson hands him some files and reports that he won’t. The files show Dennis assisting Harry in many bank robberies. Thompson says that they believe Harry can discharge electricity and that Dennis has taught him how to hone his power. Dylan sighs and says that he can’t stop him alone. Thompson smiles and asks his secretary to send “him” in. Alan Carter enters the office and Thompson introduces him as his new partner.


Alan enters the bank with his gun drawn. Harry, who is holding a man hostage, asks if Alan has an ability. Alan tells him that he is “normal” and wants to help. Harry asks what he means and Alan says that Dylan wants to kill him.

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