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Faith and religion/Season Three

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This article archives the history of Faith and religion during Season Three.

For more about Faith and religion, see the main article.

For Faith and religion's Season One history, see here.


The Second Coming

  • Nathan believes that God brought him back to life after being shot. Afterwards he goes to a church, prays, and says what he thinks is God's message.
  • Linderman speaks of "God's plan."
  • Arguing with Peter why he had to shoot his brother, Angela asks him whom he is to play God.
  • In a voice-over, Mohinder reads from "The Second Coming", a poem by William Butler Yeats that contains numerous religious references.
  • Sylar believes that if humans used their brains to their full potential, they could learn the answers to questions such as "How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?"

The Butterfly Effect

  • When Tracy Strauss says that Nathan's talking about God's help could win him right wing votes, Robert Malden objects that politics and God are risky bedfellows.
  • Linderman tries to get Nathan to accept Governor Malden's offer to become a Senator, claiming that it is "God's plan." Nathan retorts that Linderman knows nothing of God's plan.
  • Claire wonders if you still have a soul when you cannot feel anything.

One of Us, One of Them

  • In the Outro saying "...we look for answers everywhere. In nature, in God...", we see Nathan reading the Genesis-chapter of the bible.

I Am Become Death

  • The title is originally a passage from the Bhagavad-Gita, a sacred Hindu text, which was quoted by John Robert Oppenheimer after witnessing the success of the world's first nuclear bomb test.
  • The title of Heroes Unmasked following this episode is "Playing God".

Angels and Monsters

  • The title references angels, which are messengers of God. Nathan wonders if he is one of these beings.

Dying of the Light

  • Nathan tells Mohinder that he once thought his ability was a gift from God. Now he realizes that his ability was synthetic.
  • Eric Doyle says that, "with God as [his] witness," he will make Meredith love him.

Eris Quod Sum


  • Elle tells Gabriel that his noose breaking during his suicide must have been a sign, even though it was she who broke it.
  • Gabriel says that Elle is like an angel when she prevents his suicide.
  • Elle says that Gabriel had a soul that could have been saved and that they should not have provoked his hunger. Noah tells her that they are not missionaries.
  • Angela warns Peter and Nathan not to idolize their father, saying that he was a man rather than a god.
  • A Catholic cardinal is present at Arthur's funeral.

The Eclipse, Part 1

  • While in Haiti, Nathan and Peter come across a number of "voodoo dolls" mounted on stakes. Peter explains that they are made to ask for salvation.
  • The Haitian tells Nathan and Peter that his brother, Samedi is thought of as a god by his men because he is practically invulnerable.
  • "Baron Samedi" is the name of an important Loa in Voodoo religion.

Our Father

A Clear and Present Danger

  • A reporter questions Nathan about his highly publicized religious experience. Nathan claims that he is a "God fearing" man and claims that it motivates him to do what he does.

Trust and Blood

  • The fugitives gather in front of the "Unity Light Baptist Church" of Pastor Loulan Bartlett.

Building 26

  • Annapurna awaits a sign from God as a deciding factor of her forced marriage to Deepak, and takes Ando's display of his power to be this sign.

Into Asylum

  • The motel's name is "Puerta al Cielo Motel" meaning "Heaven's door".
  • The shape shifter's favored disco is called "Garden of Eden".
  • Angela calls Peter her "guardian angel" and dreams about a female angel.
  • Angela and Peter hide out in a Catholic church where the end of a mass can be seen. Angela doubts if God himself has forgiveness in him and Peter questions Jesus's benevolence in light of all that he has gone through. When Danko's men search the church, Angela and Peter hide in a confessional (Peter taking the place of the priest), where Angela tells her son what she had hoped to do with her life and how her ability showed her an "apocalypse" and she learned to lie and manipulate people to avoid that future. Peter says to Jesus they had a deal and asks him to "show up".

Turn and Face the Strange

  • Mohinder closes the episode with an epilogue and speaks of Icarus, the boy who did not listen to his father's warning, and flew too close to the sun.

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