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Bag and tag/Season Four

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This article archives the history of Bag and tag during Season Four.

For more about Bag and tag, see the main article.

For Bag and tag's Season Two history, see here.



Noah tells Tracy that in twenty years of bagging and tagging, he has never helped "a single one of you".


Noah says that bagging and tagging was not a good thing to accomplish in life and it was his only thing he accomplished.

Graphic Novel:Boom

Noah wants to bag and tag Amanda, but Meredith argues against it, saying that they need to get her out of the town and help her. After Amanda blows up a car, Noah attempts to taser her, but is stopped by Meredith. Noah decides to let her go when he gets a text calling them back to headquarters.

Tabula Rasa

Noah Bennet tells Peter Petrelli that he bagged and tagged Jeremy Greer several years ago, and erased his memory of the capture. Noah regrets having just abandoned Jeremy, and decides to set things right by helping him with his ability.

Strange Attractors

Tracy tells Noah that she thought he was done with bagging and tagging, but he tells her that this is a rescue instead.

Once Upon a Time in Texas

Lauren Gilmore laments the fact she missed her nephew's Bar Mitzvah because she was bagging a person who shot fire out their nose.


Becky Taylor reminds Noah Bennet about how he came to her house to bag and tag her and her father, killing her dad when he fought back, but didn't see her.

Upon This Rock

According to Noah's files, Ian Michaels was tagged on August 8, 2004 with a GPS microchip. His case (#45923) was overseen by agents Noah Bennet and Claude Rains.

The Wall

Noah is referred to as "Mr. Bag and Tag".

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