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The Company/Season One

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This article archives the history of The Company during Season One.

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After learning of his father's recent death, genetics professor Mohinder Suresh visits his father's apartment in Chennai. There, he overhears a man-in horn-rimmed glasses who is on a call asking for help to collect Chandra's research and does not notice Mohinder's arrival. Not knowing who the man is or how he got into his father's apartment, Mohinder leaves.

Mohinder goes to New York City to find out the details of his father's death. After getting his father's old taxi driver job, Mohinder has an unexpected passenger: the man in horn-rimmed glasses. Mohinder quickly realizes that he is the same person who was in his father's apartment in India, and he stops the cab and runs away.

Later on, the man in horn-rimmed glasses arrives home and is greeted at the door by his adopted daughter: Claire Bennet.

Graphic Novel:Monsters

Mr. Bennet follows Mohinder Suresh with a telescopic lens camera as he accepts a job with his father's taxi driver company.

Don't Look Back

Mohinder Suresh comes into his father's New York City apartment to find a strange man, dressed as an exterminator, messing with the phone lines. When Mohinder refuses to accept the man's story, a struggle ensues, which is broken up by his father's neighbor. She says her name is Eden, and claims that Mohinder's father used to discuss his theories and the map with her.

In Los Angeles, Matt Parkman is captured by a mysterious stranger at a bar whose thoughts Matt cannot read.


Matt Parkman wakes up in a bed in some kind of medical lab. Mr. Bennet and the Haitian man from the bar come in to the room. Matt's confused and thinks he's at a hospital initially or that it's part of some FBI or CIA operation, but Mr. Bennet tells him that's he not part of any organization that has initials. Mr. Bennet admits to having Matt drugged at the bar the previous night. Knowing of Matt's powers and, glancing at a brainwave readout, Mr. Bennet asks the man from the bar to erase his memories of what happened, saying "go deep and clean him out".

Later on, Mr. Bennet approaches Niki Sanders and Nathan Petrelli asleep in the same bed in a hotel in Las Vegas. He know they both have special abilities, but tells the Haitian to "just take the one."


Nathan Petrelli escapes from Mr. Bennet and the Haitian by flying away.

Matt Parkman is released, and wakes up at home on his sofa, not remembering what has happened to him.

Claire meets her dad in the hospital and tells her dad that Brody attempted to rape her. Afterwards, Mr. Bennet talks with Brody and then has the Haitian wipe Brody's memory such that he no longer remembers Claire.

Better Halves

When Mohinder decides to go back to Madras, India to scatter his father's ashes and return to his old life, Eden kisses him in an effort to convince him to return.

Shortly after Mohinder leaves, Eden calls Mr. Bennet. She updates him on what she has learned: that Peter Petrelli may have the power of flight, and that there may also be "somebody who can stop time". When she asks what to do about the "precog", Mr. Bennet tells her to "bring him in", and Eden later shows up at Isaac's studio.

Mr. Bennet introduces Claire to Hank and Lisa, claiming they are her biological parents.

Seven Minutes to Midnight

Ted Sprague tells Matt Parkman and FBI Agent Audrey Hanson that he was abducted like Matt, and that they both have a mark on their necks to prove it.

Mr. Bennet and Eden begin treating Isaac Mendez at their facility inside Primatech Paper Co.


Mr. Bennet is frustrated by the slow pace of Isaac's training. But under Mr. Bennet's direction, Eden and the Haitian capture Sylar outside of Claire's high school.

Six Months Ago

After using her special ability to stop Matt Parkman from issuing her a speeding ticket, Eden meets the Haitian for the first time. He brings Eden to Mr. Bennet, who tells her that now she has met someone who can say "no" to her.

Later on, Mr. Bennet and Chandra Suresh meet in Chandra's apartment in New York City. Mr. Bennet asks Chandra how his daughter Claire's genetic abnormality will affect her, and Chandra replies that he doesn't know. Chandra asks to see Claire, but Mr. Bennet says that would be a problem for his family. Chandra admits that he had a daughter, but that she died at the age of 5. And after discussing it further, Mr. Bennet tells Chandra he will consider Chandra's request to see Claire and let him know.


After Claire tells her father about her special ability, Mr. Bennet admits he already knew about it and has done things he is not proud of to protect her. Claire tells Mr. Bennet that Zach and Lyle knew about her gift too. Later, she discovers that Zach has no memory of their recent friendship and Lyle doesn't remember the incident. After telling her father that she thinks someone got to her friends, he leaves the room and the Haitian enters. The Haitian, whom Bennet and Eden believed to be mute, tells Claire that her father asked him to erase her memories, but tells her it's important she keeps her memories, and asks her to keep a secret.

