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9th Wonders!/Season Three

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This article archives the history of 9th Wonders! during Season Three.

For more about 9th Wonders!, see the main article.

For 9th Wonders!'s Season One history, see here.


The Butterfly Effect

Hiro finds a French version of Issue #7 in Daphne Millbrook's apartment in Paris.

One of Us, One of Them

A turtle crawls across Issue #7 in Usutu's hut.

It's Coming

Hiro teleports Ando to Sam's Comics. There, they find Issue #16, among several other issues. The cover of Issue #16 shows Hiro shouting "Yatta!" and shows a younger Hiro eating waffles. Ando, knowing the art is prophetic, flips through and uses the story to prove to Hiro that what he is saying is true and has been foretold. He shows Hiro images of Arthur in Botswana, images of them at Bowl-A-Rama, and images of the coming eclipse.

The Eclipse, Part 1

Hiro and Ando come to Matt for help, following Issue #16 which indicates that Matt can help Hiro regain his memory (presumably using his telepathy somehow). Matt is unable to help as all of Hiro's thoughts are in Japanese which he doesn't speak. When Daphne runs away, they are able to use a picture in the comic to teleport to her father's corn farm where she went. They reach the end of Issue #16, but Hiro and Ando head to a Sam's Comics nearby to pick up the next new issue which Hiro figures would be coming out that day. At the comic book store, Hiro opens a box of 9th Wonders! comics. Sam and Frack are surprised because when they look at the new issue of 9th Wonders!, its cover prophetically shows them looking at it with Hiro and Ando standing in the background, and it is numbered #31.

The Eclipse, Part 2

Hiro and Ando ask for the new 9th Wonders! and Sam thinks it's a joke while Frack thinks it's cool. Hiro starts going through the old issues of the comic book and Sam demands he pays for them which he does with a credit card. By reading the issues he learns about many of his adventures, but after learning of his stabbing Sylar, his father's death, and his fight with Adam Monroe, he runs into the bathroom to hide. Sam gives a speech that convinces him to come out and Frack finds a clue as to where Hiro needs to go next in Issue #1 of 9th Wonders!: in a picture where Kaito Nakamura gives baby Claire to Noah Bennet, Frack sees present day Hiro and Claire hiding in the greenhouse. Hiro takes that issue and using a picture from issue #31, teleports to Claire. Afterwards Sam reveals that Issue #31 is the final posthumous issue of 9th Wonders!, but that there may be a final story in Isaac Mendez's sketchbook that he gave to the bike courier the day he died.

Our Father

Daphne, Ando, and Matt travel to New York City where they mange to get Isaac's sketchbook. Isaac's book holds the last, apparently unfinished edition of 9th Wonders! called Hiro Lost in Time. This comic depicts Hiro getting trapped in the past after his powers are stolen from him by Arthur Petrelli. This caused the group to seek out the genetic modification formula in order to try to give Ando powers.

Shades of Gray

Several posters for 9th Wonders! hang on the wall at Sam's Comics.

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