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Episode:One of Us, One of Them

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One of Us, One of Them
Season: Three
Episode number: 303
First aired: September 29, 2008
One of Us, One of Them.jpg
Written by: Joe Pokaski
Directed by: Sergio Mimica-Gezzan
Previous episode: The Butterfly Effect
Next episode: I Am Become Death
Heroes Interactive transcript
In the ongoing search for self, there are days when we learn something genuinely new. Something uncovered, hidden, that we never knew was there. Something that surprises us. And on that day of self-discovery, the question remains: What kind of person are we? Does the hero, or the villain inside us, win the day?


Story Development

Bridget Bailey · Clairsentience · First Federal Bank of New York · Sound manipulation · Moviehaus · Usutu's food · Walkman · Dr. Zimmerman



In a Level 5 cell, Sylar is strapped to a metal table. Angela Petrelli enters Sylar's cell and removes the arm restraints. Angela tells Sylar that her sons have failed her, but she can provide Sylar with the love and guidance a mother should provide her son, to which Sylar gets a bit upset stating that she is not his mother. Angela, however, insists that she is his mother, much to Sylar's shock. Angela confesses that she should have never given Sylar up for adoption but now she tells Sylar that she will take good care of him, like a good mother. After praising him for being special, Angela tells Sylar he needs to be strong for what's to come. Angela calls in a girl named Bridget Bailey into the cell and explains to Sylar that Bridget can see an object's entire past. She states that Bridget is there to feed Sylar and leaves the cell, trapping Bridget and Sylar alone. Bridget's screams of agony can be heard from the cell along with the sound of grinding bone.

Tracy's frozen rose.

Alone in her apartment, Tracy freezes a rose and thinks about her new abilities and the possible repercussions they may have.

In Washington, DC, Nathan Petrelli asks a staffer if Tracy has arrived yet, to which he replies that she isn't answering her phone. Nathan closes the doors of his office as a future version of his brother teleports into his office. Nathan asks Future Peter where Peter is, but the time traveler doesn't know either and is looking for Peter too. Nathan explains that Peter called him last night but that he wasn't using Peter's voice. Nathan replays Peter's message on his phone in which Peter claims to be trapped in a body, and has just broke out of Level 5 with criminals. The trapped Peter also confides to Nathan that he's trying to get back but he's afraid the Level 5 escapees will hurt somebody.

In Poughkeepsie, Peter (who is still in Jesse Murphy's body), Flint, The German, and Knox approach the First Federal Bank of New York. As they walk, Peter suggests they move their heist to the night, where it would be empty. Knox replies by saying that's not part of the plan and tells Peter that he can feel his fear. When they enter the bank, The German shuts all the windows and Flint shoots fireballs to scare the customers.

Meanwhile, on Level 5, Noah and Angela discuss his desire to recapture the escapees, most of whom Noah originally captured. Noah says he's not here to re-enlist but to help put the psychopaths where they belong, and then return to his family. Noah asks for his partner but Angela says The Haitian is on a pick up assignment for her, and Noah reminds Angela on how the Company partnering works: one of us, one of them. Angela says she has the perfect new partner, for Noah: Sylar, who wipes Bridget's blood off his hand.

Back at the bank, Peter tells the hostages to keep their heads down. As The German uses his ability to open a safe, Flint keeps busy by bagging money. A female teller reaches to press an alarm but Flint stops her and threatens to rape her. Peter demands Flint to stop as The German tells the escapees that the safe is now open.

Noah is opposed to working with Sylar, especially since Sylar's recent attack on Claire, but Sylar rationalizes that since Claire can't die she was never in any danger. Angela says Sylar is just misunderstood and needs some structure, and Noah gives in to working with him.

Sandra and Meredith discuss what's best for Claire. Claire comes in and declares that there's no longer any reason for her to go to school, angering Sandra.

Back at Primatech Research, Angela, Noah and his new partner see the robbery on the news and it becomes Noah and Sylar's first Company assignment.

