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Detective Murphy

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Detective Murphy
Portrayed by Derwin Phillips
First appearance Under the Mask
In-story stats
Known ability None
Home Los Angeles, CA
Occupation LAPD detective

Detective Murphy is a dirty cop with the LAPD.

Character History

Under the Mask

Officers Murphy and Evans assist James Dearing in interrogating Fiona about an underground railroad. He watches as Fiona flies away, and then pursues Carlos when he interrupts the scene.

The Lion's Den

In a Los Angeles police station, officers Murphy and Evans sit at their desks and open boxes containing the new E.P.I.C glasses. Murphy nonchalantly asks Dearing if it's true that the E.P.I.C glasses really can detect evolved humans, unknowingly alerting Dearing to the imminent threat of being outed as an evo. Murphy puts on the glasses and looks at Dearing just as he starts to walk away, seeing that Dearing is an evo. When Dearing punches Evans in the chest, Murphy shoots him with a tranquilizer and helps Evans restrain him. Murphy tells the other officers present that he and Evans have the situation under control, and then drags Dearing away.

In a car park, Murphy and Evans throw Dearing into the back of a police van and drive up a level. When flares hit the van and Evans hits the breaks, Murphy witnesses someone knock out his partner through the window. Murphy gets out of the van and runs, but is grabbed by El Vengador and punched away.

Graphic Novel:Vengeance, Part 5

In June 2014, Murphy drives a truck full of evos, following Dearing towards Sunstone Manor. Murphy drives into a strange mist, and suddenly sees the silhouette of El Vengador in front of him. Just as Murphy hits the brakes, El Vengador stops the truck with his enhanced strength, causing Murphy's head to collide with the windshield. Murphy radios Dearing to tell him that they need backup, but is dragged out of the truck by El Vengador. El Vengador ties up Murphy with Evans, but they later escape their bonds and regroup with Dearing.

Heroes Evolutions

Dirty Deeds

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