Against Mr. Bennet's orders, Eden tries to kill Sylar by herself. Her attempt fails, but she stops Sylar from taking her power of persuasion by shooting herself in the head.

Graphic Novel:Fathers and Daughters

After recapturing Sylar with the Haitian's help, Mr. Bennet visits Eden McCain's father's home to tell him his daughter is dead. When the man reacts with indifference, calling Eden a "cheap whore", Bennet becomes violently angry. He tells Eden's father that Eden sacrificed her life to stop Sylar from gaining her ability. He then tells the Haitian not to clean the man out completely, but to "leave the guilt".

Graphic Novel:Wireless, Part 1

Hana Gitelman's family is killed in a suicide attack in Israel. Seeking revenge and a way to carry on her progenitors' legacies, she joins the Israeli army, but her superiors, fearing her motives, decide she's better off working intelligence for the Mossad. She excels as a strategist, but yearns for more. Things change for her when she is punched by Mr. Bennet.

Graphic Novel:Wireless, Part 2

Mr. Bennet tells Hana that he works for the CIA, and takes her to a secret facility in Alaska to evaluate her abilities. While at the facility, Hana discovers her special ability to send and receive wireless communications.

Graphic Novel:Wireless, Part 3

Mr. Bennet sends Hana by herself on a mission to Tanzania, where she monitors the communications of a man named Dr. Henry Strauss, a microbiologist who has created a powerful biological weapon--an alteration to bacterial DNA that renders ordinary stomach microbes deadly. She is able to send the needed information to Mr. Bennet, but is captured by the doctor's men. Hana manages to escape, but finds herself face-to-face with a private army.

Graphic Novel:Wireless, Part 4

Trapped, Hana offers her CIA connection as a means of escaping through diplomacy. She is brought to the U.S. Embassy, where she learns Mr. Bennet lied to her about his organization. Hana manages to escape again and finds refuge in Missoula, Montana, where she searches for information about the man who lied to her.


Mr. Bennet observes Sylar in his cell. Hank tells Mr. Bennet that they've been trying to find the codon switches that identify his powers, but they're unable to identify any of them except for telekinesis. Mr. Bennet asks if he's responding to the glycimerine and Hank informs him that they've "given him enough to kill an elephant", but that they're no closer. He tells Mr. Bennet if they keep going at this rate by tomorrow he will be dead. Mr. Bennet tells the doctor that "they" haven't authorized it, however, so Sylar must remain alive.

The FBI raid Primatech Paper Co., but fail to find evidence of foul play.

The Fix

After Hank tells Mr. Bennet that Sylar's vitals are irregular, Mr. Bennet orders Hank to keep Sylar arrive.
Later on, Mr. Bennet revisits Sylar's cell and finds Hank on the table instead of Sylar. Mr. Bennet turns around to find Sylar standing behind him. Sylar asks him how Claire is.

Graphic Novel:How Do You Stop an Exploding Man?, Part 2

A team from the Company closes in on Ted, spraying him with liquid concrete in an attempt to contain his radioactivity. However, Ted explodes in anger. Most of the men are killed, but Ted believes their leader (whom we find out in a later episode is Thompson) escaped. Two days later, Ted follows Hana's information about the needle to the manufacturer. Entering the Pharmatech Industrial Building in Billings, MT, Ted encounters a scientist. Using his powers he demands to know what the needle is used for. The scientist tells him it's used to inject a radioactive isotope to allow researchers to track wildlife. Angry that he's being treated like an animal, Ted destroys the facility.


Isaac tells Mr. Bennet that Peter Petrelli will be responsible for the explosion that will destroy the city. And after showing Mr. Bennet a painting of footprints in a puddle, Mr. Bennet realizes that an old friend, Claude, is still alive, and that Peter has absorbed Claude's power of invisibility. He gives Isaac a gun in case Peter returns before finding he finds him.

Company Man

There are a few flashback segments in this episode. Fifteen years ago, Mr. Bennet is interviewed by Thompson to be the new regional manager of Primatech Paper Co. He tells him that he will have a partner that is already here, and Claude Rains becomes visible.
Fourteen years ago, on the rooftop of the Deveaux building, Mr. Bennet and Claude discuss the fate of baby Claire, as well as her pyrokinetic mother, Meredith Gordon, that disappeared in a fire when confronted by the duo. Thompson and Kaito Nakamura are also there, and Mr. Nakamura orders Mr. Bennet to raise baby Claire. He tells Mr. Bennet not to get too attached, because if Claire manifests an ability, they intend to take her back.
Seven years ago, Mr. Bennet drives himself and Claude to a deserted bridge and shoots at him when he refuses to admit who he is covering for. Claude gets away by turning invisible.

