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The Company/Season Four

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This article archives the history of The Company during Season Four.

For more about The Company, see the main article.

For The Company's Season One history, see here.

For The Company's Season Two history, see here.

For The Company's Season Three history, see here.



Claire and Noah talk about how the Company was Noah's life and he accomplished nothing outside of it.

Tabula Rasa

Noah looks at his Company records, and finds information on Jeremy Greer, who had the power to heal. When at Jeremy's house, Noah explains, to Peter, that Jeremy had a lot of questions and was coming into his ability. The Company wiped his memory and Noah went on to his next assignment..

Strange Attractors

When Noah calls Tracy, for some help with Jeremy, she notes that she thought he was done with bag and tag missions.

Once Upon a Time in Texas

3 years in the past, Noah is in the Burnt Toast Diner, when a co-worker comes in. They talk out having to lie to the people they love, about what they do. Lauren tells Noah that she missed her nephew's Bar Mitzvah because she was busy bagging and tagging a guy who can shoot fire out of his nose.

At the Company facility in Texas, Eden opens the door for Noah to visit Isaac Mendez and he asks him about the paintings, and explains that Isaac isn't the only one with special abilities. Noah needs his help to save the cheerleader that Isaac has been painting, and desperately explains that the cheerleader is his daughter.

The next day, in the Company cafeteria, Lauren comes in and gives him an envelope she found on his desk. They then talk with each other.


Noah tells Becky that he once had a partner with the same power as her.

Becky tells Noah that when she was five, Noah came to her house and tried to take her father away. Her father hid her under the bed and attacked Noah, who shot him.


Noah is in the supermarket, when he bumps into his former co-worker, Lauren Gilmore.

At Noah's apartment, Noah explains to his guests that he and Lauren used to work at Primatech.

The Fifth Stage

Samuel asks Eli to go to Noah's apartment and retrieve a box marked Primatech.

Eli and his clones arrive and fight with Noah and Lauren. They take the box with them as they leave.

Upon This Rock

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Let It Bleed

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The Art of Deception

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The Wall

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Brave New World

When Samuel is taken away, Claire asks Noah if the people taking him away are from a new Company, but Noah tells her that it is an old company.

Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 1

In 1963, Angela, Bob, Linderman, and Charles go to Uncle Ira's bar to listen to Chris Coolidge play and possibly to recruit him to the Company. They discuss the positives and negatives of this decision until Kaito Nakamura interrupts the conversation and introduces himself. Kaito and Angela go dancing while Linderman and Charles continue discussing Chris.

Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 2

In 1963, Angela, Bob, Linderman, and Charles lease a building and call it "Primatech Paper". They enlist Kaito Nakamura seeing as his skills would fit in perfectly at their paper company.

Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 3

In 1978, Mindy Sprague is working for the Company and strategically placed as a safeguard at the Three Mile Island power plant. Mindy struggles with her position there, but after having tea with Angela Petrelli, she is confident because Angela told her that she is supposed to be there.

Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 4

In 1978, Angela reads through Mindy's file and contemplates Mindy's words about how no two people are made the same and how she believes that Mindy has the power to stop what she saw.

Later, on the roof of the Deveaux building, Bob talks excitedly about what he believes Mindy can do. Arthur contradicts him, saying that she is dangerous. Angela agrees with Arthur, and explains that Mindy absorbed so much energy that she changed the weather for hundreds of miles around her. Angela goes on to say that hundreds are dead and Charles offers to go "clean up". Arthur tells him not to worry and introduces the founders to Maury Parkman.

Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 5

In 1988, Thompson hands Noah a note for Petrelli and Noah complains that he is only passing notes and not doing anything else. Thompson replies that he will only pass notes until Ivan says he can do more. As Thompson leaves, Claude becomes visible and the two of them go after a KGB special. Thompson, who is under orders, refuses to tell Claude any details about the mission and the special, Sylvia, gets to him. Claude starts to question what it is the Company wants and what their mission is.

Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 6

In 1988, Claude and Thompson search for Sylvia, when she runs at the both of them sending them flying. When Thompson threatens her, she grows taller than the pair of them and sends Thompson flying out of a window, while Claude runs off. Claude finds Sylvia outside, who has grown vastly, who picks up a car and throws it at him. Meanwhile, Thompson has run back into the safe house. Whilst Claude is lying on the ground, defenceless, she treads on him and asks why he works for the Company. He responds that he is starting to wonder that himself as she runs off.

Later, in a hospital, Angela, Charles, Bob and Thompson visit Claude and they talk about the mission. Angela then brings out a new tracker and injects it into Claude, stating that it is perfect to test on an invisible man.

Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 7

In 1991, Bob brings Elle into the Company for testing because Dr. Zimmerman told him how well it worked with Barbara and "the new boy." Elle is pushed beyond her max and electrocutes her father. Elle runs away from the Company.

Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 8

In 1991, Bob sends Noah to bring Elle back to the Company. When he does, Kaito, Angela, and Bob has "the new boy" erase Elle's memories. They convince her that she is celebrating her ninth birthday and change her age on her personnel card.

Heroes Evolutions

A Hero's Quest

In Hiro's first blog post, "A Message from Hiro Nakamura", he mentions how Samuel Sullivan, Building 26, and Sylar are results of things that the Company has done. He attempts to uncover things about the Company that we don't know that would prove to be helpful in the future. He also mentions how we know that the Company's roots reside in Coyote Sands.

In Hiro's second blog post, "Back on Track", he mentions how he has been searching through his father's office and has found nothing on the Company or its founders.

In Hiro's eighth blog post,"More Strange Video", Hiro finds a reference to a Maury Parkman and wonders if it is the same Maury that is a founder of the Company. He finds a photo of the original twelve founders and posts it to his blog.

In Hiro's ninth blog post, "Memories of Maury", Hiro continues to find information out about Maury and discovered that after the Mindy Sprague incident, the Company decided to start tracking specials. He finds a lot of documentation wrote by Angela Petrelli and others about these tracking systems. Hiro believes that this was the moment that the Company took a turn for the worst, whether they knew it or not.

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