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Malina/Heroes Reborn

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This article archives the history of Malina during Season Reborn.

For more about Malina, see the main article.

Character History

Brave New World

Standing in the Arctic, Malina raises her hands and controls the northern lights, including a hole in the lights. As she changes the lights, she says to an unseen observer that the magnetic pole reversal is happening much faster than they initially thought, and that she can't control it much longer.

Under the Mask

Malina walks towards the edge of a cliff with an invisible Farah behind her. Farah points out a brewing storm, and Malina uses her ability to neutralize it. Malina expresses concern that she will not be ready when the time comes, but Farah replies that the world will need her powers soon regardless. Later, when operatives from Renautas arrive by helicopter to find Malina, she and Farah observe the helicopter from afar and begin their journey south.

The Needs of the Many

Malina walks up behind Farah as the latter observes a host of monarch butterflies who have migrated to the Arctic, as well as her compass needle rapidly spinning to point to multiple directions. Farah informs Malina that she is to travel south, which Malina is excited about. Farah chastises Malina for this, but Malina picks up one of the hibernating butterflies, uses her ability to awaken it, and awakens the rest of the butterflies, which fly away.

Later, in Canada with Farah, Malina voices her concern that she may be unable to save the world. At Farah's insistence, Malina uses her power to cause a tree to sprout in seconds. This is witnessed by a human Canadian hiker who attempts to call the authorities, but is stopped by Farah. Malina is shocked and disturbed by this incident.

The Lion's Den

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Game Over

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June 13th, Part One

On June 13, 2014 Malina is born to Claire Bennet alongside her twin brother Nathan. Claire dies in childbirth while a stunned Noah Bennet from the future discovers their existence as he had no idea. Angela Petrelli, Malina's great-grandmother informs Noah that one of Claire's children will save the world from H.E.L.E.. Noah realizes that he had his memory of the event erased to protect the children and it must've worked as Erica Kravid is still looking for them in the future. Noah realizes that since Erica is looking for a one-year old child, the safest place for them is in the past which will allow them time to grow up and prepare for their destiny. Angela has Hiro Nakamura take her back to 1999 to raise Claire's children. Before they leave, Noah asks for them to name the children since Claire never got to. Noah names Malina after his mother and plans to erase the security footage so no one knows Nathan and Malina were there. Hiro and Angela then disappear to 1999 with Nathan and Malina.

June 13th, Part Two

Hiro, Angela, Malina and Nathan arrive in 1999, but remain in Odessa, Texas rather than teleporting to Switzerland as planned. When Hiro tries again, he discovers his powers are gone and Angela realizes that Nathan is a power absorber and has stolen Hiro's powers as he did Claire's which allowed her to die in childbirth. To keep Nathan from accidentally stealing Malina's powers, Angela decides that the twins must be raised separately and leaves with Malina.

On June 13th, 2014, Noah asks the now-fifteen year old Nathan to take him to see Angela. When they arrive at Angela's place, Malina can be seen using her powers to play with butterflies in the background. After they leave, Angela tells Farah Nazan that there's something about Malina and Nathan's destiny that she hasn't had the heart to tell them.

Sundae, Bloody Sundae

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11:53 to Odessa

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Send in the Clones

Malina worries about what happened to her grandfather as he disappeared, but left behind only his broken horn-rimmed glasses. Luke later takes her to buy a gun as his powers only work in daylight and offers to buy her one too. However, Malina tells him she doesn't need one as her powers work all day, causing him to smile.

As the two drive, they are stopped by two Harris clones and Quentin and Phoebe Frady. Malina recognizes Phoebe from the Arctic and the two flee into a cornfield where Phoebe sends shadows at them. Malina blows them back with her powers at first, but Phoebe eventually overwhelms her and Malina and Luke are left depowered. Luke orders Malina to flee to a nearby barn while he confronts the Renautas agents, but she eventually turns back. Malina is captured by Quentin, Phoebe and a Harris clone, but Quentin hesitates to murder her. This hesitation buys Luke time to rescue her, pistol-whipping Phoebe unconscious and frying the Harris clone. While Quentin threatens to shoot Malina, Luke eventually gets him to back down and surrender. Malina then puts a power restraint on Phoebe so she can't block them anymore.

In the barn, Luke and Malina question Quentin and Phoebe for information and learn that Nathan, now known as Tommy Clark, is at Renautas in Odessa, Texas. While Luke wants to kill Phoebe for her role in his son's death, Malina talks him down and they instead take the two prisoner.

As Luke and Malina load their prisoners into their car, the second Harris clone suddenly emerges from the cornfield and takes aim at Malina. Before he can fire, he suddenly dies as Miko Otomo had killed Harris Prime. The four then begin their journey to Odessa together.

Company Woman

Reaching Odessa, Luke and Malina find the way blocked by the National Guard on Erica Kravid's order and Luke decides to take a method to finding Tommy. First, he drives them into the woods and orders Malina to stay behind as he takes Quentin and Phoebe away, presumably to execute them. Malina reluctantly obeys his orders, but Phoebe escapes while Quentin defects to their side and joins Luke in protecting Malina.

As part of his new plan, Luke takes them to Union Wells High School which has been turned into a relief center and has news crews. As they walk through the school, Malina spots a picture of her mother in the trophy case and comments on how beautiful she is. In the packed gym, Malina causes a spectacle with her powers and gets the news' attention. Malina uses the news cameras to broadcast a message to Tommy telling him to meet her at Union Wells High School where their mother had gone to school. With the help of Micah Sanders, Tommy gets the message, but so does Erica who sends Joanne Collins to kill her.

As they wait for Tommy, Luke notices Joanne and tries to get Malina out before Joanne notices them, but fails. Joanne fires at them before Luke shoots her gun out of her hand. During Joanne's shooting, Quentin tackles Malina to the ground and shields her. Joanne recovers her gun as Luke turns to his power instead and refuses to stop saying with her son dead, all she had left was her revenge. Joanne fires twice at Malina, apparently hitting her in the stomach before Luke incinerates her. To Malina's shock, she is unharmed as Farah had shielded her while invisible. Malina is shocked to see her old friend and horrified by her injuries. Malina then leaves with Luke and Quentin while Carlos, Jose and Micah take Farah to the hospital.

Project Reborn

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Graphic Novel:Godsend, Part 2

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Graphic Novel:Godsend, Part 3

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Heroes Evolutions

Save the Cheerleader, Destroy the World

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Heroes Reborn App

After the Heroes Reborn app was released, a video summary of Malina's history was provided. The summary included:

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