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Sue Grandry

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Sue Grandry
Brown-haired evo.jpg
Portrayed by Mélanie St-Pierre
First appearance Brave New World
In-story stats
Known ability Plant mimicry
Nickname Soccer Mom
Date of death June 13, 2015

Sue Grandry goes to a disastrous evo support group at a church in Chicago.

Character History

Brave New World

Not identifying herself by name, the woman attends an evo support group in a church basement in Chicago, arriving after Tommy Clark. She watches a news report about the June 13, 2014 massacre. During the meeting, she says that there are some evos who are creatively fighting back, like El Vengador in Los Angeles. Despite mocks from Coach Lewis, the woman defends El Vengador. She advocates for evos to stop acting like victims, especially since they are the ones with powers. She listens sympathetically as Luke Collins tells the story of holding his dying son, and then listens uneasily as he says that abilities aren't natural. When Joanne comes in the basement, she shoots the woman in the back.

The Lion's Den

Sue's name and photo appears on a list of evos most wanted by ATFED.

Heroes Evolutions

Brave New World

In the eBook Brave New World, the attends the evo support group in Chicago. Since Tommy doesn't know anybody's name, he decides to give them all nicknames. Tommy thinks the woman looks like the type of person who would be a soccer mom, so he nicknames her "Soccer Mom".

Before Luke and Joanne Collins execute everybody in the group, the woman tries to defend herself by activating her ability. First, she transforms herself into "an ugly mass of craggy vines". She sprouts a vine across the room, reaching for a window, but Luke hacks off the vine. Immediately, she transforms back into her human form, blood spurting from her severed arm where the vine was removed. Luke asks her where El Vengador is, but she says she doesn't know. She grows another vine, grabs a coffee urn, and throws it at Luke's head. Joanne blocks the urn with a chair, and then Luke shoots the woman, who dies.

Evolved Human Abilities

Sue had the ability to grow vines from her body. She once did this even while dying. When the vines were hacked from her body, she reverted back to human form, but missing limbs where the vines were cut.

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