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Ted Sprague's cabin

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Ted Sprague's cabin
Teds cabin.jpg
Lights glow from the windows, as Ted experiments with his powers.
Location: Nevada desert
Purpose: Hideout

Ted finds refuge in an abandoned cabin in the Nevada desert.

Notable Occupants

Notable Visitors



Theodore Sprague settles in an abandoned cabin in the Nevada desert. Ted practices making fireballs in his hands, which glow bright.

Graphic Novel:How Do You Stop an Exploding Man?, Part 1

After escaping from FBI Headquarters, Ted buys a gun and moves to an abandoned cabin. One night, Ted receives a message on his computer from a user called "Wireless", even though he is not connected to the Internet. The next moment, a woman enters his cabin, introducing herself as Hana Gitelman. After telling him her story, including her encounters with a man in horn-rimmed glasses, Hana shows Ted a mark on her neck, and specifications for the needle used to make it. She tells him he can track the medical equipment down and locate the man responsible for abducting them. Hana abruptly receives communications that show Ted is in danger. Hours after she leaves, Ted is confronted by a military force.

Graphic Novel:How Do You Stop an Exploding Man?, Part 2

Ted is captured by a Company field leader outside his cabin. Though momentarily detained by liquid concrete, he escapes and flees to Billings, MT.



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