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9th Wonders!/Season One

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This article archives the history of 9th Wonders! during Season One.

For more about 9th Wonders!, see the main article.

For 9th Wonders!'s Season Three history, see here.



Micah Sanders is reading Issue #13 which has a large blue monster on the cover and is subtitled I Fought Uluru!

Don't Look Back

Hiro Nakamura notices himself on the cover of a copy at a newsstand in New York City. It's Issue #14 of the comic, subtitled "Hiro arrives in New York." It tells the tale of Hiro as he travels to New York and back, up through his departure with Ando for Las Vegas, NV.

One Giant Leap

Hiro visits a skeptical Ando at work and shows him the copy of 9th Wonders! he got in the future. Initially Ando believes Hiro photoshoped himself into a comic book, but Hiro proves it to be real by saving a young girl as depicted in the comic. Hiro then asks Ando to come to New York City with him to stop the explosion as shown in 9th Wonders!. On the plane, Ando is annoyed that they are flying coach instead of first class, but Hiro shows him that the comic shows them flying coach with a passenger falling asleep on Ando's shoulder. As the comic predicts, the passenger falls asleep on Ando's shoulder, causing Hiro to laugh at his friend's misfortune. Upon landing, Hiro gets a Nissan Versa to drive to New York rather than catch another flight since that's what 9th Wonders! shows them doing and tells Ando that they have to drive to Las Vegas since the final page of 9th Wonders! depicts them driving down a highway with a Las Vegas sign overhead and one of them stating "we're on our own now." Ando tells Hiro that its their destiny and they dive off.

Better Halves

At the Sanderses' home, Micah shows D.L. his comic collection, including 9th Wonders!, Issue #9.

Nothing to Hide

After helping DL save a woman in a car crash, Hiro shows Micah his copy of Issue #14 of 9th Wonders!. Micah is surprised as the comic hasn't even come out yet and Hiro explains he got it from the future and that the comic is about him and explains his powers.


As Claire Bennet walks with Zach through Union Wells High School, she's congratulated on winning Homecoming Queen by various unpopular kids, including one male student who is reading Issue #13 of 9th Wonders!.


Hiro and Ando finally meet up with Isaac Mendez in Midland, TX. Hiro shows Isaac Issue #14. Isaac is amazed, claiming the issue hasn't even gone to the publisher yet.


Simone is incredulous that Hiro is truly the character from Isaac's graphic novel.


In his gallery, Mr. Linderman shows Nathan a painting of Hiro saving a Japanese schoolgirl--an image very similar to one from 9th Wonders!, Issue #14.

Isaac gives the line art for the final issue of 9th Wonders! to a courier, who is excited to learn that Hiro will be time traveling to the future.

In Mohinder's apartment, Sylar picks up a piece of the back page of an issue of 9th Wonders! that lists Isaac's address.

Five Years Gone

After realizing Future Hiro's ability to travel through time, Mohinder picks up a copy of 9th Wonders! and comments to Matt that Isaac's comics were irregularly predictive in nature, with the exception of the particular edition in Hiro's loft. Later, Mohinder lethally injects the Haitian, killing him and allowing the use of abilities for Hiro to escape. Mohinder points to the comic and tells Hiro that he was supposed to save Hiro. He gives him the comic and tells him to leave. Future Hiro, after being shot, gives Ando a page from the comic that he kept in his coat. Hiro and Ando teleport to the past, where Hiro looks at the cover of the 9th Wonders! edition.

The Hard Part

While standing atop Charles Deveaux's rooftop, Hiro and Ando look at drawings from the final issue. They hit a setback in reading the prophecies because the captions have not yet been filled in. Later, outside Virginia Gray's apartment, the men look at more images from the last issue. Ando uses a panel that depicts his own gruesome death to encourage Hiro to kill Sylar.

Heroes Evolutions

Hiro's blog

  • In the post "Where to Begin...", Hiro says, "I found a comic starring me. I went to the author to find him dead with his brain missing...I came back to present day Tokyo with the comic book in hand, my only proof that I went to the future." He says again, "I found a comic book with me on the cover. \(^o^)/ Wow! That's so cool, but quite perplexing." After paying over 1000 yen for the comic, Hiro says, "The comic book retold everything I did yesterday. (?-?) I found the author's address on the back of the comic book." Hiro wonders if all American comic books put the address of their authors on the back. In Isaac's loft, Hiro finds "an unfinished comic of myself. The first panel was me talking on the phone. The second panel was me looking at my watch. The third panel was me with eyes wide open with a look of shock. The fourth panel was empty."
  • In a post called "Let It Ride", Hiro says he used "Mister Isaku's comic as my strategy guide." However, Hiro says, "The comic doesn't talk about how to use the power. I guess that's my own fault for just blindly following a strategy guide."
  • In the post "Mudslide", Hiro says, "Now I know why I was sent to Las Vegas by the comic book."
  • Hiro writes a post entitled "Practice Makes Perfect" in which he says that Micah "seemed to know about 9th Wonders. Is it a popular comic book?"
  • A post called "Hard Choices" has Hiro saying "I don't know how Mr. Isaac's comic book would have ended, but I have to create my own."

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