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Kensei sword/Season Two

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This article archives the history of Kensei sword during Season Two.

For more about Kensei sword, see the main article.

For Kensei sword's Season One history, see here.


Four Months Later...

Fleeing the burning Otsu in 1671, Yaeko encounters Takezo Kensei and takes the sword from him. Though Kensei and Hiro both impulsively claim ownership over the sword, Yaeko explains that it was her father who made the sword, so she is the rightful owner of it.


After Hiro defeats Whitebeard, Yaeko rushes to give the sword back to Kensei.


Hiro teleports Kensei to retrieve the fire scroll, and hands Kensei the sword. As the ninety ronin approach Kensei, he takes the sword to the ready. Later, Hiro uses the sword as a way to communicate with present-day Ando by sticking several scrolls hidden inside the sword's hilt. In the present, the sword is still broken. Ando reads the scrolls in the hilt to track Hiro's progress in the past.

Out of Time

Upon destroying Whitebeard's camp, the Sword is given to Yaeko by Hiro. After one last kiss, Hiro teleports back to the present, leaving Yaeko alone with the sword.

Cautionary Tales

When Hiro and Kaito teleport to the day of Ishi Nakamura's funeral, Hiro meets a younger version of himself, wielding a toy replica of the Kensei sword.

Truth & Consequences

Hiro takes his sword with him to Primatech Research, where he finds Adam Monroe and Peter Petrelli. Hiro raises the katana, and charges at Peter.


Hiro is knocked out in his fight with Peter, and Adam claims the sword back as his own. Later, Adam uses the sword to fight against the Company's security guards. After Hiro teleports Adam to Aoyama Cemetery, Hiro reclaims the sword.

Heroes Evolutions

Saving Charlie

  • Hiro tells Charlie that Kensei was a wild savage with great power, feared by all of Japan, until he found a sacred sword frozen in the snow. The sword focused Kensei's strength, let him control his power, and ultimately helped him become a great leader and hero. (Chapter 13)
  • Hiro gives Charlie a reproduction of the legend of Kensei and the Dragon, which shows the muted red of Kensei's blood staining the sword. Hiro tells Charlie the story: Kensei finds his sacred sword and goes to the dragon so he can learn the secrets of the sword. Kensei uses the sword to fight his enemies and save his people. When the dragon demands payment, Kensei plunges the sword into his heart. (Chapter 23)

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