In the present, Ted Sprague's and Matt Parkman's investigative break-in into the Bennet house turns into a hostage situation that backfires on them. After Claire tranquilizes Ted, Matt is retaken by the Company. Mr. Bennet learns the Haitian spoke to Claire, and the Haitian tells him what he did he was doing on orders by someone higher than Mr. Bennet that was part of Claire's family. On Mr. Bennet's orders, Mr. Bennet, Claire and the Haitian drive to the same deserted bridge and the Haitian shoots Mr. Bennet and removes his memory of recent events.

Graphic Novel:Hell's Angel

In Kermit, TX in 1992, Mr. Bennet and Claude approach an apartment to "bag and tag" an evolved human. Mr. Bennet, new on the job, waits outside while Claude slips inside, planning to become invisible to catch the woman unaware. However, the door to the apartment is suddenly blown open by an explosive fire.

Mr. Bennet rushes in to help Claude, who tells him that the woman "blew up", and to take the baby. Mr. Bennet finds Claire in her crib and carries her out of the apartment to safety.


At Primatech Paper Co., Mr. Bennet tells Thompson that he lacks any memory of recent events. Thompson tells Mr. Bennet he can't be the one to search for his missing daughter, and introduces him to Candice, who he says will help to clean up the mess he may. After exiting the room, he asks Matt Parkman, who is bound to chair, whether Mr. Bennet is telling the truth. Matt confirms what Mr. Bennet said as true, but refuses to abide by the agreement to release Matt if he helped him.

Candice and Mr. Bennet later go on a mission together to Isaac's apartment, where they help Isaac cover up his shooting of Simone Deveaux.

The Haitian receives instructions to take Claire to Paris, but Claire ditches him at the airport and goes to NYC to find Peter Petrelli. However, when she arrives at the apartment, she finds Angela Petrelli with the Haitian and she tells her that she is Claire's grandmother.

Candice impersonates Mr. Bennet's wife and discovers he was trying to protect Claire and take down the Company.

Graphic Novel:Family Man

Before Mr. Bennet went to the bridge to be shot by the Haitian, he went to a coffee shop and sent Hana a message asking her to obtain a file that would help them bring down the Company.

Graphic Novel:War Buddies, Part 5

After obtaining and reading the classified Pentagon file, Hana learns that the file details the story of two soldiers from the Vietnam war, Mr. Petrelli (codename Dallas) and Mr. Linderman (codename Austin), and that Austin has the power to heal.

Graphic Novel:War Buddies, Part 6

To find out more on how Mr. Linderman might be tied to the Company, Hana breaks into Linderman's servers and learns that Linderman plans to rig the results of Nathan Petrelli's congressional election.


Thompson tells Mr. Bennet that when the order comes to kill him, he will do so. Later on, Mr. Bennet helps Matt Parkman and Ted Sprague to escape with him from Primatech Paper Co. Matt tells Ted and Mr. Bennet that Thompson was following orders from Mr. Linderman in Las Vegas, but Mr. Bennet convinces them to go first after the Company's tracking system in NYC.

Mr. Linderman and Nathan Petrelli continue a discussion, where Mr. Linderman tells Nathan that the explosion Isaac's predicts will occur will be something good, and tries to convince him of that by showing one of Isaac's paintings that depicts Nathan standing alone in the Oval office of the White House. He also shows Nathan that he has the ability to heal.

The Hard Part

After discovering their son, Micah, has been taken by Mr. Linderman, D.L. and Jessica go to Linderman's Casino in Las Vegas to find clues to their son's whereabouts. They discover Linderman has gone to NYC and that Linderman has records that indicate he has been keeping tabs on them for most of their entire lives.

On Linderman's instructions, Nathan's mother, Angela Petrelli, tells Nathan that Linderman called her and asked her to talk to Nathan to ensure that he will see the plan through. She also reveals to Nathan that she knew the details of the plan long before he did, and that it is not just Linderman's plan, but a work that has been prepared by many.

Mohinder joins forces with Thompson to find a cure for Molly Walker, who has a life-threatening illness that is blocking her special ability of clairvoyance. Mohinder wants to help Molly so she can use her ability to help him locate Sylar. He realizes the cure is in his own antibodies and uses them to begin curing Molly.