Hiro and Ando teleport to outside a movie theater in Berlin, Germany, where they expect Daphne to show up based on their tracking. She arrives and tells him she has delivered the first half of the formula, and that she's at the theater to intercept the second half. Daphne then tries to run super fast into the theater, but ends up just jogging. Hiro finds out that his powers are also gone when he can't stop time. Hiro sees the Haitian holding a briefcase and recognizes him from the future, giving him and Ando an advantage over Daphne.

Usutu's picture shows Matt's new future.

Meredith agrees to let Claire skip school that day in order to train her to fight. After convincing Claire to skip school, against her legal mother's will, Meredith brings Claire into an empty storage container and the lesson begins by setting it all on fire, to teach Claire about survival.

Nathan shows up at Tracy's place wondering why she missed his swearing-in ceremony as the junior senator from New York. She asks him about Niki and the sex video she obtained, but Nathan claims that she should already know about that since she is Niki. Tracy tells Nathan again that she isn't Niki, but needs to find her. Tracy continues that she has an address for Niki in New Orleans, and is going there.

As Jesse, Peter expresses more doubts about their plan and says they should leave now that they have the money. The German agrees, and Knox absorbs the nearby fear of the crowd and channels it into enough strength to ram his fist through the German and into the wall behind, killing him.

Matt Parkman, still in Africa, is taught a lesson in spirit journeys from his guide, Usutu, who paints the future. Parkman sees many paintings showing scenes from his life that have already happened, as well as one that has not yet come to pass: a happy scene in which Matt and a blonde woman are holding a baby. However, Usutu says that painting no longer depicts the future.

Sylar and Noah, both in suits, drive to the bank. Noah tells Sylar to be quiet and let him handle the situation.

Hiro and Ando follow the Haitian into the theater, where the exchange is supposed to take place, and take seats behind him while they work out a scheme. Daphne interrupts their plotting, and tells them she's just doing this because some guy is paying her. She tries to turn Ando against Hiro, but fails to do so and appears to leave.

While the fugitives are waiting for The Company to arrive, Peter tries to talk Knox out of the robbery, and his cowardice causes Knox to suspect something is up. He asks "Jesse" about his family and friends in Detroit, and Peter says he'll be glad to get back to them. Knox points out that Jesse doesn't have any friends and realizes that he is an impostor. Knox and Flint attack Peter and hurl him across the bank into a wall.

Outside, Noah and Sylar proceed to the police barricade outside the bank, and Sylar takes charge by posing as FBI agent Andrew Hanson, and orders the cops to move back and fetch them some coffee.

Micah uses technopathy.

After the film is finished, the Haitian meets up with a woman and explains that Angela wants her half of the formula closer to home due to recent events. He takes the formula, places it in his briefcase, and prepares to leave.

Noah puts on a flak jacket and again tells Sylar to stay outside and deal with any witnesses.

Tracy arrives in New Orleans and visits a home and opens a casket to see a dead Niki inside. After viewing Niki in the casket, Tracy turns to leave and runs into Micah. Micah realizes that Tracy is not his mother, and tells her that both he and his mother had powers. He explains Niki's ability and his own ability to talk to machines. Afterwards, Micah uses his ability to search the Internet and learns that Tracy and Niki were both born on the same day, in the same hospital, and both delivered by the same man, Dr. Zimmerman.

Hiro and Ando hatch a plan where Ando is supposed to play an usher, but instead Ando hits the Haitian over the head and knocks him out. Ando expresses a reluctance to continue playing the "sidekick" to Hiro, reflecting the doubts Daphne had just been trying to exploit. While the Haitian is knocked out, Hiro grabs the briefcase but Daphne speeds by and swaps it out of his hands for a bag of popcorn. Hiro tries to stop time, but the Haitian is awake again, upset, and standing right behind them.

Noah enters the bank as a negotiator and gets the hostages released. Knox pins down Noah, but Peter taps into Jesse's ability, crashing Knox and Flint into the wall with a sonic wave.

