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Yamagato Industries/Season Two

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This article archives the history of Yamagato Industries during Season Two.

For more about Yamagato Industries, see the main article.

For Yamagato Industries's Season One history, see here.

For Yamagato Industries's Season Four history, see here.



Ando plays a video game in his office, but is interrupted by his boss. His boss mentions that being friends with the CEO does not mean he can play games at work, and Ando apologizes. Ando opens a file and finds Hiro's sword. Examining the sword, he finds text at the bottom of the sword reading "Ando, open". In it, he finds several scrolls. Hiro tells him that he's in 1671, where he met Takezo Kensei. Hiro tells him he must stay to make Kensei the man they know. He mentions that Kensei has a great power.

Out of Time

Ando is working at his desk when Hiro appears. Hiro learns they stopped the explosion and tells Ando he wishes to see his father. Ando tells Hiro that his father has been murdered.

Truth & Consequences

Hiro and Ando look at a photo of twelve people. He says he needs to find Kensei to get revenge. Ando is skeptical, but Hiro tells him that he saw Kensei on the Deveaux rooftop, just before he pushed Kaito to his death. He asks how Kensei could live for over four hundred years, and Hiro tells him that Kensei could heal from any wound and that perhaps he has also survived time. Hiro realizes that he must have left a trail.

Hiro finds a picture of a young Victoria, Kensei and Kaito. He looks on the back to see that Kensei is going by the name Adam Monroe. Recognizing that name, Ando pulls out a packet with Adam's name on it. Inside they find a paper dated November 2, 1977, which is an order to lock away Adam, signed by Hiro's father, Kaito. Before Ando can convince him otherwise, Hiro teleports himself to that day.

Hiro returns from 1977 and retrieves his sword from Ando, determined to avenge his father's murder. He says that he must go to Odessa, Texas and teleports away.


Ando walks back into his cubicle to find Hiro already there. He asks about Adam, and Hiro replies by saying that Adam will no longer harm anybody.

Graphic Novel:Past Experience

Kimiko remembers a conversation she had with her father: he was interested in the past and a depiction of Takezo Kensei, while she was more concerned with the future and the problems Yamagato was facing. Later, after Kaito's death, Kimiko is made the CEO of the company and the President of Yamagato Fellowship. In her office, she mediates a petty argument between Jiro and Taro by remembering what Kensei did to Oni's sword.

Graphic Novel:The Kill Squad, Part 1

Rosetti recalls being stationed under Yamagato, keeping tabs on Hiro.

Graphic Novel:Our Lady of Blessed Acceleration, Part 2

Daphne Millbrook enters Yoji Hayata's office at Yamagato. After a brief encounter with his men, Daphne acquires the information she needs from Hayata and quickly flees Yoji's office to regroup, racing through the building to the roof, then leaping to the next building.

Heroes Evolutions

Saving Charlie

  • Hiro believes that it is inevitable that he will one day work at Yamagato, take over the company from his father, and eventually pass the legacy along to his own "similarly doomed son". Indeed, Hiro one day started working in a cubicle at Yamagato, where one day he is able to stop time. He rushes over to tell Ando about his accomplishment. (Chapter 3)
  • Kaito keeps a small, golden plaque on the wall at is office at Yamagato Industries that says, "This is not a fairy tale". (Chapter 5)
  • Having time traveled six months in the past, Hiro decides to call Yamagato to talk to Ando. He remembers that Ando was working on a spending report for the mergers and acquisitions department, and that Ando complained about having to work late. Later, when thinking about how he is going to pay for things in Texas, Hiro notes that his paycheck at Yamagato is "as puny as his position". Hiro remembers that he also has his Yamagato Industries corporate card in case of emergencies. (Chapter 7)
  • Once a year, the managers at Yamagato would administer the Hasaii Personality Index test to their employees to assess their emotional health, workplace satisfaction, and red-flag any problems that might affect worker efficiency and productivity. (Chapter 10)
  • Hiro's apartment in Midland is barely the size of Hiro's cubicle at Yamagato Industries. (Chapter 11)
  • Yamagato has a box at the Meiji Jingu Stadium for all the home games of the Tokyo Swallows. (Chapter 15)
  • Kaito goes on a six-day business trip to Madrid and attends meeting every day that run into the evening.

    Hiro remembers stopping time in his cubicle at Yamagato. (Chapter 17)

  • While kissing Charlie, Hiro accidentally teleports to his cubicle at Yamagato Industries. (Chapter 20)
  • Finding himself suddenly at his Yamagato cubicle, Hiro turns on his desk computer to check the date. He uses his Yamagato corporate credit card to buy a plane ticket (for $8,756) to Midland, not caring if he incurs wrath from the company. He prints the tickets on the printer he shares with three coworkers, and then runs into Ando. (Chapter 21)
  • Hiro says a silent prayer to the gods — or the accountants at Yamagato — for not cutting off his credit when purchasing plane tickets. (Chapter 28)
  • Hiro tries to relax, recalling the way he learned to breathe at his morning tai chi classes that Yamagato offered to its employees. (Chapter 34)
  • Hiro accidentally teleports from Midland to the windy rooftop of Yamagato Industries, where the employees are practicing their morning tai chi. His cubicle-neighbor says he thought Hiro was on vacation in America. (Chapter 39)
  • Hiro bolts off the Yamagato rooftop, making a spectacle of himself in front of his coworkers. (Chapter 40)

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