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The Company/Season Three

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This article archives the history of The Company during Season Three.

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The Second Coming

The Company holds several dangerous individuals on Level 5, including a man that claims to be Peter Petrelli, Knox, Flint, and Noah Bennet.

The Butterfly Effect

Bob and Elle watch footage of Gael Cruz and Bianca Karina driving to Costa Verde to stop Sylar, who kills them. Bob notes that Cruz and Karina were two of the Company's best agents. He blames Elle for letting Sylar get away with Claire's ability, and refuses to put her in a position where she can disappoint him.

Sylar attacks Primatech Research, killing Bob and attacking Elle, who accidentally shorts out the power grid, allowing the Level 5 prisoners to escape. Angela Petrelli takes control of the Company and fires Elle.

Graphic Novel:Dreams Until Death

Gael Cruz and Bianca Karina attempt to capture Sylar. Bianca asks Gael not to let Sylar take her ability, and Gael agrees, knowing that the two of them are going to die. He daydreams about the life he could've had with Bianca, fantasizing about their marriage, honeymoon, etc. After the daydream, the agents pull up in front of Sylar and tases Sylar, but it has no effect on him, since Sylar had recently acquired the ability to regenerate. Sylar then jumps onto the hood of the car and asks which of them is the special agent, and Gael replies he is. Sylar responds by killing Bianca, and then splitting Gael's head open. Realizing Gael lied, Sylar throws Gael onto the ground next to Bianca and drives off in their car; and as he dies, Gael takes hold of Bianca's hand. Gael notes that he fulfilled his promise and now they will be together forever.

One of Us, One of Them

Angela sends Bridget Bailey into Sylar's cell so that he can steal her ability. Angela then assigns Sylar and Noah Bennet as partners, and sends them to recapture the Level 5 escapees at a bank robbery. Knox tells his fellow robbers that he called the cops in order to alert the Company. Noah and Sylar are able to capture Flint and Jesse, but Sylar locks Noah out so he can steal Jesse's ability.

Angela sends the Haitian to a moviehaus in Germany to acquire her of the formula from Angela's aide, but Hiro, Ando, and Daphne attempt to steal the formula. Daphne gets away with the formula, Hiro and Ando are captured and brought to Level 5 by the Haitian, as Noah brings Flint and Sylar.

Graphic Novel:The Sting of Injustice

Noah and the Haitian arrive at the Best Dogs Diner in Los Angeles to capture Knox and Jesse Murphy. When Jesse tries to use his ability on the agents, it does not work because the Haitian's ability cancels it out. Noah tases Jesse unconscious, and Knox is captured since his ability is similarly useless with the Haitian around. In his Level 5 cell, Knox swears revenge on Noah.

I Am Become Death

Dr. Zimmerman tells Tracy that a company hired him to modify the genes of Tracy, Niki, and Barbara, but he can't remember the name.

Hiro and Ando have been moved to a Level 2 cell, where they nearly escape, until the Haitian enters and brings them to Angela. Angela sends Hiro and Ando to dig up Adam Monroe.

Angels and Monsters

Noah enters Sylar's cell and tells him that they have a lead on another Level 5 escapee. Noah and Sylar go to Stephen Canfield's house to capture Canfield but Claire interferes, and Canfield destroys himself in a black hole.

Angela has placed Peter in a medically-induced coma after he attacked Sylar and her. She tells Nathan and Tracy that Dr. Zimmerman helped the Company develop a formula that gives abilities to normal people, which was used on Nathan and Tracy.

Graphic Novel:Doyle

Three years ago, Eric Doyle is locked in a Level 5 cell by Noah Bennet and forced to take nauseating medicine that suppresses his ability. When Doyle asks to talk to his lawyer, Noah says that he doesn't work for the police, and that Eric is not in jail.

In October 2006, Eric talks with a Company agent named Michael, and learns that Eden died that day. Michael also shows Eric his ability, and tells him that he stays with the Company because, to the Company, "If you're not with them, you're against them."

Ten days ago, Eric witnesses Michael and another agent escorting the German into Level 5 lockup.

Three days ago, Eric witnesses Sylar's attempt to take Elle's ability go wrong, and her lightning taking out the Company's security system. Eric then uses this opportunity to try and escape; and Michael tells Eric to stop, threatening to zap him with his ability. However, Eric turns around and uses his own ability to force Michael into zapping himself.

