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Yamagato Industries/Season One

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This article archives the history of Yamagato Industries during Season One.

For more about Yamagato Industries, see the main article.

For Yamagato Industries's Season Two history, see here.

For Yamagato Industries's Season Four history, see here.



Hiro first discovers his powers in his cubicle and rushes to tell Ando, excitedly running about the cubicles. He is scolded by his boss.

Don't Look Back

After teleporting to an future New York, Hiro phones Yamagato to talk to his friend Ando, still in the present.

Graphic Novel:The Crane

Hiro, wanting to live up to his grandfather's legacy, throws away his Yamagato ID badge.

One Giant Leap

At the office, Hiro tries to convince Ando of his powers and shows him the comic from the future. They decide to leave their jobs and begin their mission.

Nothing to Hide

In Charles Deveaux's apartment, Peter reads the New York Telegraph, which reports that Yamagato's stock is down to 215 and an eighth.

Six Months Ago

Hiro tries to call Ando at work, and instead encounters himself from six months ago. Later, Hiro accidentally teleports to the current-day roof of Yamagato where another employee asks why he's returned from America early.


Hiro's sister tells Hiro that Yamagato is financially failing. Hiro devises a way to help his father realize that Kimiko is capable of taking over the business.

How to Stop an Exploding Man

Hiro returns Ando to Yamagato after rescuing him from Sylar and gives him Kensei's sword as a promise that he will return.

Graphic Novel:Heroism Is Found in the Heart, Part 1

After Hiro drops Ando off at Yamagato, Ando is assigned a new position. He works late, waiting for Kimiko, and walks her home. Outside the office building, they are confronted by a group of sword-bearing bikers.

Graphic Novel:Heroism Is Found in the Heart, Part 2

Outside Yamagato, Ando helps Kimiko to dismount one of the bikers. Kimiko and Ando mount the freed motorcycle and head off into the streets of Tokyo, but the bikers give chase.

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