Candice Willmer accompanies Micah to a polling place and he uses his ability to fix the election such that all votes from each precinct register for Nathan Petrelli. The fix works and Nathan Petrelli wins by a Landslide.

Mr. Bennet and Matt Parkman make it to the Company's NYC facility, and unite with D.L. and Niki to gain entrance. Once inside the elevator, D.L. and Niki continue on to see Mr. Linderman, while Matt and Mr. Bennet get off to find the tracking system. Mr. Bennet kills Thompson and they enter the room where Molly Walker is held. A standoff ensues when Mohinder knocks out Matt and threatens to shoot Mr. Bennet while Mr. Bennet threatens to shoot Molly.
Meanwhile, D.L. and Niki confront Mr. Linderman in his office. Linderman reveals what floor Micah is on, but tries to bribe Jessica with $2 million dollar to shoot D.L. Instead of killing her husband, Jessica allows Niki to retake her body. Disappointed, Mr. Linderman tries to shoot Niki but D.L. takes the bullet instead. And as Mr. Linderman prepares to take a second shot, D.L. sneaks around and phases his hand into the back of Mr. Linderman's head, killing him.

Graphic Novel:The Death of Hana Gitelman, Part 1

Hana meets up with Ted, Matt, and Mr. Bennet on a playground somewhere between Texas and NYC. Mr. Bennet tells Hana they are going to NYC to destroy the Walker tracking system used by the Company, and that she needs to destroy the satellite used to run the Company's isotope tracking system. Hana heads to Hong Kong and finds a rocket she plans to use to do so, but is surrounded by Chinese guards.

How to Stop an Exploding Man

D.L. Hawkins and Niki Sanders kill Mr. Linderman and rescue their son Micah from Candice. Mr. Bennet and Matt Parkman kill Thompson and rescue Molly Walker.

Sylar confronts Peter outside the Company's facility and causes Peter's induced radioactivity to become unstable. Sylar is stabbed by Hiro and disappears into the sewers. Nathan Petrelli flies his brother Peter into the sky, preventing the explosion from destroying NYC and foiling Linderman's plan.

Graphic Novel:The Death of Hana Gitelman, Part 2

Hana Gitelman forges an email allowing her to ride a Chinese spacecraft into space. Once close to the satellite used for the isotope tracking system, Hana uses her ability to send the satellite a self-destruct command, but it doesn't respond. The satellite has a self-defence system--a virus that quickly infects Hana. As a last-ditch effort, Hana propels herself onto the spacecraft and rides it into the atmosphere. Hana's body burns up with the satellite, but her consciousness somehow lives on and is able to send Micah Sanders messages on his computer.

Graphic Novel:It Takes a Village, Part 4

After Guillame's suicide, Thompson arrives in Haiti, sees the aftermath of the Haitian's power and recruits him to work for the Company.

Graphic Novel:Golden Handshake, Part 1

Claude Rains and his first partner, Haram, pursue Rollo Fusor in a harbor of Côte d'Azur, France. Claude secretly boards Rollo Fusor's yacht successfully, but Haram ends up handcuffed to some dead weight and is pushed off the docks when he goes to rescue two people he believes to be held captive.

Graphic Novel:Golden Handshake, Part 2

With Claude's help, Haram escapes drowning but Rollo Fusor and his accomplice get away. The Company tracks them to Paris, France and Claude and Haram attempt to capture them. However, when they enter the hotel room where they are located, Rollo Fusor and another man are both dead and the lady accomplice is missing. They determine that the lady accomplice must have had the power all along.

Graphic Novel:Golden Handshake, Part 3

Claude and Haram head to the roof to pursue the lady accomplice. They chase her into a Paris park, but she overpowers the Company agents.

Graphic Novel:Golden Handshake, Part 4

Claude knocks out the murder, and Haram kills her, despite the Company's orders to bring her in. To avoid a scuffle, Haram decides to quit the Company after six months, and Claude decides to fudge the facts on the official report. However, when Claude reports to Primatech, a secretary says that Haram has retired, and tells Claude he is to be partnered with his trainee, Noah Bennet.

Graphic Novel:Blackout, Part 1

A Primatech agent meets with a New York City hospital director and when greeting him, gives him a hug.

Graphic Novel:Blackout, Part 2

The same Primatech agent enters the hospital room where Mohinder has been trying to treat a teenage patient. After hitting Mohinder with a gun, he attempts to kidnap the patient to be used as a weapon, noting that the Company believes he might be able to create an electromagnetic pulse. However, the teenager erupts again in a power surge, knocking out the agent and allowing Mohinder and the teen to escape the hospital by car.

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