Dying of the Light

Daphne runs into Level 5, and breaks Sylar and Flint out of their cells. Sylar then releases Peter from his coma.

Noah recaptures Eric Doyle after he is knocked out by Claire.

Eris Quod Sum

The Company removes Mohinder's victims from his cocoon. Noah wants Nathan and Tracy to come to the Company to make sure they're still normal.


One year ago, Mr. Thompson captures Meredith after she and Flint rob a convenience store. Thompson offers to free Meredith from her cell if she trains to be an agent. Meredith accepts. With Thompson, Meredith captures Danny Pine at a trailer park. Thompson welcomes her to the Company. Thompson tells Meredith that she could be an agent in time. He tells her to lock up Danny Pine, but she sees Flint locked up on the way. Flint explains that he was tackled by an invisible man, but that he himself is going to be trained as an agent. Meredith, shocked that Flint is locked up, breaks Flint out, only to be stopped by Thompson. The fire-wielding siblings engage in a fight with Thompson on a cargo train. Flint escapes, but Meredith is captured. However, Thompson lets Meredith go after realizing that Meredith's daughter is in the vicinity.

In another storyline, Elle walks into Gray and Sons to find Gabriel Gray hanging himself. She breaks his rope with lightning, and befriends Gabriel. She goes outside and asks Noah why they can't just bag and tag Gabriel. Noah says that their orders are to see Gabriel acquire an ability in his own environment. He tells Elle to give Gabriel a pie. Noah spies on Gabriel as Elle brings Gabriel a pie. Gabriel shows Elle his telekinesis. Noah orders Elle to have Gabriel meet Trevor Zeitlan. Elle refuses, but Noah tells her she'll be fired if she doesn't follow orders. Later, Elle introduces Trevor to Gabriel, pretending to be very impressed over Trevor's ability and making Gabriel feel jealous. Gabriel then throws Elle out of his house before cutting open Trevor's head, while Noah watches with amazement from a secret camera hidden inside the house.

It's Coming

Angela lies comatose in a room in Primatech Research, and is discovered by Matt and Daphne. Matt telepathically enters a dream world, and after a confrontation in this dream world between Matt, Daphne, Angela, and Arthur, Angela is freed from her coma. Peter, Claire, and Nathan arrive to form a team to battle Arthur Petrelli.

Graphic Novel:Partners

Noah and Meredith watch as Mark Spatney is being hosed down after being freed from his cocoon. Noah notes that the Haitian will have to deal with them. Then, Noah's phone rings, and he tells Meredith that the two of them are going to visit an old friend.

They go to Mrs. Pine's home, where Danny Pine has appeared to visit his ex-wife and son. Noah tells Meredith to go in around the back, and Noah will enter from the front.

A few minutes later, Meredith enters, her hand lit up, and finds Noah holding Pine's son. Meredith tells Noah to leave William alone, but Noah brushes her off and tells Danny to turn himself in. Danny tells Noah about all the bad things the Company did to him, and Noah asks Meredith for some help. Meredith quickly fashions a Molotov cocktail out of a bottle of alcohol, a rag and her own flames, then throws it at Danny. Danny smashes it with his metallic hand, and smashes a water pipe, resulting in water going everywhere, including on Meredith.

With Danny holding her, Meredith asks Noah to let him and William go, and not to tear another family apart like he did to her. Noah is surprised that she wants to talk about Claire now, and Meredith asks him to think about what he did. Noah is adamant that he did the right thing. He shoots Danny's arm, and Danny lets Meredith go. While recapturing Danny, Noah tells Meredith that he gave Claire a stable home and a loving family.

As they are leaving, Meredith walks into the next room, shocked to find Mrs. Pine lying on the floor, dead. She asks Pine about it, and he said that he didn't mean to kill her, but she had stolen his money, cheated on him, and taken her son.

Noah tells Meredith that William is going to go to a good home, and have a caring family. Meredith admits that Noah did the right thing, but that Meredith should have been given the choice.

On the way back to Primatech Research, Meredith tells Noah that she guesses their partnership is over, and he agrees.

The Eclipse, Part 1

Angela escorts Claire into Level 5. While Doyle and Pine are confined in their cells, Claire is greeted by her father Noah.

Angela is later looking at a photo of her family.

