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Episode:Brave New World (Heroes Reborn)

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Brave New World
Season: Reborn
Episode number: 501
First aired: September 24, 2015
Summit logo.jpg
Written by: Tim Kring
Directed by: Matt Shakman
Previous episode: Brave New World
Next episode: Odessa
Hey! This is Claire. Leave me a message and I will call you back. Hey, it's your dad. I know it has been a few years since we've talked and I don't know if you're still mad or...I don't really know anything. I just know, I miss you. I'm sure there's plenty of apologies to go around but, to be honest with you, I'm not interested in who was right or wrong anymore. So much has changed since I saw you last. I don't know whether those changes are good or bad, but I really think it has a chance to all work out. And knowing how important you've been to all of this, to so many people out there, it's made me proud. And I just wanted to call and tell you how excited I am that we might be seeing each other. When you look back at the things you've done, the decisions you've made, the last thing you want to feel is regret. Am I right? I'll see you soon, Claire Bear.


Story Development

Dennis Collins · Joanne Collins · Luke Collins · Chinese fugitive · Anne Clark · Tommy Clark · Caspar Abraham · Moe's Ice Cream · Carlos Gutierrez · Emily Duval · Brad · Memory storage · Julia · Ren Shimosawa · Miko Otomo · Evernow · Miko's apartment · Jose Gutierrez · Oscar Gutierrez · Oscar's garage · Noah Bennet's home · Lumiere Ophthalmology · Miko's ability · Malina · Elemental control · Linderman Junior High School · Pinehearst High School



On June 13, 2014, thousands of people were killed during a presumed terrorist attack on a three-day peace summit held by Primatech, a secretive evo research company. Attendees were Noah Bennet who was there to reconcile with his estranged daughter Claire, and Luke and Joanne Collins, who were with their 8-year-old son. Claire and Luke and Joanne's son were among the dead that day. Evo-Supremacist Mohinder Suresh is said to take responsibility for the attack and the world immediately turns against Evos: they were hunted down, imprisoned and profiled; many are in hiding, has escaped or disappeared.

Tommy Clark, an evo with the ability to make people disappear by touching them, is constantly on the move with her mother Anne Clark. When they cannot go through Canada, they decide that Tommy enter high school in a local area. He crushes on a girl, Emily, who works at his favorite ice cream shop, but is dating his bully, Brad. Tommy attends a secret "Evos Anonymous" meeting in a church basement, looking for advice and connection. He doesn't find it, and he ends up leaving the meeting early when he receives a text from his mother. He leaves just in time because Luke and Joanne, hunting evos to avenge their son's death, gun down everyone left and burned the location.

Little does he know that a man is watching out for him. The witness who has seen Tommy leaving before the massacre meets the mysterious man with a suitcase and asks him about what happened. When the real cop arrives, the witness cannot remember what happened.

Carlos Gutierrez, an army veteran, is giving a hero-inspirational speech at his nephew Jose's middle school. He has a somewhat strained relationship with his brother Oscar, who runs an automobile shop and accuses Carlos of abandoning the family, especially Jose, who is revealed to be able to phase.

Noah Bennet is working as a car salesman who is getting remarried and is apparently oblivious to what happened. He is tracked by Quentin Frady, an Evo truther who questions the media’s June 13 narrative and is desperately searching for his sister Phoebe (who can control shadows).

A self-reportedly famous gamer name Ren Shimosawa managed to reach the final level of the game Evernow. It showed him an address which he found to be the home of Miko Otomo, the daughter of the game's creator.

Noah notices that someone is keeping tabs on him. It is Quentin, who is asking him many questions about what happened in Odessa. His sister was taken by Renautas, a mysterious technology company that seems to have picked up where Primatech left off. Quentin believes that Renautas is preventing the evos' coming together to save the world from an imminent global disaster. Noah's fiance sees the two and calls the police to take Quentin away.

Ren visits Miko and tells her about the game, Katana Girl, and the sword. Miko realizes that the character of Katana Girl in this game called Evernow is based on her and was created by her missing father. At Ren's urging, she investigates her father’s study and discovers a katana hidden in the floorboards, which transports her into the world of the Evernow when she wields it.

Carlos finds an secret location under their shop garage and finds a dying Oscar. Oscar is actually an evo who used his powers to patrol the streets of Los Angeles as the vigilante El Vengador. He go attacked while trying to untangle a conspiracy involving corrupt LAPD policemen capturing evos and selling them. With his dying breath, Oscar asks Carlos to continue his mission.

Luke and Joanne are able to track Tommy down because he dropped his ice cream punchcard on his way out of the church. When they eventually find him at the coffee shop, he is with Emily, who invited him to interview for a job there. The couple tries to kill them both, but Tommy uses his powers and unknowingly sends them to the Primatech holding cell he was in when the company bagged and tagged him years ago.

Noah’s conversation with Quentin makes him realize that he has gaps in his memories of June 13. Noah visits an ophthalmology office where he finds his old partner René, a.k.a. The Haitian. The Haitian tries to kill Noah and ends up dying in the struggle. With his dying breaths, the Haitian reveals that Noah instructed him to wipe his memory as part of some plan and warns that “It’s coming.”

Malina, a powerful evo who can control the elements, is on the Arctic Circle struggling to control the Northern Lights and an enlarging black hole in the sky.

Where does it come from? This fear, this quest, this need to hide in a simpler past, when the future cannot be avoided. It's coming. And when it does, everything will change. Yet there are those who can stop it. Do we know how?

Memorable Quotes

"First rule of tailing somebody: know how to tail someone!"

- Noah Bennet teaching Quentin Frady a lesson in tailing

Character Appearances


  • This episode was originally titled Brave New World, then was changed to Awakening, then was changed back to Brave New World. (Meanwhile, the title of the volume was changed to Awakening.)
  • The title of this episode, Brave New World, was given the same title as the final episode of the series Heroes. Creator Tim Kring said that this was to signify that "there was a continuum of sorts between the old and the new".
  • The first eBook is also titled Brave New World. The novel very closely follows the events of the episode, even down to the order of the scenes. The novel includes many extra details and quite a few "deleted" scenes. In fact, the novel's author David Bishop used several of Tim Kring's scripts, drafts, and notes to create the novel.
  • The two-hour television premiere of Heroes Reborn (including Brave New World and Odessa) was viewed by 6 million viewers, and received a 1.9 rating among adults 18–49 (source). When considering delayed viewership, the numbers rise 40%, up to 8.71 million viewers (source). According to live+3 ratings (which measures DVR viewings three days after the original airdate), the premiere episode of Heroes Reborn rose from a 2.0 rating in the 18-49 demographic to a 3.1 rating (a 55% increase). This is one of the biggest increase for any new series in its first episode; only Blindspot did better with that demographic (source).
  • In a podcast interview, eBook author David Bishop (who saw original drafts of the episode so he could write the novel Brave New World) said that there was originally an additional scene between Brad and Tommy. In the scene, the two high schoolers have more of an altercation, ending with Brad giving Tommy a "swirlie" (dunking his head in a toilet). The scene was cut partly because it weakened Tommy's character, and partly because it made Brad out to be a bigger jerk than he actually is.
  • In the same podcast interview, eBook author David Bishop said that the opening scene that took place at the Odessa Unity Summit didn't exist. The original opening of the episode showed very small glimpses of the summit. The writers decided very late into filming that the audience needed to see more of the summit to have deeper background and understanding for the events that take place in the present.

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