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James Dearing

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James Dearing
James Dearing.jpg
Portrayed by Dylan Bruce
First appearance Under the Mask
In-story stats
Known ability Enhanced strength
Nickname Jim
Date of death 2015
Home Los Angeles, CA
Occupations LAPD Captain,
LAPD detective and lieutenant (formerly)

James Dearing was a corrupt LAPD police captain who lived a double life as a bounty hunter bringing captured evos to Sunstone Manor. He was an evo himself with the ability of enhanced strength.

Character History

Brave New World

Captain Dearing's photograph is posted on Oscar Gutierrez's board of clues.


When Carlos Gutierrez beats Eugene Pakowski to find out who ordered him to lie on his police report, Pakowski gives up the name "James Dearing".

Under the Mask

Carlos waits in his car outside Lowdell Station and waits for Dearing to walk out. When he does, he follows Dearing to an abandoned building. Inside, Dearing interrogates Fiona with two of his colleagues, Detective Evans and Detective Murphy. Dearing demands that Fiona tell him where the underground railroad is, but she refuses. Dearing drags Fiona to the nearest window and throws her out, but is unsurprised when she halts her fall and flies away. Dearing tells his colleagues that he put a tracker on Fiona that will lead them to the others so they can make even more money. At that moment, Carlos inadvertently makes a noise while opening a door so Dearing and the others pursue him. Carlos escapes with the help of Father Mauricio, who turns him into mist which Dearing runs through unawares.

Later, Dearing arrives at Fiona's evo hideout but finds that the evos are already gone. He is then attacked by Carlos in the El Vengador suit, causing him confusion because he thought he had El Vengador killed. After taking a few hits, Dearing reveals that he is an evo himself with enhanced strength. He overpowers Carlos and brutally beats him, but Carlos escapes by jumping out the window before Dearing can unmask him.

The Needs of the Many

In the basement of Gutierrez and Sons, Father Mauricio warns Carlos that Dearing will soon be onto them both. Later, Dearing arrives at Gutierrez and Sons and witnesses Jose phase his hand through a car. Mauricio tries to defend Jose, but Dearing tazes him and has his men capture Jose.

The Lion's Den

When he finds that Jose and Father Mauricio are missing, Carlos correctly assumes that Dearing has taken them. He goes to Lowdell Station and demands to see Dearing. Officer Berkley tells Carlos to wait, then goes to Dearing's desk to tell him that he has a visitor. Dearing gets up to meet Carlos, but stops in his tracks when detectives Evans and Murphy tell him that the new evo-detecting E.P.I.C glasses have arrived. When they put them on, they see that Dearing is an evo. Dearing punches Evans in the chest, but is tranquilized by Murphy and dragged away.

Evans and Murphy hook Dearing up to an ability negation system and throw him in the back of a van. They are attacked by Carlos in the upgraded El Vengador suit, who rips the doors off the van and grabs Dearing by the throat. He makes Dearing an offer: either he agrees to take him to where Jose and Father Mauricio are being held, or he stays in the car park to be dragged away by his men. Dearing agrees to help El Vengador, so he locks Dearing in the boot of his car and drives away.

Game Over

Carlos interrogates Dearing in the basement of Gutierrez and Sons. Dearing initially refuses to tell Carlos the whereabouts of Jose and Father Mauricio, but comes around when Carlos shows him the bag full of money he stole from Dearing's home. Carlos is guided by Dearing to Sunstone Manor, the place where Dearing's captured evos are taken. When they reach the forest in front of the manor, Dearing gives Carlos a vial of red liquid that he says will make Carlos register as an evo when swabbed. Carlos takes it, but finds that it is actually a sedative and collapses.

Sundae, Bloody Sundae

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Graphic Novel:Vengeance, Part 3

In the basement of Gutierrez and Sons, Fiona points out a photograph of Dearing on Oscar's board and says that El Diablo paid him off. Oscar tells her that he has been monitoring Dearing for a while, and that he figured he was crooked. Later, Oscar watches a news report that says that Dearing will lead a new anti-evo task force within the LAPD.

Graphic Novel:Vengeance, Part 4

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Graphic Novel:Vengeance, Part 5

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Heroes Evolutions

Dirty Deeds

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Evolved Human Abilities

Captain Dearing had super strength, which he used to intimidate and coerce people.

Memorable Quotes

"What kind of lowlife sells out his own people for ten thousand dollars?"

"One who likes money. A lot."

- Carlos, Dearing (Game Over)

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