Nathan flies off with Peter to Haiti. They are looking for the Haitian, who has gone to Haiti to recapture his brother, level 5 escapee Baron Samedi. While flying over a lake, the eclipse looms, and Nathan loses his powers and falls into the lake. They make it into a jungle and try to find their way to civilization. Nathan makes a judgment mistake, and Peter quibbles with him over this. Suddenly, the Haitian appears, motioning for them to be quiet. Haitian soldiers approach them, and Peter and the Haitian manage to escape. Nathan, however, is captured by Baron Samedi.

Noah is training Claire's physical fighting skills at the Canfields' home. When Elle and Sylar arrive, they try to disarm Noah and take Claire with their powers, but their powers aren't working. Noah dislocates Sylar's arm, and when Elle tries to shoot Noah, Claire dives into the way. Noah then shoots Elle in the hip, but discovers that Claire isn't regenerating. He takes her back to their home, but leaves Claire in Sandra's care and goes back hunting down Elle and Sylar.

Graphic Novel:The Caged Bird, Part 1

Mr. Thompson comes to The Millbrooks' home in Lawrence, KS after Daphne first manifests her ability, asking to talk to Mr. Millbrook about her daughter.

The Eclipse, Part 2

In Haiti, Peter and the Haitian take the chance of the passing eclipse to knock out Baron Samedi. They rescue Nathan, but when they find out that they are surrounded by Haitian soldiers, Peter offers to fight the soldiers while Nathan and the Haitian make their escape. Peter fends off the soldiers for a while, but is soon overpowered and forced to drop his weapon. The Haitian and Nathan, however, have returned, and the Haitian renders the soldiers unconscious. Samedi reappears, and Nathan does a flying tackle, sending him into a car. Samedi, however, is unhurt, but dazed, and the Haitian takes this opportunity to mind-wipe him.

Noah comes back to the Canfields' home, where Sylar and Elle have finished making love. Noah attacks the two, but they evade him. Noah chases Sylar and Elle into the storage room of a drug store, and, taking advantage of the eclipse, slits Sylar's throat. When he gets back to his house, he finds Claire, having come back to life after she died. Noah is shocked, and he goes downstairs, only to find Sandra held hostage by Elle and Sylar, who has similarly come back to life. Sylar begins telekinetically cutting Noah's throat, but Hiro Nakamura arrives and teleports Claire, Elle, and Sylar away.

Graphic Novel:The Caged Bird, Part 2

In the Millbrooks' home, Thompson tries to convince Daphne to come with him. However, his attempts are not working and things start to get heated. Mr. Millbrook, realizing that the situation is getting bad, tells Thompson that he would like to talk with his daughter alone and that he will see him in the morning.

Our Father

In 1991, Kaito Nakamura gives a baby Claire to Noah Bennet. Noah later returns to his residence, only to find a present-day Claire babysitting his newly-adopted baby Claire. He asks present-day Claire who she is. Claire says she's there to protect baby Claire and tells Sandra to go to the bedroom, and then reveals many details about what will happen between Noah and Claire in the next 16 years. He wonders how she knows all this, and the phone rings. Claire says not to answer it, that it's the Company and they'll take Claire away for a minute, but he can't let that happen to "Claire-Bear". Noah considers what she's said and smiles at the thought of the name "Claire-Bear", then puts the phone down without answering it.

In the present day, Peter and the Haitian have returned to the U.S. They meet up with Angela, who gives Peter a gun and the final order to go kill Arthur Petrelli. Later, in a car, the Haitian says that Peter can give the job of killing Arthur to him instead, but Peter insists that it is his own fight. After they arrive at Pinehearst Headquarters, the Haitian renders a security guard unconscious. They then go find Arthur, and the Haitian blocks Arthur's powers. Peter's indecision to pull the trigger results in Arthur beginning to overpower the Haitian and giving him a nosebleed. Peter finally pulls the trigger. However, Sylar shows up and stops the bullet, but after finding out that Arthur is not his real father, sends the bullet flying into Arthur's head, killing him.