Just then, time freezes as Future Peter arrives and pushes present day Peter out of Jesse's body. Future Peter then teleports away with the present day self, allowing time to resume. The real Jesse then takes control of his body and prepares to attack Noah. However, Sylar arrives just in time to stop him and Knox in their tracks with telekinesis. Flint tries to attack Sylar but Noah pulls out his gun and shoots him.

Inside the storage container, Claire says she has mastered survival and needs to learn how to fight, to which Meredith replies that there are some things you can't fight. Meredith suggests the air must be getting thin in the container, which causes Claire to seemingly begin to suffocate. Claire begs her to stop, but Meredith persists until Claire confesses she wants to learn to fight not to help people, but to hurt villains such as Sylar.

Noah then takes Flint outside for medical attention and arrange transport, expecting Sylar to keep the other two in check. But Sylar locks Noah out of the bank as soon as he and Flint exit the building and succumbs to his killer hunger and takes Jesse's ability. Knox seizes this opportunity to escape and flees out the back of the bank.

Sylar wants Jesse's abilities.

Back at the Bennet house, Meredith apologizes to Claire for having to teach her a tough lesson, but it was necessary. Sandra is furious to learn that Meredith is training Claire and insists that Meredith knows nothing about her daughter and how to raise her. Meredith insists that it was either teach Claire what she wanted to know, or she'd walk out.

Usutu replaces the picture of Matt with a blonde woman and a baby with a new picture in which Matt is crying and holding the blonde woman's dead body.

At the Bennet house, the doorbell rings and May, one of Claire's cheerleader friends, comes by to pick Claire up for a cheerleader's retreat. Claire, seemingly in a much better mood, asks Sandra if it's okay she can go. Sandra agrees and Claire leaves for the weekend.

Tracy tracks Dr. Zimmerman down in California, and learns that not only does he know her, but he created her.

Matt has asks Usutu what his future holds, enters Usutu's desert dwelling, and obtains tribal markings on his face. He eats a bowl of unknown contents, and claims that nothing's happening. Usutu then gives Matt his music to listen to, and Matt seems to fall asleep. However, his eyes suddenly jolt open and they are white.

Noah and Sylar return to Primatech Research only with Flint. As they lead Flint to a Level 5 cell next to one containing Hiro and Ando, Sylar comments to Angela that it looks like he proved her wrong. But Angela says she still thinks there's hope for Sylar. Later, Noah tells the Haitian he's sticking around just long enough to learn Sylar's weakness, then kill him.

Nathan reads the Bible, looking for guidance.

Micah stands over his mother's coffin.

Claire drives through the night on her own, a box of Primatech files on the car seat next to her.

And as the search for self continues, we look for answers everywhere. In nature, in God, in tiny tragedies that may never be understood. But still, we are driven to it, single-minded on one goal: to find our purpose on this earth. No matter what the ramifications, the friendships that may be hurt, or the deals with the devil we need to make.

Memorable Quotes

"He's a murderer!"

"Then you and Gabriel have more in common than you care to admit."

- Noah Bennet, Angela Petrelli

"You're telling us your plan? What kind of overconfident nemesis are you?"

"You're 0 for 2 against me, Pikachu. That's just regular confidence."


- Hiro, Daphne

"Why did you come along with us? You had plenty of chances to bail."

"You said you were going to hurt people. I couldn't let that happen."

"Now I know you're full of it. No one's that heroic."

- Knox, Peter

"Go away. We were here first."

"You can't call dibs."

"Can too. Dibs."

- Hiro, Daphne

"Do you know me?"

"Know you? I created you."

- Tracy, Dr. Zimmerman

Character Appearances


  • When Meredith, Claire's biological mother, is taunting her with fire, Claire responds by saying ""I've walked through fire and haven't gotten burned". In Genesis, said this same line to her adoptive mother, Sandra.

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