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Alcohol/Season Two

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This article archives the history of Alcohol during Season Two.

For more about Alcohol, see the main article.

For Alcohol's Season One history, see here.


Four Months Later...

Nathan has become an alcoholic and yells at Angela while drunk.

Kensei partakes in some sake after letting Otsu burn.


Hiro finds Kensei drunk.


Michelle offers Sylar a daiquiri in an illusion.

After the robbery, Ricky and Caitlin enjoy a few pints. Later, Ricky holds a glass when he attends to Peter.

The Line

Debbie Marshall drinks from a bottle of liquor while hazing new cheerleaders.

Four Months Ago...

Alejandro's wedding guests enjoy some celebratory drinks.

Truth & Consequences

Sylar and Maya enjoy wine by Cook Lake.

Graphic Novel Appearances

Heroes Evolutions

Saving Charlie

  • Hiro remembers drinking a bottle of shochu with Ando at a bar in Shinjuku. (Chapter 7)
  • Hiro and Charlie share some wine during a housewarming at Hiro's apartment. (Chapter 13)
  • Hiro and Charlie continue drinking wine. Hiro offers a refill, but Charlie declines. When Hiro's knees buckle, he blames it on the alcohol. (Chapter 14)
  • Ando asks Hiro if he's wasted on sake. (Chapter 21)

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