At Primatech Research, Noah, Angela, Meredith, and Claire are held hostage by Sylar. While Noah and Meredith try to fight Sylar, Claire and Angela find refuge in Angela's office. Sylar taunts Claire over the phone, saying that he'll let them go if she shoots Angela. Noah and Meredith, meanwhile, have released the remaining Level 5 prisoners. After a while, Meredith walks through the halls of the building to find Danny Pine's arm severed. Sylar shows up and attacks Meredith, only for Eric Doyle to momentarily subdue him. Sylar overpowers Doyle and injects Meredith with adrenaline. Noah later discovers Echo DeMille dead and Meredith hiding in a Level 5 cell, losing control of her fire because of the adrenaline. Sylar locks Noah in the same cell as Meredith, and proceeds to capture Angela. Claire escapes from Sylar and helps Noah and Meredith out of their cell. Meanwhile, Sylar is interrogating Angela about his parentage. Angela reveals that she knows who Sylar's real parents are, but Sylar starts to kill her anyways, only for Claire to stick a shard of glass into Sylar's head, rendering his powers useless. Sylar falls unconscious, and Claire goes to Meredith's cell to help her out, but Meredith's fire is becoming uncontrollable. Claire, Noah, and Angela escape the building just before Meredith causes an explosion. Later, the three survivors watch Primatech Research as it burns and collapses.

Webisode:The Recruit, Part 5

Angela and Carlos bag Rachel Mills, taking the last of the serum.

A Clear and Present Danger

While talking with Claire, Angela says The Company has shutdown after Primatech Research burned to the ground, and is pleased so.

Graphic Novel:Out of Town... On Business

It is said Primatech "disintegrated", while Pinehearst was destroyed completely.

Cold Wars

Noah meets with Angela about investigating a fire he suspects was caused by a person with powers but she refuses. She says that when Primatech was destroyed she decided to shut down the Company for good feeling that it had run its course. She gives Noah a severance pay and a watch and Noah is unsure of what to do with himself now that the Company is gone.

Graphic Novel:Comrades, Part 1

In December 1998, Noah Bennet and Claude go to Moscow on a bag and tag mission, where they meet up with Ivan Spektor, who has now retired from the Company. They are hunting an evolved human known as the Russian, who seems to be the patriarch of a criminal family, all of them notoriously difficult to capture. They pursue him through a subway station, but when Claude suddenly appears in front of him, the Russian uses his age shifting ability to alter his appearance. They all follow him onto a subway train, and Noah realizes that all the members of the Russian's "family" are in fact the same man, shifting his age from young to old. Noah wonders how dangerous the Russian really is, and although Ivan points out that anyone with an ability can be a threat, Noah knows that they still possess humanity. When they finally catch up with the Russian, he age-shifts into a child. Claude says that Noah cannot shoot a young boy, but Ivan reminds him that his age is an illusion. Noah pulls his gun and wonders whether he can bring himself to shoot.

Graphic Novel:Comrades, Part 2

Noah, Claude and Ivan have cornered the Russian on a Moscow subway train. The Russian has used his age shifting ability to turn into a young boy, and Noah's hesitation to shoot a child gives the Russian time to break a window and escape from the train. As they leave the station, Ivan berates Noah for not shooting, but Noah has a hunch about the Russian's hiding place. The three go to a large marketplace, and Claude expresses his belief that the Russian is not really a killer, but Noah is doubtful. Claude sees the Russian, still in his child form, and lies to Noah to try to help the Russian get away. Ivan soon spots the Russian in the crowd and calls him out, in a successful attempt to make the Russian age-shift back into an adult body, a much easier target for Noah. The Russian pulls a knife on Ivan, but Noah shoots him dead. The three Company men share a bottle of vodka later, but Noah secretly blames Ivan for forcing him to kill.


Angela Petrelli tells Nathan, Peter, Claire, and Noah that the Company was founded at Coyote Sands. She says they made everybody forget. She wants to reinstate their old methods of protecting the truth about evolved humans, prompting Claire to ask her if she means erasing people's memories and murder. Angela calls it a necessary evil, but Peter refuses.

In 1961, a young Angela sits in Coyote Sands Cafe with Charles Deveaux, Bobby Bishop, and Daniel Linderman. They are shaken as they've just witnessed the aftermath of the massacre at Coyote Sands. Angela reveals she's had a dream where they form a company and do terrible things to prevent it from happening again.

Back in the present, Angela's current group sits at the same table as they discuss their current situation. Angela tells them she wants to form another Company, but Peter insists that they work as a family instead.

An Invisible Thread

After the threat of Building 26 had been neutralized, Noah, Angela, "Nathan", Mohinder, Peter, Claire, Hiro, Ando, and Matt are standing around "Sylar's" burning body, when 'Nathan' mentions to Noah that the President said that "the new operation" would have its funding. He then asks what they were going to call it, and Noah states that he always did like "The Company".

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