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Faith and religion/Season One

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This article archives the history of Faith and religion during Season One.

For more about Faith and religion, see the main article.

For Faith and religion's Season Three history, see here.



  • Mohinder speaks of God creating man in his own image, joking that God's image is that of a cockroach. He postulates that man might be worthy of God's image if he evolves.
  • The number of the apartment occupied by Mohinder Suresh, and earlier, by his father Chandra Suresh, is 613. In traditional Judaism, 613 is the number of commandments ("mitzvot") that are incumbent upon Jewish people to perform, and in some circles, mystical qualities are ascribed to the number itself.
  • "Genesis" is the first of the Law, the 5 books of Moses.

Don't Look Back

One Giant Leap

  • Mohinder and Eden discover a hidden room in Sylar's apartment with the phrase "forgive me Father for I have sinned" as well as several crosses and religious symbols written numerous times on the wall.

Seven Minutes to Midnight

  • Mohinder mentions that the Earth is large enough to fool you into thinking that you can hide from God.
  • During the scene in which Chandra Suresh's ashes are scattered in the water, all participants including Mohinder are wearing a type of Vaishnava Tilak which would indicate affiliation with the Sri Sampradaya.
  • Mr. Bennet tells Isaac that not every bag and tag case goes smoothly and that there was such a case. A woman left behind a baby girl who had no one to take care of her. At that time, him and his wife had difficulty conceiving a child and he says that it was like God reaching down and giving them a miracle.

Six Months Ago

  • After quoting the Biblical book Ecclesiastes, Mohinder wonders if there is any sign of big events -- he asks if it's "a whisper in God's ear".


  • Ando translates part of the Symbol to mean "Godsend", and calls Hiro's power a godsend. Hiro thinks the sword is a "sacred object".
  • When Claire says she doesn't consider her power a gift, the Haitian says that powers are God-given and should be respected.
  • In jail, Niki prays to God for help. Jessica takes over and says, "Who needs God when you've got me?".



Company Man

  • After realizing her daughter has a unique power, Sandra thanks God and tells Claire that she prayed so hard and her prayers were answered. Sandra tells Claire that she always thought Claire was a miracle; when someone rises from the dead, it's a miracle. Claire doesn't believe she's a miracle--she's not sure if her abilities are God-created or if they come from somewhere else. When Ted agrees that God didn't make them this way, Sandra insists that God makes us all the way we are.
  • Later, when Claire expresses anger at her father, Sandra expresses her faith in her husband. She tells Claire, "God gave you a second chance. Please give your father one."
  • Mr. Bennet tells Matt that Ted wants revenge the biblical way.



  • Sylar telekinetically pins Isaac to the floor of his apartment, stabbing paintbrushes through his wrists and ankles in a fashion reminiscent of Christ's crucifixion. Like Christ, Isaac knows he is going die and accepts his death, knowing that this is his fate and his part in "all of this."

Five Years Gone

  • As Sylar (disguised as Nathan) walks up to Peter, he says that their confrontation -- being brother versus brother -- is almost biblical (Cain and Abel).

The Hard Part

  • Virginia Gray thanks the Lord that he brought her son home safely. She also wears a cross and has several statues of Mary on her shelves.
  • Virginia Gray disappointedly condemns her son by telling him that he is damned.


  • Nathan says in his speech that his father always said that we should use what God gave us to help people and to make a real difference.

How to Stop an Exploding Man

  • Angela tells Charles that he is in her prayers.

Graphic Novel Recurrences

  • In his childhood, Mohinder's grandmother tells Mohinder stories about Kali that inspire him to avenge his father's murder. (Monsters)
  • Sheila explains to her mother that an angel wrapped her in his coat and flew her to safety. (Trial By Fire)
  • Hana is inspired by her progenitors' faith and their adherence to Judaism and its principles. (Wireless, Parts 1, 3, and 4)
  • Hana wirelessly admonishes child pornography subscribers to "log off, kneel down and pray." (The Path of the Righteous)
  • In an apartment fire, Noah sees Claire, and thinks of her as a little angel in hell. (Hell's Angel)
  • Hana does not believe religion is a good topic for a first date. (War Buddies, Part 1)
  • Austin's family has religious paraphernalia in their house and when Austin heals his mother, Austin's father says God answered their prayers. (War Buddies, Part 3)
  • Baby Nathan is seen playing with an angel action figure. (War Buddies, Part 5)
  • Hana says that when she was a girl, she imagined heaven filled with clouds and angels with beautiful feathered wings. She continues and says that the heavens are filled with angels -- satellites. Thousands and thousands of satellites that, like angels, watch over us. They see everything we do, every call we make, every email we write, they know how we live, and they know how we die. (The Death of Hana Gitelman, Part 1)
  • Hana has a flashback of when she tried to fly like an angel with her umbrella. Later, Hana is in space and looks down at the Earth, commenting that that was how the angels saw it, observing, watching everything. (The Death of Hana Gitelman, Part 2)
  • Guillame is the Houngan in a religiously Vodou village in Haiti. It is believed he was chosed by the Loa, and that he "walk[s] with Legba and Ogun", and "lay[s] with Samara and Delun." The Haitian says that neither god nor man could have loved his father more than he did. (It Takes a Village, Part 1)
  • The Haitian narrates that Guillame's hanging was a punishment for "betraying the Loa". After Guillame is freed, he says that he must show that the Loa is still on his back; he plans on making a sacrifice to Ogun and Loa to restore his power. Later, the villagers exclaim that Guillame has lost favor with the Loa. When the Haitian recalls his father punching him, he narrates that it was then that he learned that the old gods, it they even existed, were not listening. (It Takes a Village, Part 2)

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