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Rictor Trundall
Portrayed by Hugh Jackman
First appearance Rebellion
In-story stats
Known ability Disintegration
Age 34
Date of birth 17/5/1973
Home Newark, NJ
Occupation Criminal
Significant other Martha Landett (deceased)
Parent Unnamed Mother (deceased)
Unnamed Father (deceased)
Sibling Andrew Gavin (adoptive)
Other relatives Unnamed Uncle (deceased)

Rictor Trundall is a dangerous criminal who has the ability to disintegrate matter. He is a target of the government and is the leader of a group of fugitives who wish to fight back against the government.


Rictor was the only son of parents who died in a car crash shortly after his second birthday. He then moved to live with his alcoholic uncle who according to neighbours frequently physically abused him. He was bullied at both primary and secondary school and recieved sub-standard grades.

After university, his uncle died when his home with him inside seemingly dissapeared. Before police could interview him, Rictor vanished for several years, he engaged in criminal activities. After just a year he was the ringleader of a local gang in New York and is wanted by the police for mutliple offences.

Character History


When government agents raid his warehouse in Washington, Rictor murders them all by reducing them to piles of ash. As he wanders through his warehouse, he hears a voice call out to him. Rictor demands the voice to show itself and Micah Sanders and his partner show themselves. Micah offers Rictor a position in his team, which he calls the Rebellion. Abby is angry about this but Rictor tells them that he won't join their "club". He warns them about how dangerous what they're doing is and tells them that they are in over their heads. He then tells them to leave, saying that he won't kill them because they have powers.

Later, Rictor reaches into a pile of ash and pulls out a wallet. After stealing some money he leaves behind his phone, which has a message from Rebel asking him to change his mind.


Rictor tracks down Evan Winston and finds him fleeing from some government agents. Just before the agents shoot Evan down, Rictor disintegrates their weapons and eventually their bodies. He introduces himself to Evan and reveals that he has been looking for him. When Evan asks why Rictor explains that it is because of his ability. Rictor explains the government's plans to round up evolved humans and then asks Evan if he wishes to join him. Evan accepts and Rictor states that they are going to be heroes.

Elsewhere, it is revealed by Perry Redfield that Rictor and Andrew Gavin are adoptive brothers, much to the latter's disgust.

Side Story: Love Story, Part 1

Rictor approaches Catherine Noble and Kevin Haile after they teleport into his warehouse. He openly welcomes Catherine to his group. Later, he is seen yelling at two other members of his group and then smiles at Catherine, who has been watching him.


Rictor, Evan, Martha and Edward break into a Washington warehouse and Rictor views his surroundings suspiciously. He has his team spread out and orders them to find the package. Evan finds an intruder and alerts Rictor, who demands to know what Joshua is doing. Joshua explains that he is looking for someone and Rictor asks if he has any powers. When Joshua tells him that he does, he offers him a place on the team. Joshua declines and leaves, warning Rictor that he should stop what he is doing. Evan asks if he is going to kill Joshua but Rictor smiles and says that he would like to see what happens next.

Later, Martha informs Rictor that two thieves already have their package and are taking it to LAWR. Rictor is angry and says that LAWR always gets in their way. He tells his team to leave the building and, as he follows, he disintegrates the entire warehouse.

Side Story: Love Story, Part 2

Catherine Noble tells Kevin Haile that Rictor is a monster who is on a madman's path. Later, when Cathy returns to the warehouse, Rictor expresses his pride over Cathy's murder of several agents, to which she is disgusted. He then hands her her next assignment, recruiting Tina Bui.

Train 192

Rictor is in the control room of Train 192 wiping ash from his hands. He turns to see Martha busy pulling levers and directing the train. Rictor asks how long it will take before full derailment and Martha tells him at least twenty minutes. Rictor then pushes a button and disables the passenger drug shunts, stating it is time their friends woke up. After waking all the prisoners, Martha informs him that everything is going to plan. Rictor hugs her and Martha asks if, after the government is defeated, they could have their wedding in Venice. Rictor agrees and kisses Martha. A gunshot is heard and Martha cries out in pain as Rictor looks on in shock. As Martha falls out of the train, dead, Rictor turns to see her killers.

Olivia Stabler and Tyson Russel prepare to shoot Rictor but he grabs Olivia and begins to use his ability on her. Both Olivia and Tyson are unable to stop Rictor who is in a fit of rage over Martha's death, and so Tyson charges into Rictor, dragging both him and Olivia over the edge of the train.

Side Story:Love Story, Part 3

Rictor discovers the body of Martha and sadly takes it to his headquarters. Once there, Rictor walks down an aisle of his followers, he is followed by several men carrying Martha's coffin. After the memorial service, Rictor walks up to Kevin Haile and tells him to find the woman who killed Martha. He then begins to make battle plans with Edward Motley. Rictor is also seen in a photo alongside Martha, Edward and Kevin.

Rictor is also discussed in detail by Catherine Noble and Tina Bui. Tina reveals that Rictor killed twelve people for fun and that The Company was aware of his actions and abilities. Upon learning this Cathy returns to headquarters and finds Rictor disintegrating a man. Rictor explains it was due to loyalty.

Evolved Human Abilities

Rictor has the ability to disintegrate matter. He does this by generating invisible, high intensity heat waves from his body that are capable of instantly reducing people and objects into ash.


  • One of the many families that Rictor was fostered into were the Gavins, who adopted him, officially making Rictor and Andrew Gavin brothers.
  • Rictor's character was created by Danko.

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